Media belittles David Icke’s Wembley presentation

I haven’t made it through the entire 10+ hour presentation yet, but I did buy the stream. I’m working on it a little chunk at a time, so trust me, I get it when people say it’s a bit too long. But the fact of the matter is, Icke said that the media would inevitably show up for a couple of hours and then leave without getting the entire message. And in fact that is what they did. Ironically, the media failed to acknowledge this as yet another of Icke’s successful predictions, which I find quite humorous.

The Independent (what a laugh) posted about the presentation and the writer, Susie Mesure was sure to post as much belittling and non-relevant rhetoric as she could in her article.


The title of the article:

David Icke is not the Messiah. Or even that naughty. But boy, can he drone on

She ridicules his weight, that’s always a nice, last-resort, professional touch that I’m sure she learned in college:

“They are laughing at you,” Terry Wogan told a noticeably trimmer David Icke back in 1991, “not with you.” The former goalkeeper turned sports presenter had not long given up his broadcasting career and pronounced himself the new messiah. And, yes, people laughed; a lot.

To make matters worse I, as a newspaper reporter, am a member of exactly the sort of crazed humanoid reptilian elite that David Icke is convinced is running the world to the detriment of the human race, along with, and in no particular order, Barack Obama, the Queen, Alan Greenspan, Mick Jagger and Tony Blair. That much I gleaned from the two hours I watched Icke, his trademark grey hair flapping round his collar in a mullet, spouting his theories about, again in no particular order: Archons, jinns, interbreeding reptiles, shape-shifters, invisible light, mind parasites and heartless bankers.

I love this one, she goes on to discuss her education/indoctrination credentials and juxtaposes next to Icke’s dropping out at 15. If anything, the fact that Icke was able to self educate to this point speaks volumes to his intelligence. We all know that the high school diploma is the key to success right? That’s why Einstein, David Bowie, Peter Jennings, and Princess Diana are all so stupid too.

He claims people mock him for leaving school at 15, when I – with my university degree – was left flummoxed because, try as I might, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.


In summary, she basically wrote an entire article bashing Icke while managing to not convey one valid theory or fact from Icke’s performance. Way to go media, good job.

Here’s the thing; Icke could be off base with some of his theories, but we need these kind of ‘outside of the box’ thinkers to push the paradigms past the point of comfort if we ever want to see a revolution. Einstein smashed Newtonian physics with ‘radical’ theories, so let’s just keep that in mind. There is one undeniable truth in the basis of everything that Icke says. I’ll paraphrase him, but he once said, “take a look around, does this world look like it’s run by a force of love, wisdom, and respect for the fellow man when there are children getting bombed by drones?” The answer is obviously no, so what does that leave us with? A force of negativity controlling this world. Another great quote could be used to sum this up, this one from the tombstone epitaph of the first armed forces gay member to fight for gay rights, TSgt Leonard Matlovich:


‘When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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