Makow talks about television zombie effect

An interesting read on Makow’s website that talks about the addictive-like nature of television. Tell-lie-vision has a drug type effect on the human brain by releasing endorphins similar to heroin or other dope. These endorphins are habit forming because they have a positive reinforcement pattern, just like addiction. People even say they knowingly watch too much television but go on doing so.
The article repeatedly references a study on television by Herbert Krugman (“Brain wave Measures of Media Involvement). I tried to find that study so I could fact-check it, but it is quite old (1971) and I couldn’t obtain a free copy anywhere. There is also an article/study called ‘The Impact of Television Advertising: Learning Without Involvement’ that he authored that I couldn’t find either.
One of the theories is that the television invokes a response in our brains that slows down the left brain and uses the right brain to “perform the cognitive duties.” I’m no neurologist, but this seems to contradict David Icke’s theory that says we are all programmed to be left brained people because the left brain is what is used for organizing, language, and basically compliance. The right brain is for the more artistic, sorta “out there” ideas that connect us closer to consciousness. Icke isn’t the only one to support this theory, it’s discussed in the Pyramid Code documentary where it shows that the Ancient Egyptians followed this same belief system.
Getting back to the article, it says that when we switch into ‘right-brain’ mode we aren’t processing data appropriately. We enter into a trance and are unable to fully understand what we’re watching. It says we need to be in a state of “chaotic disequilibrium” to activate all of the brain in order to comprehend data on a higher knowledge level. The T.V. puts us into an alpha wave state, similar to sleep or comatose, which is actually just relaxing. The problem is that the slower alpha waves have a hypnotic, MK Ultra type effect. It’s put best in the article as this:
“The aim of commercials is not to appeal to the rational or conscious mind (which usually dismisses advertisements) but rather to implant moods that the consumer will associate with the product when it is encountered in real life. When we see product displays at a store, for instance, those positive emotions are triggered. Endorsements from beloved athletes and other celebrities evoke the same associations. If you’ve ever doubted the power of television advertising, bear this in mind: commercials work better if you’re not paying attention to them!”
I couldn’t agree with that statement more. The next time you’re watching commercials, notice how many of them play some form of music or jingle. This music embeds the commercial deeper into your subconscious. It’s the same reason why you can recall the lyrics to a song from 10 years ago, but don’t recall other details from a similar timeframe.
One thing that is undeniable from this article is that television can be harmful to your self-worth. Being bombarded with images of wealth, fear, greed, lust, violence only makes it seem more acceptable and less appalling.
I propose that if all of this talk of switching our brain modes is true, then maybe HAARP’s ELF waves can be used in conjunction to control or influence people easier (check out post for links and videos on HAARP and Hurricane Sandy:
To quote one of the greatest rap groups of all time, Non-Phixion:
“Display violence like tell-lie-vision pilots” from “Implantable Transponders”
Sabac Red’s video for Tell Lie Vision:

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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