Lil Wayne lyrics speak about New World Order on “Trap House”


Lil Wayne released his mixtape titled Sorry 4 the Wait 2 and I was listening to the track called Trap House and couldn’t help but notice the following lyrics:

I go down and kiss her Pearl Harbor
She’s so down with this New World Order

Interesting that it also occurs right after speaking on Pearl Harbor- one of the alleged ‘false flag’ events of the 20th century (and you’ll see that Lil Wayne was involved with another alleged false flag with the Batman: Dark Knight film in a little bit…).


Here’s the track I’m referring to (it should start right at the part in question- 2:12):


It appears we can lump this into the other things we’ve seen from Lil Wayne that suggest he’s privy to the Illuminati agenda. This includes the latest tattoo of the All Seeing Eye:

Lil Wayne All Seeing Eye Tattoo

And we can’t forget his predictive programming of the Aurora Colorado Batman shootings in My Homies Still music video:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Illuminati2


If you want to really learn all about the rap conspiracy and how the Illuminati infiltrated the hip hop culture, you’ve got to check out the ONLY book that covers the occult magick involved with the rap game that I wrote called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Yea I was thinking the same exact thing when I heard this song for the first time. Then I kept listening and I heard him say “This world is being prepared for the new one” In the song Hot Nigga at 1:12. This shit is getting rediculous

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  3. Bro, please, change style of page, because I thought, that links in articule are dead beacuse of red color!

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  4. Great website! Keep up the amazing work, to whomever is behind the keyboard on this; YOU are appreciated greatly. I’m not new to any of the vapid entertainment mind control. But this pushes my knowledge to a greater scale.

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    • Thanks for the kind words! That kind of motivation keeps me going. I hold down a full-time job so this side hobby gets taxing at times, but knowing that others see the same occult bullsh*t that I do keeps me going.

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  5. Folks, who visit here, Isaac is a good guy. His heart is in the right place. And I have vetted him through! You can trust that he is trying very hard to expose the Illuminati, NWO, The Vatican, The Royalties of Europe, House of Saud, Asia, Russia and all equally well and his intentions are of high class for all humans and humanity. Kudos! Good work, Isaac. Keep up the good job, we all would pray you wouldn’t have to be dependent on the DAY JOB at all, soon. May god bless you.

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  6. l’ve noticed that many hip hop artists ( and basketball players ) are covered in tattoos. ls there a connection between tattoos and devil worship ?

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