Kickstarter project for ‘Manson Family Vacation’ film


Here’s a cool Kickstarter project worthy of some love:

We invite you to help us make MANSON FAMILY VACATION, a story about two brothers who embark on a strange sightseeing tour of crime scenes, hideouts & jailhouses — all related to the notorious Manson Family. The film will explore the hero worship of Charles Manson, the roots of fanaticism & the importance of family.

The project is a collaboration between Jay Duplass (CYRUS; JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME), Linas Phillips (BASS ACKWARDS) & J. Davis (KEVIN; SOUNDTRACKER): three filmmakers who have experience making low-budget movies that play at top festivals around the world, in theaters and on Netflix.

The Story

Nick Morgan is a successful lawyer who’s devoted to his wife and young son. His adopted brother Conrad is a wayward soul who shows up in Los Angeles unannounced. Although the brothers have never gotten along too well, Nick decides to show his brother around town. But as it turns out, there’s only one thing Conrad wants to do in LA: visit the Manson murder sites. So, the brothers drive all over town & out to the desert to discover the secrets of The Manson Family and themselves.

MFV is a story about people who feel lost: lost in society, and in their families, and in their jobs. It’s about the strange ways we go about seeking connection in a complex world. And the ways we can ultimately redeem ourselves.

Why We Need You

We are micro-budget. Which basically means that we’re making this movie as cheaply as is humanly possible. But some costs are unavoidable. We need money for basic film costs (camera rentals, lighting equipment, travel costs, post-production) and basic human needs (food, water & shelter).

This is a passion project for the three of us. But it’s one that will live or die by this Kickstarter campaign. We truly can’t do this without you. So, please scroll down to read more about us, and if you can donate or even just share our link with friends, we’ll be forever grateful. Thanks!

Check out the link:

And here is the ad campaign video:




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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