Ke$ha 2nd ‘Die Young’ video Satanic and Illuminati symbolism


Ke$ha released a second version of her video for Die Young and I posted about the first video she released for this song back in October and her X Factor performance with its own symbolism. But now, curiously enough she has dropped this new video with a ridiculous amount of satanic, occult, Freemason and Illuminati symbolism. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

The video has a flurry of symbolism in the first twenty seconds. Pyramids are found throughout the whole damn video:


That classic all seeing eye thing, accentuated with a ring of the same theme:

Skull and Bones, Freemasonry symbolism:


We’ve seen the skull and bones at the Yale secret society of the same name, but I’ve also showed it in the Illuminati symbolism of Transformers films post:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Transformers Illuminati Skull and Bones 33 Degree


You can see ‘EVIL’ posted on the side of the car as it flashes by real quick:

You’ll also notice a ton of inverted, satanic crosses. This one is a two-fer ‘cuz we get one embedded inside of a triangle. In the book Lords of the Left-Hand Path, Stephen Flowers, Ph.D. explains how the Hindu left-hand pathers (often times conflated with Satan worshippers) use the power of inversion:


What is important here is the left-hand -path technique or philosophical model of inverting or reversing natural processes through the power of will and consciousness . By being able to reverse natural “flow patterns”— be they subjective (in the body) or objective (in the world)— practitioners of the left-hand path demonstrate or exercise their independence from the natural universe. In doing so, they establish what is divine in their individualities (jivatman). This would seem to be the central philosophical and magical statement underlying the machinations of the tantric semen cult.


The video features Ke$ha being rolled out as a new Saturn sacrifice with the colors of Saturn black and red. I go into further detail on the importance of Saturn and cube symbolism in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube post:

The cube is merely the three dimensional version of the four-sided square, which corresponds to the physical realm and material world; yet another link to the cube being the building block of nature (with ‘nature’ being the material world). We can also logically see that the number four is represented in many forms of our established world. There are the four seasons, the elements (air, fire, earth, and water), signs of the zodiac, cardinal directions, and countless other places.


Upside down, inverted pyramid. Inversion is a key satanic theme, everything gets reversed.

More one eye trickery:

Back to the plot line, we saw Ke$ha being rolled out as the new Illuminati princess with the black and red, but now we see her inside of the church with the satanic pentagram in the back:

Now there is a ritual done inside of a stone circle:


After the ritual we see Ke$ha in what appears to be a white angel wing outfit. Perhaps this means she has been sacrificed during the ritual, I mean, the song is called ‘Die Young.’

The cult/group takes her sacrificed body:

Sacrifice happens on the full moon; more occult symbolism. The ancient religions believed the goddesses were represented by the moon and they called them moon goddesses. The name Diana (or Selene) means ‘moon’ and supposedly that is why Princess Diana was sacrificed in the Pont D’Alma tunnel in Paris (‘Pont D’Alma’ is supposed to mean ‘passage of the moon goddess’):



Here’s another All Seeing Eye (read more about the Eye in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture post):


And in case you doubted there were some Freemasonry symbolism links, at the end of the video, Ke$ha is about to get shot down by the federalies for whatever reason and you can see her masonic apron:


Check out the aprons:

Shaq Freemason apron



And at the end she does the throat cut motion with her hand, which is performed in Freemason initiation rituals to solidify their allegiance to the secret society. They openly accepted that their lives would end (by the hands of the group, I presume) if they revealed any of the secrets:


The symbolism is so over the top that it appears to be a publicity stunt of sorts to get attention. While it could be possible that it is in fact just trying to get it to go viral, it could also be that the Illuminati knows they can actually throw these symbols out and nobody will think anything about it. It’s already been exposed and most people already don’t believe it, so what’s the harm in just being over the top with it? David Icke explains in ‘Remember Who You Are’ that these symbols are an expression of a vibrational energy (sort of like how blue and red are not actual colors, they’re just vibrational energies that we decode). If you believe that energy flows where attention goes, then the more we focus on the pyramids, all seeing eyes, etc., the more this malevolent source can harness our energies.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page for more resources that will help unfold the conspiracies all around us.

-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I find it interesting as of today 12.18.2012, Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ has been slowly (but significantly) pulled from the airwaves in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy.


    My immediate feeling was the song had an essence of predictive programming as it was already cited out for such strong visual cues by numerous sites. In my search for shared perspectives, I found this one tumbler post (below) of someone (pre-Sandy Hook) who hated the hook of the song but opened up to the possibility that this was something bigger (not that she actually knew but her management in it’s timing of audio/ video release, amount of airplay, scheduled line up in award shoes and ad banner push on youtube.) The song lyrics would definitely be in line with the Hunger Games indoctrination of the masses ease/ acceptance of our prenatural horror of the death of children

    “Okay, maybe I am just getting old but when I party I want to have a good time, whether I decide to party ‘hard’ or not. But the idea that I should party like I’m gonna die young is really stupid to me. You should party just the same whether you’re going to die young or die old, it really shouldn’t matter. I get it, it’s a song but her constantly repeating that “we’re gonna die young” almost sounds like she knows something that we don’t. I could just be paranoid.”

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  2. Now 12.19.2012, two reports of Ke$sha’s twitter feed reports of her reluctance to record the song in the first place.

    Ke$ha just tweeted, she understands why her song is now inappropriate, adding, “I had my very own issues with “die young” for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.”

    When visiting her twitter feed to verify that she would write something as dangerous as FORCED TO, I could not find the original tweet but the one that comes up is much more politically correct and was cited as coming after in one of the reports. ( I am not a twitter person so maybe that is how it works, the latest tweet on a topic gets buried or I don’t have full access to view). Was it deleted on purpose and by who?

    “I’m so so so sorry for anyone who has been effected by this tragedy.and I understand why my song is now inappropriate. words cannot express.”

    Her expressions are quite bold as it raises so many questions that we (all interested in these topics) are asking. Who is forcing her and rarely does an artist express those sentiments. They usually tout the idea that they have free expressive artistic control over their videos and often use that as a defense when confronted with allegations to the contrary… for ex. when she noted that she just loved symbols when making the video.

    To go further into the labrynth with this one, her video release came with an immediate twitter age urban myth rumor of her possible death..RIP Ke$sha tweets etc. There is something fishy. The sinister content and overload of images of sacrifice (her own) in the video are unsettling. Now, with her courageous outspoken (if not brief) admission that she was not in line with signing it in the first place. I also try to look at the possibility that it could be her deflection from taking ownership as the complete other side of the coin. My concern is that when an artist does make one step outside the line, something happens to them. I am not a huge Ke$sha fan, nor of POP music in general but I am beginning to feel a great amount of compassion for them as I delve deeper into these topics. If something did happen to her, the logic on predictive programming could be unsettlingly true.

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  3. Great article… How about doing some research before posting more of your delusions for all world to see.
    Reversed cross is not a satanic icon, nor is a pentagram. You can thank a music band from the 70’s for that.
    The upside down cross: after getting caught by the Romans and sentenced to die on the cross St Peter asked that he be crucified upside down because he deemed himself not worthy to be crucified in the same manner as his lord, Jesus. Upside down cross means exactly the opposite of what you think: It means one humbles himself/herself before god.
    The pentagram: is an old Christian symbol that represents the five wounds of Jesus.
    The circle: Pre Christian symbol but also adopted by Christianity, used for protection from evil.
    Illuminati: a group that was created to abolish the strict doctrine of religious oppression and bring knowledge to the masses.

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    • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking about.

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  4. illuminati is s0mething true..its time to WAKE UP… Me and my friends made s0met very important disc0verys ab0ut the bible ,we would like to share with the world…we will open a facebook page soon with all of them … I just h0pe that the world believe it.. We cant let those things affect us,the churchs lie to us..

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  5. dear friend it seems that u have not noticed the upside down crosses in background of scenes that Ke$ha wears what appears to be a white angel wing outfit . watch it again plz

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  6. I was watching the movie Battleship…In the movie which also has Rihanna, known also to have illuminati connections…I saw the symbol you have posted on this page, it’s in the fifth photo….from the top down on your Ke$ha page.
    It’s located in the scene with the billboards in JAPAN.. TOP LEFT SIDE. I would have given a counter location but this was an on Demand movie.
    The stuff is everywhere. Time for sleep is over.

    pyramid inverted cross

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  7. I got a very nice printscreen of the video, that you wanna post!

    where can I send it to 😉

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  8. To the person talkn bout st Peter, sorry bro but regardless Catholicism is based off of pagan beliefs and babalonian teachings. That doesn’t exactly help your cause. Tha video is satanic. Plain and simple. Everybody needs to wake up. The music industry is trying to make Satanism cool and Christianity a joke. You can like the music but dont defend what u dont understand.

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    • Yep, Illadvized- you are correct. Catholicism is at the very least dirty, lying, and full of its own virtue. It heaps on the backs of those caught up in it the very things that Jesus was against-man made rules, scaring people into doing what the church wants in order “to get to Heaven”, and many, many other unholy doctrines. I can say these things because I was raised and brought up in the Catholic church. We were very strict Catholics-observing their holy days with great reverence, not eating or drinking before Mass on Sundays, going to “confession” to “ease our burdens”, learning their prayers from early on, praying to “saints” for help and guidance, going to CCD classes, teaching CCD classes in our home, believing the lie that the Pope is “infallible”, and many, many other wrong things(according to the Bible itself). And if you cannot see that this video is Satanic, and meant to do harm to those who listen to it, then you are in for one huge, rude awakening. It is “in your face” stuff, one cannot miss all the Satanic images and message. Please, pray for Jesus to show you the truth, and just where this country is headed. Jesus is our only hope-read Revelation. He loves you very , very much. All God’s blessings to you.

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  9. Anything upside down or reversed is indirectly promoting masonic and satanic themes. The pentagram maybe but how often to you relate a pentagram with positive spirituality. Just sayin.

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    • Yes, exactly. The upside down cross is used today to indicate the presence of evil, as well to usher in demonic entities. And yes, Peter in the Bible was crucified upside down, but today this symbol is not used to suggest humility. It is another perversion that Satanists use to show their worship and bond with Satan. And Satan is the master of all lies. He knows where and how to get to people, but he cannot come in where he is not welcome. God gives us protection from Satan when we give our lives to Him. We cannot become possessed unless we ask these demons to come in. And also, Satan cannot read your mind. God does not give him that kind of power. Look unto Jesus who was sent for all of us to bring us close to God- to restore our bond with Him. There is nothing but hope and light with Jesus. He is the source of all truth.

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