Kevin Hart is definitely controlled by the Illuminati

Katt Williams went on record trying to break down the truth about the Illuminati and how they tried to play on him and Chappelle, and how they got to Kevin Hart and made him wear that silly ass dress. He basically talks about how the Illuminati will dog on you if you don’t go along with the program.


Here’s the video wear Katt drops the knowledge, (and he would know what’s up, just look at all the B.S. trouble he’s been put through since he didn’t comply):


And here’s the interview where Chappelle talks about the whole deal where they tried to force the dress on him during an awesome Oprah interview that explains it all:

Now, Kevin Hart released his film Let Me Explain and what do you think the stage looks like?? He walks out from a flaming, illuminated pyramid- obvious display of power from the Illuminati organization showing us how Kevin gets paid. Nothing on Kevin, dude is funny, he’s just trying to make that money. Just be aware of what’s up and who’s on the home team. Here’s the images that I lifted from a dope-ass theme song appropriately called Let Me Explain Theme Song with Erick Sermon, Snoop Lion, and Method Man (see the video below the images):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kevin Hart 1

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kevin Hart 2

Video for the theme song:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Yea a quick illuminati reference is in the trailers after the movie Kevin hart runs into his dressing room with a white jacket on and then he comes out wearing all black……….

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