Kubrick, Nicholson, Polanski, & Illuminati sexual abuse in ‘The Shining’

In light of the upcoming Halloween holiday (actual it’s far from a ‘holy-day’ if you’ve read through the Occult & Illuminati holiday symbolism post), I’ve been reading up on The Shining to see if there are any new theories out there. In lieu of finding any new theories, I’ve concocted a half-baked idea that Kubrick hired Nicholson to play the lead character as a way of conveying that Hollywood types are tied into Satanism, the occult, and child sexual abuse. It also explains why we see traces of child sexual abuse in the film itself as Jay Weidner pointed out (if you haven’t seen my post about the Illuminati symbolism in The Shining now is a great time to catch up…).

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Roman Polanski is the director of the occult film Rosemary’s Baby that features a secret society who ritually impregnates a woman with the seed of the Devil. This secret society is rumored to be the Illuminati and their activities which include magic, devil worship, and occult sex rituals.


Polanski is also known as the husband of the actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered by members of the Manson family in 1968. Tate was in a film called Eye of the Devil in which she played a witch who insists on a blood sacrifice from the owners of a vineyard. An occultist was hired as a consultant to ensure continuity of what went on screen as actual pagan rites. The fact that Tate would later be murdered in an occult/ritual type fashion (arguably) is almost more than ironic, it’s scary. Historically, the reason for her death is blamed on Charles Manson who gave marching orders to his followers, but the conspiracy theory behind his entire story is that he was needed as a fear tactic to take down the hippy movement of the ‘60s.

Polanski is controversial for his 1977 arrest for rape and sodomy on a 13-year old girl (Polanski was 43 at the time if that helps put his skeeviness into perspective), and subsequently fled the country, never to step foot on American soil again so that he doesn’t go to prison. Literally hundreds of famous actors, directors, and other entertainment royalty have petitioned for the dropping of charges against Polanski. I watched a documentary about how he was hiding out from the law in Switzerland called Odd Man Out and it was full of sentiment of how wonderful Polanski was and how they should just drop the charges and let him live the rest of his life out in peace. It’s almost as if the entertainment industry is absolutely brainwashed and from another planet, I don’t know how someone can do what he did and have people sympathize with him.It’s almost as if all of Hollywood is under an Illuminati magic spell that makes them fall inline, like a real life Emperor with No Clothes tale.

In fact, as I was researching for this article, I was on HollywoodReporter.com and saw this month’s cover for an article about how a director named Brett Ratner (no relation to this Nicholson-Polanski talk) went from “party boy to a $450 million Warner Bros. mogul” and the answer is provided right on the cover:

brett ratner illuminati eye

So let’s get to the link between Kubrick/Nicholson/Polanski/Illuminati. Polanski took his 13-year old victim to Los Angeles at the home of his close friend Jack Nicholson (although Nicholson was not present at the time). Even after finding out what happened at his home, Nicholson remained friends and a supporter of Polanski. In fact, here’s what he had to say about him to Vanity Fair via Telegraph.co.uk:

Nicholson, one of a string of famous friends to have defended Polanski after his arrest, told Vanity Fair: “Roman has never been one to let anything limit what he does. He is a genius.”

So now we see the links between the occult-Polanski-Nicholson, let’s take a look at when Stanley Kubrick made The Shining. The year was 1980; only three years after Polanski’s “incident” and Kubrick gave his first pick for the lead role to Jack Nicholson as the character of Jack Torrance.  Given all of the symbolism we find in Kubrick’s films that suggest he was trying to reveal the Illuminati and their established foothold in the entertainment industry, is it possible that placing Jack Nicholson in the lead role was done for this purpose? Keep in mind that Jack Torrance is arguably a sexual abuser of his own child in The Shining, so this thing goes full circle to Polanski’s ordeal…

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Read the rest of the Illuminati symbolism in The Shining for more info on the film; or pick up the screaming deal I have on KUBRICK’S CODE where you can get the entire symbolism breakdown of EYES WIDE SHUT, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and THE SHINING:

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The question one wants to ask is this: why was Polanski framed? You yourself used the word “ordeal”, to describe his case, so why was he persecuted? Polanski said that the cooperation between himself and the “victim” who knew what she was doing, had been mutual, and that she had been with men before. Polanski had said that he was overwhelmed with grief and had sex that day like someone trying to drown his sorrow in alcohol or drugs. The masons look after their own well, and they were all doing it. Polanski must have rebelled or tried to break free after his family’s murder, so he was crushed as often is the case. I think Polanski was used as a scapegoat. He probably never thought that those evil people would sacrifice his own family.

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    • The mothrr of the so called victim.told Polanski her daughter was of age,so hr would take provacitive pictures of her.

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    • he wasn’t framed….the illuminati…gives the best..pays the best…but in turn they will need to pay big time…Polanski already paid …the blood sacrifice of his wife Sharon tate and his unborn kid….but more was needed…as you can see he is no longer the famou, popular and the genius that he was portrayed. After that Polanski names is no longer updated to anything…but there was no framing up…he paid…like the others…who sought fame and fortune…but in anything one pays the hard price…no thanks…

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    • Why was Polanski persecuted? He never served his time, so you can hardly say that he was persecuted. The reason why he was arrested was because he raped a 13 year old child. You shouldn’t need to be told why it’s wrong to be a pedophile rapist.

      The child testified in court that she told Polanski No, over and over. She told him she wanted to go home, but instead Polanski gave the child a sedative and alcohol. She cried and begged him to stop, but he continued raping her. Is this what you call, “knowing what she was doing?” Whether or not the child had engaged in sex prior to this, it doesn’t give Polanski any rights.

      Maybe think twice before you trust the rapist’s word. He pled guilty, but never did his time.

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  2. Not surprised at all that a Hollywood hotshot got away with it AGAIN… Funny because its so obvious and right in front of everyones faces yet so many people that even I know question the fact that cults and sex magic and basically the illuminati exist.

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  3. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but look at the skiing poster in the game room:

    Roman Polanski Monarch pole and ski


    The skiier has also been described as a Minotaur, which is similar to the figure of satan in Rosemary’s Baby.

    It’s possible that Jack represents Rosemary’s husband or satan, and what happens to him in the Shining is as if he’s the one being exploited and “raped” by the hotel. He is the bull-man who is drugged by Lloyd and led to room 237, where he’s seduced by a Mia Farrow-esque character and has the seed of evil planted in him. Just a theory.

    The name of Polanski’s victim is Samantha Geimer, but I don’t know if her name would’ve been publicly known as she was still a minor (still) when The Shining was being made, so it’s possible that Kubrick couldn’t have made reference to her name. However, I’m interested in the girl’s age (13) appearing in relevant ways and that may be something to look for.

    Check out the party in the ball room. What is Vivian Kubrick “pointing” at with her cigarette? What might the advocaat spilled on Jack represent? Why is the woman at the bar already looking at Jack before anything happens?

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    • I meant to seperate Roman Polanski — Monarch pole and ski.

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      • The word cielo literally means sky ..murders were on cielo drive

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    • That girl was 13 years old wrong is wrong I give a dam your superstar , that man needs be in jail , Jack Nicholas should be ashamed of himself. People put these like their untouchable you white peoples make laws and bend them because your white and rich that wrong . That’s what’s wrong with this World I don’t care your billionaire your going Jail!!!!

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  4. THese creatures are all dirty satanic, sicko monsters. Who believe that we are all at their disposal. But it is about time that the tide turned the other way.

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  5. You need to check out the Westies (Coonans) and Barry Liben, and Daniel Friedman…they ARE Illuminati. I thought as a kid the rituals were just to frighten us kids into silence…but the fact that they couldn’t kill me as they claim they wanted to, and everything else, points to the fact that these Satanists really do believe it. At a Black Mass July 24 1977, they claimed that two men are to descend from me: the messiah and the antichrist, first cousins. For the messiah, I must admit that I am in the right family for it to happen, although there are thousands of others in this bloodline too.

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    • You people sure have an imagination,font you have anything better to do with your time than read up on Satanism ?

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  6. Did you notice on the cover of the Playgirl is a headline “The Selling of” (top line) Starsky and Hutch’s David “SOUL.”
    The Selling of the Soul.
    Can’t get much more in yer face than that!

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  7. you might like to hear my theory that jj abrams is the son of roman polanski and sharon tate. and roman is the son of genrikh Yagoda. i write about it in my blog


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  9. That worthless puke Roman Polanski was not framed and that scumbag deserved to be prosecuted AND HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL! He has ONLY done 3 months out of 10 YEARS! That worthless pedophile needs to be brought back to the U.S and put in jail for the rest of his life! Who cares about his stinking movies?! To hell with them! And shame on every PUKE actor who has ever worked with since his arrest! Those actors thankfully found their careers destroyed as Most Humans are NOT so FN mindless, cold-blooded monsters!

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