Lady Gaga: Prometheus of the 2016 Grammys

It was an ironic evening in that I finally got around to finishing the American Horror Story: Hotel season finale (starring Lady Gaga as the vampire “Countess”); only to stumble upon the news that she was to unveil some stunning new technology at the 2016 Grammy Award Show.

It seems that Lady Gaga is teaming with Intel on a mysterious venture…


One confirmed fact is that Gaga and Intel are battling online bullying with a recent project called “Hack Harassment” which seeks to cut back on harassment of people in the virtual world. This seems to continue her push for equality as I discuss on my somewhat viral video about her “Emotion Revolution” lecture.

This “more secretive” venture is to be revealed at the 2016 Grammys. The only clue(s) given to us were done through a commercial at the Consumer Electronics Show. In this commercial we see alarming symbols of Illuminati symbols covered several times before on

In the commercial we see hints of transhumanism and Gaga as some kind of goddess of Saturn- all heavy displays of occult symbolism.

Most aren’t able to see through the visuals but when you look for these types of messages long enough you begin to see through the Matrix, so let’s take a look…

Video is now up!


The Transhuman Agenda

As I already mentioned; Gaga and Intel are seeking to take down bullies online with their Hack Harassment campaign. If you want to take the paranoid route (and who doesn’t?!), you might be able to see that this is a small step towards transhumanism.

I say this because of a quote made by Intel’s CEO in which he seems to suggest we should have sympathy for machines because there are feelings behind them:

Behind every device is a real person, with real feelings and real needs for safety.”  -Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Obviously he is referring to real humans but the fact remains that it is planting the seed that machines may have sensitivities. Much like in The Animatrix, the future world will be one in which we have to decide if robots have equal rights to humans or not. If you consider that Moore’s Law combined with Ray Kurzweil’s predictions of technology applications continuously seem to be correct; one would need to realize that we’re approaching the Singularity.

Lady Gaga as the Whore of Babylon in "Metropolis"

Lady Gaga as the robotic Whore of Babylon in “Metropolis”


This “Singularity” is the point that Kurzweil believes machines will have perfected Artificial Intelligence and be able to sufficiently rebuild and re-educate themselves without human intervention (as I discussed on Robert Phoenix’s FARCast show). These machines would be smarter than any human and it will result in a new evolution of mankind.

Man will eventually have to augment themselves with some form of computational hardware in order to keep up; which is the aim of transhumanism.

Transhumanism seeks to get rid of the human model and improve upon it with man-made computers. If you consider that the motivation behind it is to destroy God’s creation and rebuild the world according to one that man has built; it should be cause for alarm. If you don’t believe in God than perhaps you may welcome this new age of man in which there is no man at all (which sounds a lot like Nihilism…).


Daft Punk transhuman robots


In this commercial we see technology in all its glory, and when you consider that Gaga is working with Intel (who builds computer processors and other electronics); it seems fairly obvious what we’re in for during her performance/appearance at the 2016 Grammys.


The Saturn Cube

I’ve covered the symbolism of Saturn in the past (see Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube), and here we see it make another appearance in Lady Gaga’s commercial:

Lady Gaga Intel Cube Saturn

While the cube represents many things- such as the material world; it also hidden within the Kabbalah Tree of Life- another occult practice (if you consider the more radical ideas about it):

Kabbalah Cube


The flattened out cube is a hexagram- which is a six sided shape found on the poles of Saturn…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn7


… and this is arguably why we see these symbols so often tied together:

Saturn and the Black Cube

Saturn and the Black Cube

The swoosh image found in the Nike logo is used by many companies to symbolize the ring of Saturn, which is ironically on the Intel logo as well:

Intel Saturn swoosh

So how does all this play in to Lady Gaga? It seems that she is presenting us with this incredible new discovery/technology in order to be portrayed as a goddess. At the 53rd Grammys she was brought out in the womb of the Illuminati by her same creative team (Haus of Gaga):

Lady Gaga 53rd Grammys Womb Egg 2

Lady Gaga 53rd Grammys Egg Womb


The Beast Aleister Crowley left a heritage of Thelema followers and one of them was the Brotherhood of Saturn. This magical order was similar to the other occult groups, whether it be New Age, Freemasonry or Thelema; they all revolve around the idea of mastery of occult knowledge (e.g. axioms like “As above, so below” which emphasize the duality aspects of man and world) in order to advance and evolve one’s self in a series of steps and rituals.

The Brotherhood of Saturn incorporates 33 steps to achieve the full spectrum of enlightenment, similar to Scottish Rite of Freemasonry who also incorporates 33 degrees. The end of the path for a member of the Brotherhood of Saturn is self-deification, an important concept in Thelema and seen in the realm of music with musicians making themselves god-like (e.g. Kanye West = Yeezus, Jay-Z = Hova, Beyonce = Beysus, etc.).

It appears that Lady Gaga is an artist that may be falling into this same process of self-deification…

Lady Gaga Intel cube


Final Thoughts- Gaga the Prometheus

This leaves us with the impression that Lady Gaga is to reveal some kind of revolutionary technology during her performance at the 2016 Grammys; courtesy of Intel. They seek to use Gaga as the archetype of Prometheus in this modern age- an important role to any of those that seek to continue down this “left-hand” path.

Lady Gaga Intel Cube Saturn 2

The common version of Prometheus is the Greek tale that he stole fire from Zeus so that he could return its knowledge to mankind who were being punished by Zeus at the time. Through the myth of Prometheus, occultists convey the belief that “Prometheus” (e.g. Lucifer or Satan, or even Odin in Germanic occult beliefs) gave humanity its ability to think independently of the God who created him.

Prometheus is responsible for providing intellect to man through the analogy of fire, which is why we often see the symbol of the torch or illumination (e.g. “Illuminati”).

So it appears that Lady Gaga is being utilized once again to fill in for some kind of spiritual deity. She was used to represent the goddess of Aphrodite in her ARTPOP project, and now she is the Prometheus…

Lady Gaga attempts to induce the goddess of Aphrodite and Venus

Lady Gaga attempts to induce the goddess of Aphrodite and Venus

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-Isaac W.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I am fortunate to know what I know about the illuminati but what about the people that are still asleep to what is going on? When the time comes to implement these transhumanism technologies and lifestyles, will those that are asleep accept it or finally catch on that something sinister is going on? What will happen to those of us who refuse to become machines? Am I thinking too far into the future or is this coming sooner than I think? What makes transhumanism occult in your opinion? Thank you for your time and for posting these informational articles. Thanks and have a great day.

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    • I think this is an agenda that has been slowly implemented, so this will eventually be seen by many as a good thing that will better their lives. Until it affects their lives directly in a negative way many will not see the downside. Transhumanism is occultic, I believe, because it makes the person their own god -the false promise made by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

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      • Yeah… that does make sense. They won’t reject it… until it affects their lives directly in a negative way. What the Bible says is so true… “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Without God’s Word hidden in ones heart… and without the Holy Spirit in ones being… people can be deceived.

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    • What is the end game with the . Illuminati? It deems pointless.

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  2. I feel to those who are blind to all of this by the time they do happen to catch on to all these sinister events it might be too late. We have been distracted with all this entertainment and world wide news etc . Its all bullshit and to keep us distracted and at bay from what is really going on . Its easy to convince a person of something when they are in this mind control spell. We are in a new age for sure. And all this technology will be the death of us. For the people who refuse this..well it will be us battling an higher intellect. This is just one of the many forms destroying mankind and driving us away from God. Very sad. Hold on to your faith!

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  3. There is nothing comforting and uplifting about this “collaboration” against “online bullying”. It sounds like the suppression of free speech, with the privilege given to self-determined authorities, who get to personally decide who to silence online and who to allow the freedom to speak.

    This “anti-bullying” excuse is already being abused by establishment condoned activists and actual bullies stalking professors who respectfully question mass shootings, public events, etc. That was what I find most sinister about this announcement from Lady Gaga and Intel.

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  4. Thank you for posting this, I have studied events since sometime after 9/11 and don’t believe the government story on that one no more than I throw it! There have been a lot of things I have researched since, but I have been slow to grasping the concept behind this whole trans-human agenda. I know I don’t like it!!! As a child I had always figured that we would someday have a society of robots. Only difference was I actually thought the robots would look like those ones in cartoons like the “Jetson” robot lol. Seriously though, it is disturbing and you are right Sean, what are these people going to do that have their heads in the sand on this all of the time 🙁

    Regarding Lady Gaga, I thought she was attempting to break away. But now I am starting to wonder of the whole cloning issue and we’re going to come to a point, where we may not even know when we’re interacting with a human or robot, clone, etc. and it will be a scary world. I am so sorry for the babies being born. All of this actually makes me appreciate the age I am actually and that I grew up in the time period I did. My time had it’s issues alright, but nothing like the world the children are going to know in the future 🙁 Take care everyone and have a blessed day tomorrow

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    • It’s a little depressing for me because I am 17 and about to start my life and it’s just scary that I’m headed into this world. I saw a movie called Ex-Machina a while back and I feel like these movies are trying to program us for the future like this guy talks about. The AI’s in the movie are terrifying in how they act and what they do to people/how they can betray them. I feel like we truly are entering the age of man and machine, and the machine is just going to end up betraying us. God bless to you too.

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      • Hello Sean, from what you had said, I was actually thinking that you were in your 30’s or 40’s. You are wise beyond your ears and that is very good. I just wish I had been aware of things as you are, back when I was 17. When I grew up, things were certainly not all perfect and the signs were there, but they very subtle and not up in your face, as they are today, so we didn’t always catch on. When I look back now, it seemed like such an innocent period compared to today. But not so….things were going on, we just weren’t aware as we are now.

        I have noticed that there are a lot of younger people who are waking up to things. In fact, a young 20 something girl and I were talking of things the other day. She was talking of how sick she was of the 2 party system and it was useless to vote for a president as we have a government run by criminals anyways. When I hear of younger people as this waking up to things as they are and becoming aware, then it does give me hope 🙂 It is going to take a lot of people to become aware of all this though

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  5. Lady Gaga=Jonbenet Ramsey

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    • What do you mean Billy? Regarding Jonbenet, there is no doubt in my mind that there were sinister forces at work and we’ll probably never know and I’m afraid that is just because that Jonbenet was wealthy and well-known that we even heard of that case. What about all of the children which go missing all across the country on a daily basis. I am sure some illumanati/global elites/high profile people/reptilians or whatever we want to call them have full knowledge of what is happening to those children. But what is the connection with Lady Gaga and Jonbenet Ramsey?

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