Katie Holmes Trying to Evade Scientologist Processes


This article alleges that Tom Cruise wanted to send Suri to a floating Scientology school called the Sea Organization and subject her to various “sec checking” electrical tests. These tests use and EMP meter of sorts to check for disturbances in your force, sort of. Some wacky stuff…


Also, here’s an article from a person who managed to escape the Sea Org ship. She said she was subjected to similar tests, designed to separate your mind from your body. You have to sign a contract that keeps you in Scientology for a billion years. Relative to eternity, I guess a billion years isn’t all THAT bad, is it?




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It’s MK Ultra mind control programming. They can call it whatever they want but it’s CHILD ABUSE and TORTURE, splitting of the mind into numerous compartments and then inviting demonic entitities into these compartments (aka multiple personalities). This is where all the “stars” in Hollywood and the music industry get their fame and forturne from as well as most of their “talent.”

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