Kendrick Lamar, SZA and All the Illuminati Stars

Kendrick Lamar and SZA teamed up for a song called “All the Stars.” In this video I found a very subtle symbol worth pointing out because it references a very esoteric concept we need to become familiar with…


In terms of ancient religions and occult practices, the system of Kabbalah has become one of the most relevant in modern times. This ancient philosophy came from the Jewish communities of southern France and spread further out into various splintered ideas.


One of which is the idea that Kabbalah teaches us the story of man’s fall. The philosophers thought that if God was good; why would there be pain and suffering in our world? They believe that evil still exists to this day because it was from a previous creation via the chaos of creating our universe. The practitioner of the Kabbalah could redeem these evil powers through the practice of traversing the Tree of Life.


SZA is a curious artist and she’s given us symbolism of the “Illuminati” in past efforts (like the Grammys):

Sacred Geometry

In the video All The Stars there is clearly the symbol representing the Kabbalah Tree of Life on the forehead of SZA.

What could she be telling us with this?…

Well, it is probably what it indicates; practice of the Kabbalah! We’ve seen celebrities taking up this system such as Ariana Grande who got the “72 Names of God” tattooed on her finger in Kabbalistic tradition:


72 Names of God tattoo on Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande and the Kabbalah Tree of Life in her video “Break Free”


All of these subtle symbols are part of the Revelation of the Method. They are slowly indoctrinating us to become familiar with and eventually practice these esoteric doctrines.

Kenneth Anger is a prominent occultist that is infamously referenced as one of the earliest influencers of MTV and its music videos; so it seems his traditions are still ebbing through the subconscious of the masses via entertainment.

All of these entertainers are influencing us on subtle levels but most are unaware…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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