Manson Family’s MMA Fighter

Jason Freeman is a kickboxer/MMA fighter is Charles Manson’s grandson. His father, (Charles Manson son- Jay White, aka Charles Manson Jr.) committed suicide in 1993. Jason talks about the shadow he’s been living under as Charles Manson’s grandson and provides some commentary on his experiences.

Our teacher ” … was talking about Charles Manson and I’m looking around like are there people staring at me?”

Forbidden from talking about Charles Manson to his school friends, lest they tease and taunt him Freeman always felt different from the other kids. Even behind closed doors and with his own family, talk about Charles Manson was discouraged. He was not permitted to ask his grandmother, Rosalie, about Charles Manson, the man she married in 1955.

The article goes on to tell the story of Matthew Roberts, an adopted child who later would go on a search to find his birth parents and found that Manson was his father also.

Terri told him that Charles Manson was his father and that she had met Manson in San Francisco in 1967 at an orgy. He was one of four men there, and she was certain Manson had impregnated her.


Roberts didn’t believe her except that he looked shockingly similar to Manson.

He then wrote to Manson in prison, explaining the situation. To Robert’s surprise, prisoner B33920 wrote back. Manson, in his frantic style and chicken scratch penmanship, confirmed to Roberts that he was at the 1967 orgy and remembered his mother, Roberts said.

The article ends with the revelation of a DNA test that proved that Roberts was actually not related to Freeman, therefore Roberts is not related to Manson and will have to undergo some more investigations into his true family’s identity.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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