Lil Uzi Vert & Young Thug: Illuminati and Occult Symbolism in Hip Hop

Years ago I wrote a book that detailed the connections between the realm of the occult and hip hop in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic. Everything I said in the book has persisted to this day so today we’ll take a look at the state of hip hop and the rappers that perpetuate the occult symbolism of the Illuminati and their secret language of Luciferianism…


Lil Uzi Vert & Young Thug

The music video we’ll explore is called “UP” and it comes by way of two very popular rappers.


I’ve talked about both of these rappers in the past- from the in-depth article asking if Lil Uzi Vert is in the Illuminati (*his name is actually “L-UCI-FER”) to exploring Young Thug’s Baphomet qualities as the reconciled opposite.

The symbolism these two rappers provided for the masses boasts of inverted crosses and satanic themes so it’s not a surprise to see them collaborating on this latest video…

All Seeing Eye

The esoteric symbol we see from entertainers most often is that of the All Seeing Eye. I wrote an entire article on this subject in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series, but the basic tenet is that the practitioner is “enlightened” and has their third eye opened; which is why we see it in this video.

A woman in the video has the exact All Seeing Eye of Horus made famous from the ancient Egyptian culture. Occultist Aleister Crowley made contact with the god of Horus while in Egypt which led him to a disembodied spirit named Aiwass who dictated to him the laws for the new age he believed he was ushering in: the Aeon of Horus.


The camera zooms in on the All Seeing Eye of Young Thug as he envisions black and white imagery which further supports the argument I made regarding his alchemical wedding of reconciling opposites.



When we see the black and white tiles on the floor we look to the temples of Freemasonry for the same imagery which represents the same concept with the Moses pavement.

Demonic Influence

The video clearly shows us a realm where demons reside. The women are depicted with horns which could tie into symbolism of Moloch- the entity upon which children were sacrificed in Canaanite to the pagan god.

At one point the woman with the pentagram on her face (which I’ll get to next) is seen with a woman dressed up as Gene Simmons’ alter ego from the band KISS- “The Demon.”



Some of the women in the video have a pentagram on their face.

What’s curious here is that it’s not inverted; as one would expect. Instead it is upright, which leads me to wonder about the title of the song being “UP.”


The video also shows us the owl which symbolizes the goddess of Athena; as seen at Bohemian Grove where annual meetings occur to conduct “Cremation of Care” ceremonies by the elite.


In Conclusion

Given the multitude of symbols that tie us into ancient esoteric and occult beliefs; we’re led wondering what this video means. To me it seems that we have a clear picture of demons and blood-thirsty pagan gods like Moloch tied into enlightenment symbols.

In 2021 Lil Uzi promises to become the next Illuminati blood sacrifice (similar to XXXTentacion and his “mysterious” murder):

“That’s my father. The Pale Emperor. Listen here, at age 27 I will leave this Earth for this man right here. He’s the Pale Emperor.”

XXXTentacion also predicted his own death as a sacrifice so this leaves us to wonder how much of this is reality for these young men. As preposterous as it sounds; it’s quite possible that there are blood sacrifices happening behind the scenes…

I know the casual reader may be FULL of questions on how all of this fits together with talk of magicians, rappers, and hermaphrodites. If you want to truly understand why all of this is happening, you have to pick up the ONLY book that explains the occult symbolism that is pervasive in hip hop- SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC!

(**note that this is the 2nd version in which I discuss my feelings on the SIRIUS/XM SHADE45 appearance I made to defend the book).

*Also available on Audible (author narrated!)


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Holy shit Isaac I seen this video about this wanna be rapper talking about being cloned does not seem to be a joke at all what you think?
    Also keep in mind Mac Miller had a song “I will die 4 U” he died 4-21 (U=21 letter of alphabet) Thoughts?

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    • Nothing surprising, nothing new about all this cloning stuff. Its been done since always, sadly we are far too stupid to understand/want to understand what REALLY is going on around us. Just a few more very famous clones: Britney Spears, Aguilera, Eminem, Mariah Carey….

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