Katy Perry “Never Really Over” Illuminati Symbolism

Katy Perry is back with a new video called Never Really Over, which is a reference to her allegiance to the ‘club’- you can’t get out. The lyrics to the song suggest it’s about a relationship with a lover, but the symbols in the video tell a different story.

Let’s break down the symbols hidden in plain sight…


*Big ups to Annette!

Evolving Katy Perry

The video shows us a pagan spring fantasy as Katy and friends dance in nature:

You’ll notice the spiral makes itself known here because it’s an important symbol of occult thinking. It represents the evolution of man and we JUST talked about this on my latest podcast in reference to Ari Aster’s upcoming film Midsommer:

If you haven’t listened to that episode- check it out here on the player:

Listen to “The Perfection, Aladdin, Dave Mustaine’s Satanic Pacts & Dan Aykroyd’s Aliens!” on Spreaker.


Manifesting Energy

Katy and friends later stand in the field and make the infamous Jay-Z Roc Diamond symbol:

This symbol comes up in SO many places outside of Jay-Z influence; and it’s for good reason:

It represents the occult magician’s desire to manifest energy. This is referred to as the “Triangle of Manifestation.”


In Conclusion

Katy Perry isn’t the only one to incorporate occult imagery in her works- it’s extremely common these days.

The bigger question is WHY are they doing it?…


Does Katy Perry understand what it means?…

I’d argue that she doesn’t. I think her handlers do and they make her use the imagery to spread awareness to the masses. This is referred to as the ‘magnetic chain’ which I speak about in The Dark Path. Handlers are doing this as part of their “Great Work” to satisfy a higher calling to instill Luciferian ideas into the masses.

Everyone should be equipped to understand why this new world order is happening because the saturation of occult energy is easily spotted all around us…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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