LAX shooting video shows dummy being transported by wheelchair

I’ve got another post on the LAX shooter and how it appears to be a false flag event that aims to put a stigma on conspiracy theorists. But now we’ve got more on this shooting…


There is now a conspiracy theory floating around that this was all just an exercise, and the ‘proof’ of that would be this video clip that shows the agents pushing a man in a wheelchair, and they are claiming it is really just a dummy. From



Here’s the video:

The body looks limp, or perhaps it really is just a dummy. Tough to say. I like that the theorists are pointing out that Paul Ciancia has the last name of ‘CIA-n-CIA’ in it. Pretty clever…

There’s also another aspect of this theory that involves this crisis actor named Nick Pugh. He apparently tweeted something that alludes to the ‘cat being out of the bag’ after the theory surfaced that this is a hoax. Nodisinfo has much more on this, but here is one bit they had posted:



They are claiming that Nick Pugh is aka Mark Walsh, who was interviewed for a 9/11 op. Again, I leave it up to you, it seems like a fuzzy link (and I haven’t been able to confirm this Nick Pugh is truly a crisis actor; although his tweet is mysterious…):




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. HEY – looks like Nick Pugh deleted all his comments off of that page. I found Cynthia Hamil’s post, and Terry Clark’s, but Nick Pugh’s “cat out of the bag” comment is not there.

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