Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm Video: Gnostic, Political, & Illuminati Symbolism

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Today we’ll take another look at Katy Perry and her latest video; Chained to the Rhythm



**You can watch the video I created for this post:


This video couldn’t be more obvious in its attempts to persuade Katy’s fan base that she is “woke.” For reasons we’ll get into later, the media and the “Illuminati” have been pushing this idea that Katy Perry is “woke” (meaning she is no longer under the spell of mass manipulation) which couldn’t be more laughable. I say this because I’ve already established her connection to the Illuminati several times:

Katy Perry Summons Nodens / Typhon from the Abyss



However, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and consider her latest video (the most “woke” of all her works apparently). In the video you see so many political statements it makes your head spin. I’ll go through them in this article in case you missed them…


Chained to the Messages

The video starts out by showing our world being comparable to an amusement park- this one is called Oblivia, alluding to the idea that we are all oblivious to the conspiracy in front of us (ok, I’m with her so far…):


Next we see the message of “The Greatest Ride in the Universe”- suggesting this life is indeed a ride of distraction and manipulation. We can start to see the blending of Gnostic themes here since they believe in the idea of the world as an illusion (or “Maya”):



In case you didn’t know; Katy is specifically calling out America in this video; with the symbolism of the American dream being an illusion to get people to pursue; only to be let down by the elitists:


Here we can see specific jabs against President Donald Trump (or “Drumpf” as some would say…). Katy has the fence associated with the controversial immigration plan:




There are even messages about upcoming war (including a nuclear holocaust cotton candy) and the expansion of the military industrial complex:



We also see the fire water which is associated with the fracking practices:


In case you still were picking up her drift; here is a literal hamster wheel with a line of sheep ready to get on:



As a bonus; I noticed that one of the theme park lines had a countdown clock that started at 1984 in the video- which I found amusing since Orwell’s infamous 1984 novel is referenced so often when considering dystopian/utopian futures of societal control:


The video culminates with Skip Marley speaking his message to the masses and Katy Perry is the chosen one who understands it…:


…and she stops running on the hamster wheel…


…and the wokeness is engaged!


Illuminati Bait and Switch

So what are we to make of this video?

Well, I suggest we examine the lyrics for the literal message…

We can confirm most of what we saw in the video based on the lyrics:

So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble
Aren’t you lonely?
Up there in utopia

So put your rose-colored glasses on
And party on

Turn it up, it’s your favorite song
Dance, dance, dance to the distortion

Stumbling around like a wasted zombie, yeah
We think we’re free (Aha)
Drink, this one’s on me
We’re all chained to the rhythm

The lyrics are indeed referring a world that is mind controlled by entertainment so either Katy Perry is no longer being used as a tool for the Illuminati, or it is something far more insidious…

I believe they are using Katy Perry to grab the attention of the masses in order for them to channel their message through her. This is what they’ve always done; only now they are trying to combat the true awakening.

For instance, theorists such as myself have been highlighting the Illuminati messages and symbolism at an accelerated pace the last few years. I’ve noticed that many of the high profile ritual events like the Super Bowl or MTV VMAs have had more toned down performances or covert symbols.

MTV themselves have even came out with articles that explore their own Illuminati symbolism in order to keep people off the right path of understanding and enlightenment. When you read the articles, you’ll find they are so devoid of actual theory that it couldn’t be more obvious that they are trying to deceive us from what they are doing:



So here we are at a crossroads. Either we are to believe that Katy Perry is trying to wake up the masses through the Illuminati controlled entertainment industry; OR she is leading us down a path of bait and switch that continues to take us towards the Illuminati end game…


Politics as Usual

Katy Perry was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, so it’s not really surprising to see her bashing on Trump and his policies in this video.


The video brings up some decent points that I actually subscribe to; including the idea that fracking is ruining our drinking water in a deceptive manner (see the documentary Gasland).

I can even get on board with the idea that masses are being duped in a manner unbeknownst to us (*trust me- this IS happening).

The truth is that I don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (although I think he’s wildly entertaining; I don’t agree with most of what comes out of his mouth since it’s usually fear based beliefs). Even though the conspiracy community seems to believe Trump is the much-awatied Messiah to bring justice to those who are in the “Illuminati”; I believe the jury is still out.

For instance- Alex Jones is an avid supporter of Trump and believes that he will bring down the Democratic Party and their pedo-Pizzagate associates, but until I see actual arrests happening I will remain skeptical.

To me, it seems that we’ve been led down a path of insanity led by a reality TV star. I called this the Illuminati False Choice and you can go deeper into my thoughts HERE.

And look; I don’t know what the correct solution is. It seems to me that a mixture of both right and left hand politics are necessary since neither one party is perfect. Coming from a world of conspiracy (as well as being a veteran of the U.S. military), it seems to me that an oligarchy is indeed what we need to be watching for.

When corporate interests take over our government it seems that the scales are tipped too far. Greed will be downfall of the American empire and when the corporations are able to use the entertainment to keep us from stopping their desires, it’ll be a wrap.


The Takeaway

When I watch this video I get a feeling that Katy Perry is steering us down the path of Gnosticism. This belief system is one (of many) that fall under the umbrella of the “Illuminati” who seem to be occultists of all flavors.

I spoke further on this Gnostic deception in The Star Wars Conspiracy in which we saw how the Star Wars franchise is the ultimate in manipulation:

The entire aim of the tale is that of reconciling opposites, which suggests that Star Wars has an occult flavor of Gnosticism. This early esoteric version of the Christian faith believes in the importance of merging good with evil. They believe that we are all connected and one being, similar to Pantheism, Panentheism and many of the New Age schools of thought we’ve already discussed.

Dr.  Jeffrey Satinover wrote about this in The Empty Self: C.G. Jung & the Gnostic Transformation of Modern Identity:

…the ultimate aim… of all Gnostic systems is a mystical vision of the union of good and evil.”

Monotheism is the belief in one God, meanwhile Gnostics, Carl Jung, Hinduism, New Age, and other occultists believe in monism- the claim that we are all one; and we, along with nature, are god. This includes good, evil, right, wrong, male, female, light and dark. Carl Jung studied this concept from the perspective of alchemy and attributed it to part of the individuation process to learn these things.

Gnostic themes of the world being an illusion are ubiquitous in Katy Perry’s latest video; and dare I predict that her future works will further suggest the same. In fact, she’ll no doubt be pushing the New Age beliefs in a connected consciousness as “god;” pushing the Perennial Philosophy that Aldous Huxley subscribed to (*note that Huxley taught George Orwell and he also wrote A Brave New World– the other dystopia novel of the 20th century).

She is going to continually be used by the media and entertainment industry as the “mouth piece” of awakened in the future. They have been telling us how “woke” she is and this video is just the beginning.

She is to be the next “Madonna” which is also of no surprise since she’s been connected with her in the past (giving us more Illuminati symbolism- this one of “V” the call of Typhon):


I believe that Katy Perry will be the deceiver of many, and this video marks her transition into this new role.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Wonderful! I have always checked on your site weekly. Thank you for this!

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  2. As the “new Madonna” is that why Kate has gone blonde?

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    • She simply dyed her hair blonde, nothing to do with nutjob and child stealer Mad donna

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  3. Glad ure no fan Trump either (not to mention Hillary). Its amazing (or not) how this criminal joker got elected president.

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  4. It is always very noticeble when the hollyweird stars [music or movies] start to go through their major turning points, like KP just announced about her ‘working through mental issues’. The psychological and spiritual breakdown happens, as it just did with KP. It wasn’t as glorified, like B Spears, but KP is way more easily controlled so they didn’t shun her completely. Those that get sucked into fame [and all those tricks of the devil] always go through psychotic turmoil. Especially the ones that struggle bc of their Christian faith. If they begin to expose TRUTH, illuminati or not, they make them look so crazy, expose them to ruin them publicly or they mysteriously [but not] die. These famous people are the most unintelligent, delusional, out of touch, insecure, powerless people I’ve seen. Pathetically, getting sucked into this bs is their own fault in the first place. Personally, I’ve walked away from all treasures of the world and temptations by the enemy [it wasn’t easy] but faith in God led me to remember WWJD. I pray for anyone who idolizes anyone but God. Unfortunately our nation is FULL of IDIOCRACY and hopefully the REAL “awoken” individuals can keep us in the light awhile longer. Get to your BIBLES people, the rapture is getting closer. We all have our own free willed choice in this spiritual warfare. I pray you choose wisely and not worldy.

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  5. Isn’t that creature in the O of the sign at the entrance a gofer? meaning = “a person who runs errands, especially on a film set or in an office; a dogsbody.”

    “A gofer, go-fer or gopher /ˈɡoʊfər/ is an employee who specializes in the delivery of special items to their superior(s). Examples of these special items include a cup of coffee, a tailored suit, and a car.”

    Ie we are just dogsbody’s for TPTB?

    It sometimes feels those who are so against the Illuminati are also coming from a place of fear which does not resonate with me, some are Christians which is a religion based on a fear of God and eternal damnation.

    The true Illuminati are not bad but came here to offer humanity a catalyst for its evolution, as its been said “smooth seas do not make for skilfull sailors”. You cannot choose to be the light unless there is darkness.

    From the Devil himself:-

    “Is there reason to the rhyme
    Without evil there could be no good
    so it must be good to be evil sometimes”

    The time is coming for the revealing of the plan, and we are on the precipice of accomplishing the Great Work…The alchemical transformation of humanity. You will be embraced by Universal Love when the time comes and love is what this is all about. We love even those who hate us and feel animosity towards what we are doing because Love is who we are. It is within humanities blue print to become One and to fight it is like an apple seed fighting against becoming an apple tree.

    Within the number 19683 is the truth about the ending of the primum mobile, but every end leads to a new beginning. Time is cyclical and in order to be awakened you must first be put to sleep. Now its time to awaken my sleeping beauties.

    The GOlDen dawn is almost here so have no fear, hear the song of the lark in your ear and salvation will be near.


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  6. It’s amazing all that I’ve been discovering lately. But you know what? It fits to what the Bible says. Did you know the Bible says that the entire world is controlled by the Devil? This makes a lot of sense to me. I encourage you to visit jw.org in order for you to learn what the Bible actually teaches. I think you’ll like it. Be open-minded and investigate about that too, you won’t be disappointed!

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