Meaning of Midsommar: Occult Symbolism

Ari Aster’s Midsommar served as the follow up to Hereditary; a film with so much occult symbolism that I HAD to see Midsommar the day it released.

The film did not disappoint as Aster continues his trek into redefining horror films with a more grounded feel than the classic slashers. The visual imagery will be stuck in my head long after the movie’s conclusion (*just like Hereditary– a film so horrific I’ll never watch it again).


Join along as we break down the meaning of the occult symbolism in Midsommar

**HEAVY Plot Spoilers**



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Pagan Folk Horror

Now that we’re on the other side of the spoiler warning; the film succeeded in being incredibly horrific without using high body counts. The few deaths were so terrible that they resonate far harder than Jason Voorhies banging a sleeping bag against a tree (*maybe). The sledge-o-matic scene and visuals of the woman with the exhaust hose taped in her mouth were extreme to say the least.

The film is quite overt in letting us know there is a pagan ritual to behold. It’s about a community in Sweden that is holding the Midsommar festival which incorporates generative nature forces (like any good pagan folk horror should).

We see symbolism of the May Pole fashioned as a Cross (one of the many Christian references we’ll see in this film). Traditionally the May Pole is “erected” on May 1st but in the Scandinavian cultures it was pushed to the Solstice so they could garnish it with flowers and greens because of the later spring. The concept of adorning ones self with flowers is seen in the film also- it’s intended to draw upon the magical powers of nature.


The community has apparent Viking-pagan influences given that it’s in Sweden and they use a runic language. This Viking connection will rear its ugly head later when we talk about one of the grisly death scenes…


A New World

We know we’re headed into a twisted realm when the film shows us the inverted pan of the camera:

The inverted sense of reality is the same as what Alice experiences when she goes down the rabbit hole- meaning that all perspectives are about to change.


The friends even talk about how the community is a totally different culture that they couldn’t possibly understand (after they witness the deaths of the elders).

At the beginning of the film we can also see that Dani has a black and white checkered floor in her kitchen- symbolic of the duality aspects the Freemasons utilize. It could easily connect into the ‘reconciliation of opposites’ or the embodiment of the Baphomet- an archetype that calls upon magical forces to cause change in the world.

The Baphomet: As Above So Below

In fact, during the film there is a community member explaining the importance of the hermaphrodite in regards to the dresses the men are wearing. The ritual requires the balanced energies of male and female; which we see when a male and female sacrifice are prepared for the sledge-o-matic, as well as the women dancing around the phallus May Pole.

To learn how the Baphomet plays a role in the film, look no further than the Church of Satan’s website:

The goat’s or ram’s head within it refers to the Goat of Mendes, a symbol of the Egyptian Neter Amon, who was called “the hidden one, he who abides in all things, the soul of all phenomena” and is thus the closest Neter to the Dark Force which is seen to permeate and motivate all nature.

The magical forces of nature that permeate everything are seen throughout the film.



Solar Luciferianism

The allegations that theorists before me have put together (like Bill Cooper) are that the mystery religions of all these Freemasons and secret societies ultimately devote their energies towards Lucifer; the “true liberator” of mankind.

They’ve hid their affection for the dark lord behind the guise of solar worship, which is what we see in this community:

The solar worship goes much further when the female community leader starts the Midsommar ritual by handing fire torches to other leaders and mentioning how there shall be “no light that goes higher.” This is a key component in the solar-Lucifer connection because the claim is that nobody can go higher than the Sun (which is a disguised way of saying nobody is above Lucifer).

This is allegedly why the Freemasons go up to 33 degrees and no higher; the sun moves 30 degrees, dies for 3 days, then regenerates as it moves back towards the Summer Solstice. The 33 is maximum degrees of the Sun thus nobody can go further (again, referencing Lucifer as the true god).


As a Matter of Phallus…

The pagan religions believe in the generative forces of nature. This connects into the mystery religions because through the creative forces of nature one can practice ritual magick, connecting into the cosmos and causing reality in conformity with the Will (as Aleister Crowley would’ve put it).

Mark’s character plays an interesting role in that he is very basic. His interests don’t extend further than the base desires. Perhaps that’s why he is the one to make reference to all the penises drawn on the walls of the barn everyone sleeps in. The penis is the phallic reference used by many of the ancient pagan cultures to represent the male generative force of nature.

We see this portrayed as the obelisk all over the entire world. Many large penises erected to call upon the male generative force.

It’s also why we see a May Pole (particularly the one they dance around for the May Queen).

In the village we also see the triangle shaped barn that plays as the sacrificial chamber at the end of the film.

The upright triangle is also lit on fire- another symbol to represent the male energy force.


Christianity: The Great “Fool”

This film is a lot like Wicker Man in that it shows a village that mocks Christianity with pagan and solar religions (or Luciferian) and ritualistic sacrifices that get cremated in a pyre.

Just like Wicker Man and the book it was based on (Ritual); we find out that there is a ritual conducted for prosperity of the land which requires a “fool” to be designated (“Kick the Fool”).

We see this in Midsommar when a maiden kicks a man named Christian (quite obvious isn’t it?) and he is told that a fool is to be designated.


At this point in the film I knew Christian was going to be toast- a symbolic gesture no doubt in this disguised Luciferian village.

If you want more on Wicker Man and the book it was based on- you’ve GOT to check out my in-depth analysis on it HERE.



Conclusion: A Clear Agenda When You Understand…

We can see that the film revolves around Dani’s reintegration with her new “family.” She connects into this hive mind collective consciousness, as is evident when the girls are all screaming in pain with her.

We also see this collective consciousness in the scene where Christian is ritualistically impregnating the girl from the village and all the women moan with her (*and how laughable was it that a woman gets behind and pushes?!…). It happens several times- during the sacrifices and so on.

These two both go through the evolution symbolized by the spiral.

The end of the film shows us the brutal slayings of all the friends (barring the new May Queen of course). One of the friends appears to receive the Blood Eagle- a Viking ritual used to give up a blood sacrifice to their Norse god Odin. I spoke about the blood sacrifice concept in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic:

“The Phoenicians sacrificed infants to an idol of Cronus (aka Saturn), Hawaiians held sacrifices in temples called luakini, and Celtic Druids burned people in giant wicker men (like you’d see in the Burning Man festivals, or perhaps in the film with Nicholas Cage called The Wicker Man). The pagan Vikings of northern Europe were said to practice rituals called the “Blood Eagle” in which they’d take a warrior and sacrifice it to their chief God, Odin, who held similarities with the Greek God, Zeus. The ritual consisted of keeping the victim alert while carving an eagle design into his back and then tearing open his ribs and shoulder blade to form “eagle wings” before he died.”

The argument I’ll posit here is that our film shows us the concept of ritualistic blood sacrifice- a devotion of energy to the deity of choice. Furthermore we could argue that it’s referencing Lucifer as that deity because it hides behind the worship of the sun in the mystery religions. We can also support this idea because “Christian” is the “fool” and dies his necessary death at the end (*he is quite obviously a horrible person throughout the film).

The ultimate goal for the Illuminati occultists is the destruction of Christianity (*taken from their own words- as revealed in The Dark Path.)


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You can also check out my analysis of Hereditary; a film with A LOT of occult symbolism worth considering!

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  2. You forgot the best scene. At the end when the temple collapses as it forms a pyramid that magically aligns with the main character (a bipolar psycho) right eye forming a perfectly form all seeing eye pyramid. Seconds later she smiles.

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