Lady Gaga joins Illuminati Age of Aquarius & transhumanism agenda


Lady Gaga released a video some time ago for her song G.U.Y. that featured a fair share of Illuminati symbolism (as I point out in the Illuminati symbolism of Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y. music video post). This video was shot at the Hearst Castle and included a scene at the famous Neptune Pool:

We see why that the Hearst Castle holds occult importance because of the Neptune Pool. This pool features an actual rebuilt Roman Temple; where the Romans would worship the multiple deities that the present day Illuminati continue to worship (gods and goddesses of the moon, sun, etc.; all replayed since the other times of antiquity such as the Egyptians, or Babylonians). It’s appropriate that the song changes over to Venus which is the goddess of love (hence the Sandro Boticelli painting on her album cover). You’ll notice that they carry the fallen angel through the temple grounds, over the Star of Ishtar, which we’ve seen in my Eyes Wide Shut film analysis:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga GUY Illuminati Ishtar


Ishtar Star


This scene at the Neptune Pool is of importance because of the Ishtar symbolism, but also because there followed an uproar by Los Angelonians who have been getting fines for running water during the recent drought issues. There were claims that Gaga wasted hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to fill the pool and chlorinate the water (rendering the 345,000 gallons unusable for watering crops). This however was later debunked when they clarified that they used minimal chlorine and the water was reusable. Lady Gaga donated a slew of cash to the Hearst Castle fund and also $25K towards water conservation studies (perhaps saving face to this whole ordeal).


Hold that thought and let’s explore some more of the video and we’ll come back…

Another scene in the video shows Gaga covered in the mind control/MKULTRA butterflies as she gets lowered into the pool in what looks like ceremonial magic or a sacrifice of sorts:

And then they lower Gaga into Neptune’s Pool; an offering to the gods. We can see the butterflies in her dress; which is symbolism for the trauma based mind control and fracturing of the mind’s alters (see the link for my book at the end of the post for clarification on this stuff). Note that the handlers in white are turning her over to the forces of the dark, wearing the black:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga GUY Illuminati MONARCH butterfly


These different aspects of the video seem to point to some kind of importance with the pool of Neptune which didn’t seem abundantly clear to me as of that point. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Haterazzi’s Mr. Gates’ Jupiturn: Illuminati Special. In said special, he takes the audience through one of the theories behind who the Illuminati is and where their origins come from. He refers to the Zeitgeist-presented concept of the astrological ages of the Zodiac, and how there is an overarching conspiracy that the Illuminati pushes the masses through and into each age (or “House”).

He supports a breakdown of the Jay-Z On To the Next One video with the explanation of the symbolism found within it that doesn’t really match the lyrical content. One piece of it is the idea that Jay-Z is pushing the audience into the next Age, or House, of Aquarius by presenting themes in the lyrics that emphasize boats, and tearing the “old house” down:

Big pimpin in the house now,
bought the land, tore the muthaf-cking house down

Of course Mr. Gates makes much more sense out of it, and I’m really taking it out of context (because I don’t want to go though all of the knowledge he drops). If you want to check it out you won’t be disappointed, just hit that Haterazzi’s Mr. Gates’ Jupiturn: Illuminati Special link and drop the $5 and you’ll be able to download all of his specials (lots of comedy on there too, check it out now).

He also mentions that Jay-Z was involved with an MTV project Water For Life: A Jay-Z Diary. He postulates that this might be in support of this water symbolism, which is actually just symbolism for pushing us into the Age of Aquarius; an age depicted with water and the water carrier imagery. Here’s Billboard:

Def Jam president Jay-Z will trek to several countries plagued by the world’s water crisis for the MTV documentary “Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life,” which will air Nov. 24 on MTV stations worldwide.

The rapper announced the international tour, which kicks off in Turkey, at a press conference today (Aug. 9) at the United Nations in New York, where he was joined by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and MTV president Christina Norman. Jay-Z plans to visit devastated regions and interact with families who suffer from the lack of safe drinking water.

“In the beginning, when I was going out on a world tour, I was going out to play music,” he said. “But I said to myself, I can’t go to these places I’ve been and not go out and see the people that have been touched by my music for over 10 years. From that morphed, ‘Well, I’m not just going to go over there and rap to them.’ I’m going to help and see what I can do in these areas.”

While this appears to be a noble cause, I’ve got to admit I thought it was strange when it came out. He’s also got close ties to the United Nations with this project, which already brings about some speculation of Illuminati involvement.

Lady Gaga has not only donated money to the water conservation effort since the Neptune Pool incident, but has recently released a water conservation PSA:

California posted a video on Wednesday featuring Lady Gaga urging Californians to conserve water in the wake of a crippling drought. 

The PSA video was part of a commitment Lady Gaga made after being allowed to shoot a music video at the historic Hearst Castle, in which she danced and frolicked by the 345,000-gallon Neptune Pool. The castle’s indoor blue-and-gold tiled Roman Pool and iconic outdoor Neptune Pool were filled for the 7-minute music video, titled, “G.U.Y.”

In her PSA, Lady Gaga wears large black sunglasses while saying, “I had the honor of shooting my music video at a California landmark, Hearst Castle, and while I was there, I learned about the necessity of water conservation during this drought. Do your part to help save water.”


So now we can add Lady Gaga to this water-Age of Aquarius-Illuminati agenda, if you want to believe that it exists. The Age of Aquarius has been described as a time of new technology, and this supports the transhumanism agenda of the Illuminati that I’ve pointed out in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:



Transhumanism symbolism from Gaga is nothing new either:





She’s got a single called Venus that refers to the goddess symbolism for the light bearer (Lucifer) and she performed it on X-Factor with the shells and water goddess get up:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Venus Illuminati X Factor

It would only be fitting since I pointed out that her ARTPOP album cover was full of Illuminati-goddess symbolism, making her the Illuminati goddess:

The overall message behind this album cover is that Lady Gaga is the Illuminati goddess. She has similar goddess poses in her first video from the album in which I did a post calledIlluminati symbolism in Lady Gaga’s Applause video. The Illuminati and occult all have this obsession with worshipping the female goddess (it comes through in Freemasonry and Paganism as well). The chopped up image in the background is Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting which depicts the goddess Venus (obviously) emerging from the sea as a fully grown woman. This idea of worshipping a goddess is a common theme in all Illuminati-occult traditions, including the Greek Aphrodite, Babylonian Ishtar, Egyptian Isis, and the Sumerian Semiramis. This particular goddess Venus is also referred to as Lucifer, or the light bearer. Looking beyond that you can see the importance of the light-bearer with a group like the Illuminati (the “enlightened ones”).






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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