Mac Miller- Illuminati Blood Sacrifice?…

Mac Miller passed away at the age of 26. We’ve lost yet ANOTHER young rapper and it appears it’s from a drug overdose.  Another consideration we need to look at is the controversial theory of the Illuminati blood sacrifice and occult symbolism related to Mac Miller…


Mac Miller: RIP

TMZ reported on the unexpected passing of rapper Mac Miller:


Mac Miller died Friday of an apparent overdose … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Mac was found Friday around noon in a bedroom at his San Fernando Valley home, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

We’re told authorities were alerted by a male friend who placed a 911 call from Mac’s home. The emergency dispatch audio reveals first responders were called for a patient in cardiac arrest.

What’s curious is that Mac said he didn’t want to die in this fashion:

And there’s this … in a doc made a few years ago, Mac said, “I’d rather be the corny white rapper than the drugged-out mess who can’t even get out of his house. Overdosing is just not cool. You don’t go down in history because you overdose. You just die.”

What’s even more curious is that Ariana Grande has connection with all of this because she used to date him (and you KNOW how much I love picking on Ariana Grande since I got banned from YouTube for just talking about her):

Miller has battled substance abuse issues for years … something that came up again in the wake of his breakup with Ariana Grande. The rapper wrecked his G-Wagon by wrapping it around a utility pole back in May and was arrested for DUI and hit and run. He fled the scene but cops say he later confessed at his home. He blew 2 times the legal limit.

After his arrest Ariana tweeted, “Pls take care of yourself” and was clearly concerned about substance abuse.

Mac Miller’s last Instagram post features a symbol of great importance to the occultists that are allegedly involved with the “Illuminati.”

This gesture shows us the symbol of the All Seeing Eye. This symbol holds great esoteric value once we understand how it embodies the concept of the initiate’s path of enlightenment.

Some would claim it’s “just a photo” but it’s very odd in that we see it so often from these celebrities.


Mac Miller All Seeing Eye on cover of FADER


Going deeper…

As of this writing, it appears Mac’s death has been yet another fatal drug overdose. If we journey down the path of conspiracy we could argue that there were some “Illuminati” factors at play (given the symbolism Mac showed us).

The reason I’m reporting on this with my theory is because I HOPE it’s not true.

Years ago I wrote a book about Illuminati blood sacrifices like this and the unexpected deaths continue to stack up since then (e.g. XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Prodigy, etc).

The book goes into our past cultures that sacrificed people to the gods like Moloch which some would tie into Bohemian Grove and such (which would tie into Drake- Mr Minerva himself). The idea is that sacrificing a person of great value provides a larger exchange of energy to the blood thirsty deities. They do this for power. Some claim the artists sign a Faustian bargain in exchange for fame and if they don’t do the proper bidding they get cut.

Could it be wrong? Sure.


Is it odd that these rappers die at a young age while showing is occult symbolism? Yes.

*I’d like to also mention that Mac Miller died at the age of 26- a few months from 27 which is an age many entertainers die for reasons unknown (“The 27 Club”).

I’ll continue to follow up on situations like this, but please educate yourself and see what YOU think.

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I wrote an article that details some disturbing symbolism I uncovered in Mac Miller’s music videos. Check it out HERE

“Watching Movies” coffin predictive programming


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Sure looks like a sacrifice to me…
    However it could be his use of drugs or alcohol…
    But we have this time and time again…
    I have a prediction…..
    Lil xan will be one to…..
    Sad these talented singers musicians have to die at such a young age….
    Your right illuminati watcher….

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    • Talented singers/musicians? Really?

      Post a Reply
    • lmao they aren’t really that talented. They paid the price and somehow I think they all had a sacrifice of their own to get to that position. I do not pity them. They were all doing the devils work.

      Post a Reply
  2. My thoughts exactly.
    And guess what? Drake himself dedicated his song “Emotionless” to Mac Miller tonight, during his concert in Boston.
    *ironic tone mode ON/* How come he’s always the first to dedicate songs here and there as soon as other rappers die in some suspicious way? */ironic tone mode OFF*
    Keep up the good work, Isaac!

    Post a Reply
  3. Certainly possible…not a crazy idea. However- Is there any difference really between a character like this- so far from a decent normal human life- seduced by fame and money, making garbage art- who accidentally kills himself and a baby thrown onto the arms of a heated sculpture of Moloch? What’s the difference? Contemporary celebrity culture is itself a super heated fire of Moloch.

    We know for a fact that much of modern celebrity cuture was created by the satanic MK Ultra program don’t we? Or is that crazy talk too?

    on a side note: Have we reached Peak Tatoo yet?

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  4. Leave Mac alone. Also – you have no idea what the symbols actually mean and what their purpose is in the media .You just make some pathetic guesses to hit views. There is an old proverb- I show you the moon pointing with my finger, and all you see/look at is my finger. Clue. Leave Mac alone. Smh

    Post a Reply
    • Why would he, or anyone need to. Mac put himself in the spotlight and sold out, apparently it’s usually a raw deal with the entertainment Lord. He puts a cross on finger, yet is only depicted above with said cross upside down. Anyone who is on that path needs to be outed. Dead or alive. I just read about Bobbi Kristina, how the family driver seen her own parents corrupt her with crack use, she grew up to be a heroin addict. These people need to be told they are being crap humans, because they think they are superhuman.

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    • lmao you are in complete denial. Every celebrity does the same exact symbolism. I know damn well wha the symbols mean and if you don’t then you are a sheep.

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  5. If he didnt fake his death, Im 100% sure Ariana Grande has smth to do with it.

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  6. Honestly anytime I see a celeb death and the cause is overdose it triggers “Sacrifice” in my head immediately. Also digging deeper into his and Ariana’s relationship you see how lengthy it was. Of course Ariana is deep off in the game of rituals to move up levels. As we speak she has “God is a woman” “bed”. Quiet a few chart toppers and you have to stay doing rituals to stay at the top of your fame. So it def makes you wonder. Over the last few years it seems all celebs who have a untimely fishy deaths get stamped with “overdose” or died of “hanging”. The bath tub theory as well.

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  7. He was riding on the back of a small bull idol similar to moloch in the picture on IG before the one eye picture . Definitely sacrificed .

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