Korn’s Jonathan Davis Believes in Illuminati

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis says that President Barack Obama is an “Illuminati puppet.” Korn’s new album has a track title “Illuminati” which discusses how the White House is a “house of shame.” Here’s the audio for the track:

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This track says nothing specifically about the White House or Obama. Did Davis say this in an interview seperate from this track? Also, the track previous to this one is called “Burn the Obedient”. Korn may believe in the Iluminati, but they may be deceiving people with this track. Sarcasm is very common among artists, and falsely leads people to believe that rumors aren’t true and they are against illuminati, etc. A prime example… Rihanna ” Thats right I’m a devil worshipper”…. another would be Nicki Minaj’s “endorsement of Mitt Romney” on her track Mercy. She clearly suggests she is voting for Romney causing an uproar, however she later tweets a thank you to Obama (who recognized upon being questioned on Minaj’s lyrics/endorsement) for recognizing her “sarcastic/playful” style saying the “smart ones always get it”. Just something to think about. On another note, I love your site! Keep up the good work!

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