Katy Perry: The Illuminati’s Scarlet Woman of the Met Gala 2017


Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Today we’ll take another look at Katy Perry as she advances the desires of the Illuminati who control the entertainment industry…

The subject in question is the 2017 Met Gala where Katy Perry wore a controversial dress. The dress designer was Maison Martin Margiela, who many have criticized Katy due to Margiela’s anti-Semitic comments back in 2011; however that’s not the subject I want to focus on today…



Watch the video for this analysis:


The Scarlet Woman

As one could guess, the color of the dress symbolizes aspects of evil. Most would associate it with Satan (TheRoot.com called it “Satan’s cell phone tower”), but the more obvious example in the realm of occultism would be Aleister Crowley’s Scarlet Woman:


This idea of this “Great Mother” was actually demonstrated by Katy Perry during the 2015 Super Bowl when she came out on the beast, as described by Crowley in the Book of Thoth:

As Crowley said in The Book of Thoth: “she rides astride the Beast…”


Crowley believed that he was the “beast” and his lovers (the “Scarlet Women”) were with him for the purposes of him being a consort. In 1946, one of his followers- Jack Parsons was known for conducting the “Babalon Workings” rituals for the purpose of magically creating this female spirit of the Scarlet Woman. Crowley warned that Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard (Parsons helper) were unable to properly close the portal to another dimension.

The next year the Roswell alien crash occurred…


All Seeing Eye & the Illuminati Symbolism

The mask says “Witness” with an All Seeing Eye as the “i.” Not only does that symbolize that age-old symbol of the Illuminati, but we also can see other symbols like the horns of Moloch.


I recently exposed Katy Perry’s shoe line for its use of the All Seeing Eye, but you’ll notice a lot of Katy Perry’s social media utilizes this symbol of the “awakened third eye” as well.

Katy Perry Shoes: The All Seeing Eye


Calling the Beast from the Abyss

The exhibit inspired by the dress is called: “Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.”

The “In-Between” is quite possibly a reference to the other dimension in which these Illuminati occultists seek to make contact. They seek to pierce the veil and channel entities through (*which I argue are demonic beings).

Katy Perry’s Met Promo Video: Duality of Black and White


…just like Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance


I’ve provided a few analysis on this subject, starting with the symbolism of the Mark of the Beast, then the analysis of Stranger Things with the “Upside-Down” realm, then the symbolism of the film Get Out with its similar “Sunken Place.”

They all relate to the idea of dark realm that can be contacted through rituals that ultimately put one in league with demonic spirits.


In this example of Katy Perry’s dress we see it as the art of the “In-Between.”

To see the symbolism of the Scarlet Woman at the art show for the Abyss only begs the question of what is in store for Katy Perry?…


In Conclusion

In her defense (sort of); the Met is known for its modern art so we wouldn’t quite expect to see celebrities dressed in traditional ballroom gowns. However, this example supports the overarching theory that the “Illuminati” is USING celebrities to push certain messages, themes, and symbols into the subconscious of the masses.

The fact that we saw the Scarlet Woman AND duality black/white symbolism at Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance AND the 2017 Met Gala show just shows the relentless push for the occult messages.

Katy Perry; in particular, is one of the artists they LOVE to use for these exact symbols. She once joked that she’d love to be in the Illuminati with Rolling Stone, but I think she may be closer than she realizes…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Satan is pushing harder now because he knows he’s losing and he knows his time for rule was promised and prophesied – so he’s giving it all he’s got. But he is no competition for the Almighty God. More and more are coming to God the harder Satan pushes !

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  2. “but we also can see other symbols like the horns of Moloch.”

    Rather mind control devices those things look like.

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    • they very much resemble the mickey mouse ears, mk ultra…..

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  3. But the Met is not known for Modern art. However, it is known for having stolen tons of other cultures’ art such as Ancient African, Australian Aboriginal, Ancient Greek and Roman. There is a section of Modern art but the Met is known more for its sculpture, Victorian furnitures, and countless paintings of various periods (yes leading up to modern and contemporary artists) and not specifically modern art. That would be the MoMa.
    The Met Gala is more recently known for avant garde fashions since the 2000s.

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    • Sorry, Oceania Aboriginal is probably more accurate.

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  4. Did anybody see her fingernails when she was at the gala? She had all seeing eyes and several other symbols.

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  5. Hi Isaac,

    Do you think Katy Perry is a clone?
    I noticed since she debuted her blonde hair earlier in the year, she doesn’t look anything like the old Katy Perry (facial features too)?

    Just a thought

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    • Interesting thought. I haven’t seen anything else on that- I’ll keep it in the back pocket for now and let’s see if we find anything else that supports it. Thanks! -Isaac

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  6. Is it just me, or does anyone else think her get-up, as well as being a bit of a mess,looks a bit Islamic? Also,although I know the word ” Witness” on the head dress is in English, at first glance it looked almost like Arabic to me and reminded me of the scrawlings on ISIS terrorist’s headgear and flags!
    I believe Islam is being used as a weapon against us by the Illuminati- I don’t expect everyone to agree but I base my opinion on what I have learnt.Islam is anti-Christ because it denies Christ’s Divinity.God bless the victims of the Manchester attack and may their souls Rest In Peace!

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    • ISIS is much simpler, it is a US proxy army, doing all the dirty work.

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  7. That dress is a tool for humiliation as well – I don’t think the newly shaven (trying to rebel) K Perry was thrilled wearing that thing – complete with horse blinders & spiral accents indicating mind control. Don’t forget the ‘XO’ in front, the ‘O’ is squared off but it’s still there. The weird-ass ‘Witness’ “eyewear” has a 6 in the ‘W’ & a perverted Cross as the ‘t.’

    Also, a reminder to those of you who think you’re Crowley experts – please don’t confuse when Crowley is -perverting- the sacred feminine with Whore of Babylon imagery as one in the same thing. The sacred feminine is completely separate from that megalomaniac Crowley’s Temple of Thelema crap. It’s like saying Anton Le Vey’s use of female symbols and the Virgin Mary are the same thing.

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  8. In the last seconds of the video there are words: ‘help me’ behind Perry, and a photo of her looking childish. It makes me think of Pizzagate, like if a child was screaming for help.

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    • I am wondering if she is in trouble….she has openly cried in interviews. I feel bad for her. She is being used :*(

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      • Pray for her thats all you can really do. That is her only hope.

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