Ke$ha “C’mon” video Illuminati symbolism breakdown


Ke$ha was off to a good start with her album, “Warrior” which had a hit single “Die Young” until the Sandy Hook shootings occurred. At that point she had Die Young taken off the airwaves and now she’s got a single to fill the void called “C’mon.” In it we don’t find near the Satanic imagery of her past video for Die Young, but there is a key finding I hope to shed light on (since I haven’t seen this anywhere else; consider this one an exclusive for

The video follows suit to Kreayshawn’s Go Hard, Lil Wayne/Big Sean’s My Homies Still, Borgore ft. Miley Cyrus’ Decisions and Taylor Swift’s performance at the Illuminati fueled MTV Music Awards. They all feature the prominent use of these life sized mascot, Disneyesque, plush characters. At first I thought this was related to the sexual fetish of “furries” or “plushies” where people get off from wearing this stuff, but it just hit me today as I was watching this new Ke$ha video as to why it’s done.


(*UPDATE* James Franco has a new music video (yes, that James Franco) with a satanic ritual and we see more of these animals:

I read a book called Fast Food Nation and in it, the author discusses how McDonald’s started this entire marketing strategy of making commercials aimed directly at children. The cereal makers would do the same thing, as do the toy makers. They do this for a few reasons. One, is that they know the kids will nag until they fulfill this false desire of needing this product. Two, and most importantly, it is done so that you can have a life-long customer. The kids will always associate their fond childhood memories of their product, and come back to it their entire lives.

The Illuminati is “selling” these artists to children now.

It all makes sense to me as to why all these videos featured these ridiculous characters. I was shocked to hear a young girl that I know talk about Nicki Minaj and how she listens to her, and I thought, holy crap, she’s awfully young to listen to Minaj. Hell, Minaj is just short for menage a trois and her lyrics support the name choice. So that is why we are seeing these plushies/furries in all these videos; the Illuminati wants to get their symbolism baked in nice and early, so that as the child grows older they can assault their five senses with images of Satan, Freemasonry, etc.

So let’s take a look at the Ke$ha video:


We got the furries, not to mention one is an owl (like Moloch or Ba’al- seen in the Drake HYFR video)


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 1


More furries:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 3

Finally, here’s really the only thing besides the furries that I noticed. This store owner is getting attacked by the gang as you can see he’s crouching down in a defensive stance:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 4

And then Ke$ha performs some kind of magic on him and turns him into a cat. Notice the over abundance of crosses all over the background and such. It seems to be a subtle jab at Christianity:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 5

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha cmon 6

Here’s the video to take a look for yourself:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. There is a teenmagazine cover of her, from this month, that portrays her holding a kitty like the one in your last screencap, it reads “The wild child of music shows her soft side” or something akin..

    I think that this imagery represents how she turns christian retractors, to whom she is stealing “bubble gum” into innofensive pets, putting her avobe their christian powers.

    The lyrics are ambiguous as well, how about: “gimme some of that, yum yum like a lollipop”…
    she is obviously talking about the @#$%. She says it in a childish voice, children can relate to.. it is sugestive like that, she could make a great idol for sexually active teens.. wait, she already is.

    The kitty thing is interesting, she teased the christians with her last videos with all the anti-christian imagery and illuminati symbolism, now she is turning her “enemies” into pets..

    She is stealing children with her music and videos and turn their parents into pets… in the lines of that PINOCCIO story, where kids get corrupted and turned into donkeys… there is this same shape shifting hex and the cautionary tale of young minds corruption and debauchery.

    A friend of mine who was part of “the family” or “family x” told me how they used to play them PINOCCIO without the fun parts and when they get turned into donkeys… They were sexually active kids involved in intergenerational relationships, most of them inside of the cult, and warranted through carefully crafted imagery such as the holly spirit represented by a sexually desirable woman with which the cult leader and kids could have sex with..

    This videos do not use christian symbols in other way than the classic antagonist way, in that regard they are straight forward and not mascarading their intentions beyond the furry animals (which are compelling to kids).. But I can still find this sort of hidden agenda behind the messages transmitted.

    Interesting how a society so medieval about teenage sexuality have this sweet tooth for media like this, it talks of that double morale a la Victorian Morality. USA has a pedo hysteria going on, while at the same time its media is OVERSEXUALIZING kids…

    Having said that, I love this song, its quite fun, I would party with kesha. lol.

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    what the hell is wrong with you how dare you acuse me and my alies of worshipping the devil.
    if you worship the devil you should kill yourself and i know for one thing young money cash money and billionares are not devil worship the devil.

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  3. talking about kesha um she says in one of her songs that she has got jesus on her neckulace how does this relate?

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    • It’s a blatant mockery of Christ and Christianity. These singers are obsessed with taking jabs at Christ, God and the Bible. No other religion gets more abuse.

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