Katy Perry is Summoning the Beast of the Abyss

I’ve been ragging on Katy Perry for years now, but she keeps adding fuel to the fire so I’m gonna keep on trucking.

She’s in a photo shoot for Wonderland magazine in which the public is in a frenzy because she is “blonde and unrecognizable” yet they are overlooking the most devastating repercussions of what is going on with the subtle occult symbolism…


First, let’s do a little background info so I don’t appear crazier than I am. Katy Perry was the Illuminati Goddess of the 2015 Super Bowl and that was the big piece of the puzzle that suggested that she had more occult symbolism in store for us (given that we saw all sorts of aliens and Whore of Babylon symbolism):


Take note of the ‘V’ shape over her one eye; that will be important later.

Next, I noticed that she was doing all sorts of weird stuff in her Prismatic tour concert show; like crying for help:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Teenage Dream HELP ME

She would also show us the Illuminati Mark of the Beast during that show (which will be important later as well):

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour Mark of the Beast X

One last piece of “evidence” to talk about was the magazine called “V” magazine in which she was on the cover with Madonna (the queen of Kabbalah and the occult). Notice the shape of her hand in the Triad Claw which is also in the “V”:


Now that we’ve got the foundation, let’s get back to this Wonderland photo shoot. One of the images suggests she is pushing the Illuminati Vow of Silence (aka the silence trigger):

Katy Perry vow of silence Wonderland

(*side note: that really doesn’t look like Katy Perry- maybe the Internet is right for once!)

Now let’s get to the image that I really want to talk about (which you’ll notice she has red hair- like the Scarlet Whore of Babylon which supports the reason we saw her riding in on a beast during that 2015 Super Bowl performance):

Katy Perry V All Seeing Eye Call of Typhon Nodens

You’ll notice the “V” over her eye; showing us two great pieces of Illuminati symbolism. First, we’ve got the All Seeing Eye which I’ve explored exhaustively here on IlluminatiWatcher.com in the past. Here are just some images of the All Seeing Eye from Ms. Perry:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour All Seeing Eye 666

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry All Seeing Eye Vow of Silence cover girl WO

Katy-Perry-Cosmo-Cover-Illuminati-All-Seeing-Eye WO


The significant factor on that image was that she was once again using the “V” symbol. This is the symbol I explained in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast post for its usage in summoning the demons of the Abyss, as Aleister Crowley himself asserted:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Crowley V mark of beast

So you can see, this isn’t a ‘one-off’ incident where she is doing this. She’s done it several times in the past as well (not including the images above I showed you):

Katy Perry Prismatic Tour V Nodens Finale

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Katy-Perry-2 WO

So what do you think? Is she participating in calling upon this demon from the Abyss called “Nodens” or “Typhon”? Or does she just happen to be placing her fingers in the “V” formation over one of her eyes by mere coincidence?

I believe it’s purposeful, and if you don’t believe me, check out my article where I reveal her true past in Is Katy Perry in the Illuminati?… ABSOLUTELY.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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      • Not fair, I sent the link first, lyrics of the “song” included. BTW, the “song” is a fine piece of hatred against men.

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        • I processed my emails in bulk but saw it after the post. We’re starting to synch our brain patterns 🙂

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  1. Abbey Dawn is as u probably know Avril Lavigne’s clothing line. She says its name comes from the fact that her father used to call her like that when she was a child. I rather believe its about “Abbadon”. Her explanation is so stupid it makes u cry. What parent calls his kid this way, really?

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  2. It’s sad because Katy Perry is actually talented, she has the most fans ever and they’re more dedicated than the other stars fans, the illuminati are never gonna let her go because of this.

    It’s all about filling up arenas as no one pays for music anymore.

    Madonna needs to retire now she’s just hijacking other stars to stay relevant.

    I wish I could help these stars, not all of them, as some are happy to be where they are but after Katy’s wide awake video I believe she is monarch programmed.

    I also think that monarch and MK Ultra are different programs. (I know it’s obvious but some say they’re the same).

    I think Monarch programming is meant to be passed on to your offspring just like the butterfly.

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    • With all due respect, I failed to see any talent in Katy Perry, at least she has gone mainstream

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      • She can actually sing compared to other acts.

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      • She’s only mainstream because she sold out. She’s a better writer than anything. Her voice definitely isn’t top-notch.

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    • Katy Perry has the huge fan base BECAUSE of the Illuminati, BECAUSE she’s a sellout, BECAUSE she no longer belongs to herself. Katy is not wealthy and famous because she’s “just a talented singer and performer.” And it’s certainly not because she earned it all. They (the illuminati/elites) decide a lonng time prior as to who they will “create” into “an icon”. THEY DECIDE who will be famous and exactly HOW famous they will end up. The entire music industry is rigged. But in acquiring this fame and fortune, it also comes attached to a very LARGE price tag. Don’t think for one minute that Katy’s fame and fortune was some legitimate rise to the top. She was chosen, groomed and promised all if what being famous has to offer in return for her soul. Her life is no longer her own. Who knows — maybe it was never hers to begin with. The sequence of events isn’t much different from Beyoncé, Rhianna, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Eminem, Ariana Grande, J-Lo, all the biggest, best, wealthiest and most famous stars out there BELONG to the elites — & it’s not just the music industry either, the Illuminati and the rest of the elites have their hooks so deeply embedded and infiltrated into every aspect of our society. They are the ones running the show. And after they’ve (celebrities) completely served their purpose and have exhausted anything and everything that the Elites feel are worthwhile for their agenda, she will be disposed of too. Just like Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, her daughter, Lady Gaga, and the list goes on and on and on and on… I encourage you to do some extensive research on the illuminati and the rest of the elites (incl. the royal family/England — including the Blue bloods, it’s history, agenda, importance, & significance in the societal plans. Also the Rothschilds, history and agenda, incl. the Federal Reserve Banks, the Vatican, and Pope & its significance in societal plans and politics and our severely corrupted government and rigged economy. I would highly recommend Issac’s book too: Sacrifice, Music Behind the Mic — this is a fantastic detailed book on the corruption in the music industry, MKULTRA mind control and a lot more really solid and intriguing information surrounding music icons and celebs. Also, Alex Jones has a pretty good/accurate alternative media channel on YouTube that has and does cover much of the corruption effecting the country today. It’s a decent way to begin learning the mess this country is in. This world is NOT how it is portrayed in the regular news. It’s a disgusting overtake of a a power-hungry and greedy elites. This is all recommendations of information that everyone should know.

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      • Oops there’s a typo regarding the mention of lady Gaga. Her name is mentioned in the wrong spot, she’s not dead or disposed of, but she belongs to “Them.” She was supposed to be mentioned as someone who has sold her soul to the elites.

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    • none of these links work?

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    • Yikes, this is just too obvious

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  3. Oh man that hag maddona again. Notice how she always has her hands covered up nowadays? Because if you see that witch’s hands you realize she is as old as the crypt keeper. And wow are they airbrushing her im sure she has “turkeyneck” like I see on late night infomercials haha

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    • Yeah man, thats true. Just google “madonna hands” and you’ll see that its horribly strange.

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  4. Please stop this idiotic nonsense, you’re wasting internet space on delusional vacuous insanity. You’re wanting me to stab my eyes.

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  5. You can also see her making the Masonic M with her hand in the madonna photo. That’s all-too-common in art for the past thousand years. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

    Basically, you could quite easily create an Illuminati drinking game, having a shot every time you spot a reference… but they want us inebriated, don’t they? Oh, well.

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  6. She has been a known practicer of Transcendental Meditation for years. I repeating sound, supposedly meaning nothing, but with a little research it says that the sound or word repeating is a name of God. Which God, Hindu gods…which came to earth via eggs (spaceships). Loosening up the constraints of the body allows another possession to sometimes occur. I agree with the above, but don’t understand why she has to keep letting people know that she’s possessed. She obviously did this to herself

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  7. You should check out a new song that muse just released called mercy. I spotted a load of Illuminati in the lyrics and the video.

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  8. I’m just saying have you seen rihanna’s anti diary please do that next i have seen so much symbolisims it’s so crazy like she’s summoning something or she’s isis or some

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  9. I kinda resent them using our V sign for Victory for their evil symbols. The Illuminati has been good at stealing Christian symbols and turning them into their evil ones.
    Anonymous used the V for Victory over evil govt in the movie of V.
    Also the TV series of V both times (they have had two series of aliens taking over Earth) it was put on used V as Victory over evil.

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    • The symbol for Victory was first created by Winston Churchill during the NAZI war WWII.

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  10. “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”
    – Marilyn Monroe

    I haven’t commented too much on this site… but just want to say that you are, in my opinion, doing good work – exposing Hollywood’s Dreadful Few. For that, and my grandchildren’s sake, I thank you.

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  11. Hey Isaac
    I would like you to check out something.
    im not very sure, buh I feel its worth checking.
    The Nigerian ‘shoki’ dance is demonstrated by covering one eye, hence the All seeing eye
    could there be any element of truth in this?
    For the originators of the dance seem suspicious tho.
    please reply

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  12. The beast is the ROR Beast banking system, it’s being implemented in another dimension right now, it’s a computer program of the Virgin Mother Mary because Mary is Virgo and Leo is her protector. ROR like roar beast or roar like a Lion or a tiger who actually roars louder than any other animal

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  13. The symbol for Victory was first created by Winston Churchill during the NAZI war WWII.

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