Kyrie Irving and Nike: Illuminati Confirmed

Look, I don’t know much about today’s basketball players. I stopped following sports a long time ago. However, today the Illuminati are working with Nike and Kyrie Irving (a player on the Boston Celtics) for his new shoe line.

Illuminati symbolism confirmed…


**Note that I’m being a bit sarcastic with my “Illuminati” claims. I’ve merely been exploring the realm of the occult and their symbolism for the past several years and this appears to be another piece to the puzzle. Whether or not there is a real “Illuminati” is up to you to determine.

Open Your Eyes

The new shoes from Kyrie Irving feature an intriguing symbol on the tongue:


This symbol is, of course, that of the All Seeing Eye.

We see the eye inside of the triangle which symbolizes the mystical powers of creation (as used by ritual magicians with the triangle of manifestation).

Aleister Crowley


Baked into the Design

These shoes were designed by Benjamin Nethongkome. The designer said the following:

“One last detail we added, which is a dope one, is right behind the leather pull tab: an all-seeing eye graphic,” Nethongkome says. “Not to represent the illuminati. The third eye is to challenge everyone to think beyond what they see. That’ll be directly behind the pull tab on the tongue.”

This symbol has the All Seeing Eye inside the triangle with numbers for sacred geometry (3, 6, and 9 on the shoe). This flows into Pythagoras’ original occult ideas for the creation of reality and the same thread of esoteric knowledge that we see pyramids and triangles as calling cards of the Illuminati.


Do What Thou Wilt

Irving seems to have an interest in the occult and conspiracy theories in general. This includes the idea that the Earth is flat (not a popular theory in my research).

I wrote an article about Kyrie Irving and his “Illuminati” connections including flat earth theories:

“This is not even a conspiracy theory…The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat.”

Back then, his Instagram account had the same symbol that he is now using on the shoes.




In Conclusion

So what are we to make of all this?


Obviously Kyrie Irving is in the Illuminati; right?…

Not really. But it seems he definitely has interests in the subject, and perhaps even some close ties to those up near the top. I suspect he’s curious to learn more but it’s likely he wouldn’t be allowed in the “inner” circle- that is reserved for only those elitists who are deemed worthy (*again- this is speculation based on observations like Bohemian Grove).

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Earth is flat – it’s the biggest lie – we are indoctrinated from birth with the globe image and the mystical gravity that makes people stick to a spinning ball hurtling through space spinning at over 1000mph and chasing the sun at Mach 90 yet none of this motion is detectable or provable – it’s nonsense – earth is terra firma – fixed and motionless – and the firmament revolves around us – I used to be agnostic but now believe in creation – our rulers are hiding creation with the lies of evolution and the spinning ball – making us feel like a speck of nothingness in an infinity of randomness – but humanity is the centre of everything and earth is all there is – there is no space – nasa lies about everything- when humanity wakes up to the lie the world will change

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    • LOL, ure funny!

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