Mariah Carey: Life Inside an Illuminati Satanic Cult & MKULTRA Mind Control

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I recently read about an allegation that Mariah Carey and her siblings were subjected to satanic rituals. Typically a story like this is too absurd to give much attention; but upon further reading it seemed that not only was based on actual testimony, but it has elements of Illuminati involvement!


Allow me to explain…


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Mind Control Breakdowns

There are a couple of websites that recently reported on this and if we connect a couple of dots we can go ahead and say #IlluminatiConfirmed.

Just kidding- that’s such a douchy thing people say huh? This time they may have some traction though. Mariah Carey has long been accused of being victim to some form of traumatic mind control, given her strange antics on TRL with Carson Daly back in 2001.

Mariah was also hospitalized for what some claimed to be a nervous breakdown. ABCNews reported on it with quotes from Carey:

“I was totally exhausted and I needed to go to sleep and I needed rest and I needed people to leave me alone and stop banging on my freaking door to get up and do a freaking video…

…There has been so much written and reported about me over the past year … and I’ve been pretty quiet up until now,” Carey said. “It wasn’t like I went schizo and needed to be put in a straitjacket or tried to kill myself, what they were saying. I just think it’s time to set the record straight.”

Some allegations also include a breakdown during her Glitter film release, and who could forget the New Years performance that made Dick Clark roll over in his grave.


…she claims the New Years performance issue was due to a malfunctioning earpiece- suggesting it was coordinated as an embarrassment (she said she was “victimized”).

(**audio clip of Mariah talking about this will be on the YouTube video for this article- subscribe over at my IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel!)

Could it be the “Illuminati” were coordinating these breakdowns?… I’ll revisit this theory in the conclusion, but for now let’s look at these occult ritual revelations.


The Satanic Scoop

Mariah Careys sister and brother confirm they were taken to occult rituals as children from a couple of sources; with most of the allegations coming from her sister Alison Carey.



“The ceremonies or rituals were always between 2am and 4am and they weren’t every week as far as I can remember – just certain dates.

“Everyone would wear long robes with black hoods and walk in twos across to this place.

“Inside they would start the rituals and they would be chanting in another language – I think Latin.

“I never understood what was going on – I remember there was some kind of a table or altar and they would chant and every one would stand in a circle. There would be around 20 people there – including children.”

Alison, who bears a striking resemblance to her famous younger sister, claims that she was sexually abused at the meetings.

“Then terrible things would happen – things that a child should never see,” she said.

“I was sexually abused there. They told me that if I didn’t do what they told me or if I told them what was going on they would harm Mariah…

…Morgan Carey confirmed he and Alison had been taken to occult gatherings as a child but declined to comment further.

What’s curious here is the rituals were between 2AM and 4AM which would obviously be 3AM. This is significant as a time for satanic rituals in that it opposes the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ at 3PM. The practitioners would wear the garb we see most portrayed in films or even Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan rituals (observable on the Satanis: The Devil’s Mass documentary).

And of course we see the element of sexual abuse- which is apparently running rampant in Hollywood as per the Weinstein fallout and the #MeToo movement.

We can learn more from a different interview on

Alison described the hair-raising services, saying one of her earliest memories is being taken to a huge “castle” in Long Island, New York.

“It was there that the satanic rituals, led by my mother, took place,” Alison, 56, spilled in a bombshell interview.

“I remember people wearing hooded cloaks, standing in a circle and chanting.

“There was also sexual activity and [animal] sacrifices, which the participants believed would please the deity they were there to worship.”

Mariah’s brother, Morgan, told Radar: “Mariah gave an interview in the beginning of her career where she mentioned Pat’s [Mariah’s mom] obsession with the occult, and how it embarrassed her growing up.”

Alison — who is HIV-positive, flat broke and living in a halfway house in Upstate New York — claimed she was expected to be more than a spectator at the sickening rituals.

“I was trained to run ‘The Group!’” she told Radar exclusively. “At first, as a small child, I would not understand what was happening — being forced to watch as a struggling animal was violently killed in front of me.

“But as I grew older, I began to comprehend the horror of it, and that it was something most children were not exposed to.”

Local cops and public officials turned a blind eye because “some of them were a part of it. They were in The Group!” Alison claimed.

We see the rituals occurring at a large castle- like the mansion in Eyes Wide Shut (owned by the Rothschilds). Alison specifically calls them “satanic” rituals here before giving the name of “The Group” and reveals many important people inside the group (again- supporting ideas we see from Eyes Wide Shut as well as the Bohemian Grove gathering). We also see talk about sacrifices to a deity- that is of course, MOLOCH.

If you’re familiar with this line of theory, you’re surely triggered into many themes of occultism we’ve seen in the past. Let me explain through the wrap up…



In Conclusion

Could it be that the “Illuminati” are actually coordinating these breakdowns?

What if they were aware of the occult/satanic rituals she was witnessing and they are afraid she’ll speak out about “The Group.” The breakdowns are a way of discounting her statements.

They can easily coordinate the mainstream media to suggest another mental breakdown or say that she’s off the wagon again.

For instance, in the New Years Eve failed performance we saw symbolism that suggests the Illuminati may have some involvement:

Saturn is visible in the upper-right corner; symbolism of Occult doctrine

Her 1997 album was called Butterfly which featured the symbolism of the Monarch butterfly- associated with the actual MKULTRA CIA program used to mind control its victims through sub-programs such as Project MONARCH:

Mariah did in fact say this album marked a turn for her life and career:

Carey wrote in the booklet of her twelfth studio album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009), that she considers Butterfly her magnum opus and a turning point in both her life and career.

The album was released on Columbia- a record label named after the goddess archetype so often called upon by those who practice esoteric worship of deities from pagan past. Furthermore, she had problems with her record labels trying to control her.  Butterfly was the album she recorded when separating from Tommy Mottola- a man Michael Jackson once called the “Devil” as I discussed in my hip hop conspiracy book:

The source also pointed out that Sony has been dreaming of full ownership of the catalog for a good period of time. Perhaps this is why Michael publically stated that he thought Sony executive Tommy Mottola was “the devil” while also saying that “the recording companies really, really do conspire against the artists.” -excerpt from SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC

Mariah was also speaking out against Sony Music as well:

In the past, people were scared to let me explore different types of music that I loved and enjoyed. They [the studio heads] saw me as having this instrument, and they wanted to get the most use out of it. There were a lot of people around me who were afraid of change. I was a valuable commodity, and they didn’t want to lose that. I was encouraged to act drab, because drab sells records.” -Wikipedia, Butterfly page
If we look at some notes about the track Obsessed on Butterfly; we see some very interesting lyrics from Mariah about a guy losing his mind her (as well as the butterfly image scrawled on the page):

So what are we left with here?

Mariah was apparently exposed to some form of occult rituals as a child (possibly Devil worship or satanic); and then we see a lot of ideas that she may have been subjected to mind control (or further forms of traumatic abuse) at the hands of the music industry or her handlers.

She wouldn’t be the first to go down this path either; I’ve talked about this concept ad nauseum, especially in my book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, which was ironically part of the interview I was granted from COMPLEX Magazine who featured Mariah Carey on the cover with a picture spread of Eyes Wide Shut type scenes!


If you want to read that issue of COMPLEX, they most likely have copies available to purchase still if you go HERE.

COMPLEX issue featuring interview about hip hop and the Illuminati with Isaac Weishaupt and the late Prodigy (from Mobb Deep)


So it seems there are many examples to support this idea that there is a nefarious agenda at play and these celebrities are victims to the bigger agenda. I’ve been exploring this concept for years and believe the evidence is mounting to the point of being irrefutable.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. what is this really….New World Order? I’m glad I serve a Risen God. And he has all the power!

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  2. She definitely had a breakdown and I tend to think she was a victim of MK Ultra. As for the occult rituals, is that sister the same who is/was a prosti and said she funded Mariah’s career until she made it big?

    I think the only way a singer who reaches the magnitude of her stature – and she was once married to $atanist Tommy Mottola so if she wasn’t exposed to occult in her childhood as per the article she was while married to that guy – and doesn’t get subjected to the “Ben Dover”/$ellout treatment is she has a very strong significant other who simply won’t let it happen but that’s got to be a LONGSHOT in this day and age.

    They say anybody who gets into that celebs that want to blow up into $50~$100 million wealth category ha$ to $ellout. Ever listen to Prof Griff of Public Enemy, he talks about that kind of stuff a lot…or did.

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    • No if’s or but’s, Carey is an MK ULTRA slave and thats already common knowledge.

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  3. Don’t forget also, that the Illuminati call THEMSELVES ‘Moriah which means conquering wind. See Fritz Springmeier for confirmation of this.

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  4. but she’s left out from almost all gatherings reeked of symbolisms and rituals, grammys for instance or just about anywhere where lady gaga, katy, beyonce and madonna’s at (?). Personally, I don’t think she’s in. They maybe trying to get her in the circle, that is why they tried to break her too many times. Spreading news how she’s lost her voice, that she couldn’t sing anymore, that she aint selling like before etc. I dont know if she was subjected to mk. If hee mother is part of the occult griop, maybe at some point (?).
    Well, the previous manager Stella certainly looked like a witch though.

    I remembered her 2006 grammy performance and that might upset the elites? She hadn’t won anything on the televised show. And she hadn’t been invited to perform since. lol.

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