Kanye West’s Short Film “Cruel Summer” Set to Premiere at Cannes

Kanye West is trying his hand at some filming and will be premiering his newest short film on May 23rd at the Cannes film festival. I’d be willing to bet it’s got some sort of Illuminati symbolism in it. I actually love Kanye West’s productions no matter what they are, I think he’s a talented artist, but he’s shown some suspicions of being tied into this Illuminati funded agenda. He got his start with Jay-Z, so there’s strike one. He had his public mini-meltdown when he was doing all that crazy stuff like jumping on stage to promote Beyonce-so that’s strike two and three since Beyonce is tied into this thing. With his new fashion line, DONDA, set to come out, I’m sure he’ll be letting some more of this symbolism out of the bag.

The Illuminati types will surely be directing him to do so in efforts to speak subliminally to our subconscious. Our subconscious directs us on how to think, behave, and respond to stimuli. The conscious thought patterns are only about 10% of the entire picture of how we behave. This is why positive thinking alone won’t provide new cars, fame and fortune like The Secret claims it can. It requires an entire bodily reboot, and with a never ending barrage of symbolism and subliminal messages attacking us from every direction it’s hard to overcome that.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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