Lone Star College shooting adds to gun control conspiracy

I’m not a real big fan or believer in the Sandy Hook conspiracy, in fact, the only thing that I do question about those shootings was the “SANDY HOOK” placement in the Batman: Dark Knight film (which was the premiere in Colorado that had an active shooter also; very odd coincidence).

So now we’ve got another shooting, this time at Lone Star College. This one is fairly quiet as far as shootings go. With an average of about 12,000 shootings a year, it’s no surprise that a small crossfire of shots rang out within weeks of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary with this latest shooting, but we can see the media frenzy it stirs up now that the hot button issue of gun control is addressed. This is all part of the master plan (whether intentional or not) by the Illuminati to have a Problem-Reaction-Solution as David Icke calls it. The incident happens and the cookies start baking, the media serves them on a platter, and the consumer eats it up.

Are the shootings planned, brainwashed, MK ULTRA victims? We don’t know, in fact we never will. The layers of deception are too deep, and even if we had a silver bullet to prove it, there would be “explanations” for it anyhow.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago’s South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.*

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  2. The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American the right to bear arms. Has any law ever been so ambiguous? What are arms? What does it mean to bear them? At least with the first amendment we know exactly where we stand: Freedom of speech. It couldn’t be any clearer. But, the right to bear arms leaves the second amendment open to different interpretations. We need gun permits to carry a concealed weapon. Do we need knife permits? No. Yet both can, and often do, cause death. We can own a gun, or a rifle, or a sub-machine gun, or a machete, and dozens of other tools to kill, even our own bare hands. So, gun control is a debate in our country that makes no sense unless you broaden the ban or acceptance to include all instruments of death.-.

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