Madonna’s Lyrics or Manson’s Words

I have interest in both pop culture representatives and found this humorous. Someone compared lyrics from Madonna’s new MDNA to quotes from Charles Manson-who is up for parole sometime soon.

1. I’m heartily sorry for having offended thee.

2. I never thought I was normal, never tried to be normal.


3. It’s worse than a fairy tale.

4. And I’m going straight to hell And I’ve got a lot of friends there.

5. You don’t have a life, you have blood on your hands.


6. Getting up every day and going through this again and again is hard.

7. I’m sorry, je suis désolé. I wish I could take it back.

8. Can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth.

9. I’m playing for my life. You’re working for money.

10. You got a pistol on you? I just thought you might not like what I have done and want to do something about it.

11. I’m a sinner, I like it that way.


12. Nothing’s ever what it seems, including this time and this crazy scene; I’m stuck like a moth to a flame.

13. Did I kill anyone?

14. I don’t care if you think that I’m strange



1. Madonna
2. Manson
3. Manson
4. Madonna
5. Madonna
6. Manson
7. Madonna
8. Madonna
9. Manson
10. Manson
11. Madonna
12. Madonna
13. Manson
14. Madonna



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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