Lana Del Rey ritual at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Lana Del Rey is stepping up her occult-ritual game and performing a couple of shows at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, no doubt some form of esoteric ritual to either evoke the spirits of other artists who have passed on, or perhaps to harness different energies of the dead, similar to ghost hunting techniques that are so popular at the present moment.

Most of the musical acts take place at a Masonic lodge on the actual cemetery grounds (although LDR’s will be on the Fairbanks Lawn). You can see images of the Lodge and the inverted pentagram at the apex of the lodge:


Masonic Lodge Hollywood Cemetery inside pentagram


The reason for the inverted pentagram are two fold; one is to depict an inversion of the upright star (Satanists love to invert imagery), and the other is to represent ceremonial magician’s Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet image. Here in this image from a Rihanna performance where the Baphomet was secretly placed into the background, you can see Baphomet has the shape of an inverted pentagram with his beard the point, horns and ears the arms and legs of the star:




Here is an image with an artist performing in a chair that is represented in Freemasonry as a symbol of elevation through the various degrees. For instance, a Worshipful Master has been appointed to all of the chairs within the lodge before taking his place at the east side of the lodge (representing the rising sun; possibly the star of the morning- Lucifer, as some theorists claim).


Masonic Lodge Hollywood Cemetery


We’ve seen this in the Florence + The Machine video for No Light, No Light:


florence chair


We also saw this in LDR’s Born to Die which had Freemasonic hand symbols:


IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray


Freemason Sign of Preservation


Spoon played a show at the Hollywood Forever ceremony in August 2014 in support of their album called They Want My Soul which has lyrics that seem to imply exactly what the song title is:


Let’s go get out in the street
Somebody’s gotta
Let’s get the stars to align
For lambs to slaughter

In the photographs
Their eyes make a signal path
And the feeling goes on and on and on and on and on
And on and on and on

Do you see how they have the line “In the photographs their eyes make a signal path?” Could that be talking about the All Seeing Eye being used by musicians to indicate their sell out to the music industry, aka Illuminati?

Lana Del Rey All Seeing Eye Illuminati


How appropriate since most of my theories revolve around the alleged Faustian bargains these musicians must make with Satan in order to push their music and status. I’ve completed a book about hip hop conspiracy theories where I address how these rappers are subjected to Illuminati ideals in order to get a contract. In the book, I even mention the evocation of spirits and muses, as Lana Del Rey even admits:

The ancient Egyptians accredited Thoth as the patron of scribes and the written word (is it ironic that there is a word “THOT” used in the hip hop culture…). He was believed to be the God who invented music, and Osiris used this music to control the world. The first western culture musicians were the Greek Muses (from the Greek word ‘mousike’ we get ‘music’, or Muse-ic). They were the Goddesses who inspired the written word and the arts. These daughters of Zeus are continually being evoked by musicians in order to create their art: the music. The musicians are literally asking to be possessed by these Goddesses in order to obtain inspiration and guidance for their tales or lyrics. They conjure the spirits in their minds, whether it is through mental practices or physical rituals. Sometimes they get so used to it that they begin to self-identify with their muse and attach themselves to them.

My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying.

–Lana Del Rey, Nylon magazine, November 2013

To add onto that comment; the ancient Greeks used to practice rituals at cemeteries to provide guidance for the deceased in their traverse of the underworld and Hades. They would sing songs of grief called dirges during these prothesis before offerings were made to the dead in a show of mourning and sorrow. In 2013 a Satanic ritual was held by the Satanic Temple at the gravesite of the Westboro Baptist Church’s founder’s mother. Here’s HuffingtonPost:

The controversial ritual, called a “pink mass,” was carried out by New York-based organization The Satanic Temple and involved gay couples kissing over the grave of Catherine Johnston, the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps. The ritual, held at Magnolia Cemetery in Meridian, Miss., was intended to “turn” Johnston gay for all eternity.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery is also home to several dead celebrities like members of The Ramones and Jayne Mansfield. You may recall that Jayne Mansfield was infamously known for her relationship with the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey:

anton lavey jayne mansfield


I also cover a little bit on women involved with LaVey and Satanism in the SACRIFICE book:


Hanshaw and Freeman suggest that Project Crazy Bitch is being rolled out because it’s part of a magical, satanic agenda. Anton LaVey wrote a book called The Satanic Witch that says a successful witch makes a pact with Satan (at least symbolically), and uses the powers of lust to have magnetic power over men and other women. LaVey is perpetuating Aleister Crowley’s suggestion that letting go of sexual inhibitions releases a vast amount of energy that the sorcerer could use to their advantage. These are all the reasons why we see marketing of such a sexual nature, including such blatant sexualization as in beauty pageants and racy Halloween costumes for young girls.

Click this link to get more details on  SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • I call this B.S.

      Lifting off the tales and fantasies of the REAL Ishtar who was sacrificed/taken over for this glorified wench.

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      • Point is she has been disconnected for a long time. Thats the sad reality

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    • Nah. The first 2 pics look like a combo of Nancy Grace and a Bush daughter.

      The last pic looks like the cackling loon inside the would-be sorority girl that I know and love <3

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  1. Little Nori’s top is just…. sick. How the hell to dress like that a child, a toddler?

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    • He probably stuck his head in someone’s ass. Like literally. Probably gnawed on prostate. Literally. Probably reached hands up into crevice of body to give a true chakra adjustment.

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      • And this part is telling:

        Ellison has always been a big believer in the federal government maintaining large national databases. And he was able to be much more public about it in the months after the September 11th attacks. In fact, Ellison argued that we needed just one large national security database, one with national ID cards and mandatory iris scans, naturally

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    • Ugh, is my/my friend’s nutbag brother who tried to drown her in the bathtub.

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    • Charlie xcx is clearly Jabba the Hut’s slut.

      It’s like XXX but with a c in the middle for CORNFED.

      That is all I have to say. That boom smack song is talented and I am willing to believe she is more talented than Iggy and less marketably offensive.

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    • Kelly Brook is too fine. That DNA must be assigned to the Magdalene in a natural world.

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    • I am Vanessa Hudgens. I am a summer girl who calls herself Autumn in her later high school/college years. Who goes to Burning Man before its Mainstream.

      I do not know whose spirit is hanging out all up in there though.

      I wish someone could report this bodysnatching business.

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      • I am Persephone’s 3 headed bunny much like Hades has 3 headed dog.

        I am calling on ISIS, though, as for who is rocking my god-given sparkle ponyness in the form of Zach Efron’s ex.

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  2. Maroon 5 has gone mental(ly deranged)

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