Mac Miller Illuminati Symbolism

The sudden passing of Mac Miller adds him to a list of entertainers who died prematurely. The deeper question is if there is a much darker agenda involved in these deaths so let’s go into Miller’s videos. Is there an “Illuminati” agenda at play here? Are there symbols suggesting an occult action at play? Read on…

Symbolism of the Occult

I recently wrote an article about the sudden death of rapper Mac Miller and the curiosity of his final Instagram photo with its symbolic reference to the All Seeing Eye:


Mac Miller’s last Instagram post: The All Seeing Eye

Self-admittedly I’m not that familiar with Miller’s work. I listen to a lot of rap music but Miller never really grabbed my interests so I perused a few of his videos and instantly saw symbolism we need to look at.

The symbols suggest there are some subconscious or ‘other-dimensional’ qualities that are of concern. I’ll detail why I say this in the conclusion but let’s look at the symbols for now…

Every Man and Woman is a Star

One of Mac Miller’s videos called The Star Room features a curious set of images we need to explore.

First, we see a clear reference to the magazine that Miller was on the cover of (Fader). He gave us the same All Seeing Eye image on that cover but in the video they clearly covered this element up:

The All Seeing Eye blocked in “The Star Room”

Why did this specific part of the image get covered up?… I’ll come back to this in the conclusion but let’s move forward.


Here’s the original Fader cover with Miller covering up the right eye (Eye of Ra):

Mac Miller All Seeing Eye on cover of FADER

In the same video we also see imagery on the wall of iconic characters Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

“The Star Room”: Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield

Monroe is infamous for having passed away in a similar manner as Mac Miller (overdosing at a young age). She was also alleged to have been a victim in a potential MKULTRA mind control conspiracy (see my podcast episode called Illuminati Consumerism Part II for more on that).

Jayne Mansfield is a curious character as well because she was a member of the Church of Satan (a “High Priestess”). She was a lover to Anton LaVey and in Mac Miller’s video you can see her photo on the wall behind him with Devil horns painted on her head.

All these things point us in a direction…


Alter Egos

Mac Miller recorded the mixtape “Delusional Thomas” incorporating an alter ego of the same name. He followed the list of many rappers who’ve done this in the past; a concept I’ve suggested as indication of some form of possession.

Miller suggested it was an evil influence as well:

“…to me it was a character and I wanted to give his whole own complete, like, everything. There was part of me that wanted to do my own voice, but I just wanted it to be its own complete character. And I feel like that evil voice inside your head is always kind of in that pitch.”

Knowing that Miller had a problem with drugs- especially during the recording of this particular album; only further perpetuates my theory that these alter egos exacerbates their problems when they align to these evil, negative aliases.

Predictive Programming

Mac Miller’s Watching Movies video showed Mac laying in a coffin at the end of the video:

“Watching Movies” coffin predictive programming

We’ve seen this eery foreshadowing in the past from other rappers like XXXTentacion in his last video for SAD! (released posthumously):


He also had a history of personal pain and anguish which led him to suggest he was going to die:

XXXTentacion’s album cover for ’17’; notice talk of ‘demons’ on the paper


Other rappers like Lil Uzi Vert (L-UCI-FER; as described in my article on his symbolism) have suggested they’re ready to die; following suit from 90’s rappers Notorious BIG and 2Pac. Lil Uzi Vert also has ties with the Church of Satan because he’s admitted his allegiance to Marilyn Manson (not to be confused with Monroe who was in Miller’s video). Marilyn Manson is an honorary priest in the Church of Satan (similar to Mansfield’s High Priestess role). Lil Uzi Vert said the following about his death and Church of Satan connections:

“That’s my father. The Pale Emperor. Listen here, at age 27 I will leave this Earth for this man right here. He’s the Pale Emperor.”


In Conclusion

These messages, symbols, and thoughts don’t automatically mean that rappers like Mac Miller are desiring death or worship the Devil. They do, however, suggest they’ve got some kind of connection to a darker realm.

In terms of the “Illuminati” we must understand they believe in an alternate form of reality in which they can manipulate the forces of the universe through ritual magick. Could it be that these rappers are being brought into this game of magical-manipulation without their acknowledgment? It’s very odd how they often times know when they’re going to die or the amount of satanic imagery they use in their art.

When I speak of Satanism I’m referring to LaVeyan satanism because they actually practice ritual magick and use images of the Devil for theatrics. I warn of these things because I honestly believe in the existence of another dimension that we don’t (or can’t) understand.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hey man I like the article. Weird thing with the Mac Miller conspiracy is that he has an album titled GOOD AM, but the way he spells it is GO:OD AM. Kind of like saying go OD in the morning? Which they found him dead in the morning. I also really like your podcast I listen to all your episodes.!

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  2. Ole Dammegard has studied symbols of shoes after tragedies across all culture & countries. Other researchers have associated shoe symbolism with trafficking & MK Ultra programming. Red shoes are worn by globalist elites. I hypothesize that shoes are occultist symbolism for sacrifice. Wondered what, if anything, you encountered about shoe symbolism? The VERY FIRST post that Ariana Grande put on IG after Mac’s death has her shoes in the frame without any caption. Mac is looking up into the camera. My automatic thought (from loads of research done over the years) was that the photo was not a tribute, but a confirmation of sacrifice. For such an endearing photo, why was it never shared with all the other adorable pics when they were dating?

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