Mark Dice Video About Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Performance

LOL @ Dice’s talk about Minaj getting fingercuffed. At first I didn’t like this guy ‘cuz of how often he uses the words “skank” and “slut,” but if you look beyond that misogynistic stuff he’s kind of funny. He has some footage of Nicki in her alter ego-Roman (Roman Polanski-the accused raping director who filmed Rosemary’s Baby. He shows some footage of Minaj on Ellen meeting two of her fans, who were a six and seven year old pair of girls, which is a bit disturbing if you think about it. I’m not one to suppress free speech, I actually like Nicki Minaj, but it’s all a bit much to have these little kids listening to that kind of stuff. Where are these parents at?


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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