Lady Gaga admits satanic worship on Jimmy Kimmel

Hello and welcome to the archive of! This article was written back in 2013 when I started this journey of exploring the occult and conspiracy theories about the Illuminati.

As you’ll see, I was following Mark Dice at the time but have since went on my own way (since he typically doesn’t offer enough evidence or facts in his research).




Mark Dice plays a clip (which is out of context) of “Lady Caca”- as he calls her; on Jimmy Kimmel Live professing her work with Lucifer. He says Gaga is on her last of the 15 minutes of fame due to replacements such as Rihanna (which he claims as being newer than Gaga- which is not true).

But he has a good point about how you’d be foolish to think the symbolism and triangles is what the Illuminati want you to see instead of what the lyrics and message of the music is.

That’s where the Illuminati and Satan embed the bug of evil…


If you’re looking for more on Lady Gaga, I wrote an extended piece on her affiliations with the occult, alleged murder sacrifice of the Lady Gaga predecessor, and MUCH more in:

Is Lady Gaga in the Illuminati?… Revealing the Hidden Method and Symbolism of the Occult

If you’d rather watch the video I created on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel in which you can hear the audio segments of Lady Gaga on Howard Stern admitting to hearing alien voices, as well as video clips from Paparazzi and American Horror Story: Hotel 

(**be sure to subscribe- as I’ll be adding content such as Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance which is sure to be full of occult symbolism):


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Lady Gaga is the queen,the saviour and the true God bow down to Monster Queen and give your soul and life

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      • Yo gotta be kiddin me. I CANT STAND HER! She has rottened her mind and made horrible decisions in her life. She acts like a rich b-word

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        • Apparently you haven’t heard Dope….. Also if she’s so “horrible”, then do you really think she wouldn’t be helping people or donating to charity? You’re so dumb.

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          • You are an idiot.. she practices satanism and yet YOU say she’s good? The Bible warns us that satan himself tries to FOOL ignorant people like yourself with “good works” to make you think its ok.

            “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15

  1. You deny God he will deny you in front of the Father!!!!!!! Period you can’t play with God!!! He is real, he died, and rose again. You people will believe anything but that!! You better beg for forgiveness while there is still time.

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  2. i want to learn more of this and perharps contacts

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  3. Thank Lucifer we have world-shaking issues such as outing popstars as illuminati puppets for the great minds of our generation to focus on.

    And by that I mean, at least the laughable conspiracy theories keep the batshit insane folks from infesting normal, productive discussion about real issues too much. It’s like a self-policing asylum.

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    • Check out Watain, Slayer, Venom, Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, nust a fee. That is satanic music. Not some silly pop star. And I like it. I don’t buy or any other idiotic cartoonish mythological melodtamatics… and perceive it as entertainment. Any of these bands taking it seriously are basically, the same as a bunch of crazed cringy at spilled salt superstitious, science denying morons targeting gaga. Look at some youtube videos. Oh yeah… and don’t forget the almost pretty psychedelic sounds of Ghost while you are at it. Mellower than these other bands.but WOW what an awesomely spooky halloweeny fun stage presence.

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  4. That comment about seeing the Illuminati and satan is someone’s work distracts someone else from seeing the true meaning of the lyrics and song, is just utterly ridiculous! That’s what haters say when they think they know all the answers/so-called “evidence”. Also if Gaga really worshipped the devil, then do you really think she would be praying to God and would be wanting to make the world a better place? Last time I checked, the devil is the opposite of that.

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    • You are a know it all…also

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  5. She acted like a swine and fingered her pussy on stage while moaning ‘satan, fuck me, fuck me please’ this was a no cameras allowed audience that paid $500-700 to see a one hour show in Houston. She also drank her mothers blood at the age of 10 and she sacrificed her pet rabbits when she was 13 if you remember her earlier on interviews with magazines. Don’t be dumb people.

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    • Really… seriously… if so still likely an amateur compared to Rockbitch fisting each other.on stage. Google it. Jeez.I can’t believe all this guff over pop music that preaches EVIL tolerance, HIDEOUS kindness and the vile disgusting behavior of getting along. You people are right. Someone should jail that cunt for daring to talk about social issues and self expression and progress. All verbotin among throwbacks and superstitious cave dwellers.

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  6. This is so funny. If someone does bad things or is a bad person, what makes you think they are going to admit it.

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