Kanye West’s ‘Cruel Winter’ NWO trailer

UPDATE: Supposedly this video was a hoax. So I guess this one’s debunked. Or that’s the official story anyways.

Kanye West and others released the Cruel Summer album, and now there is this cryptic Cruel Winter trailer that released. It features George Bush’s infamous New World Order speech, so either he’s pandering to conspiracy theorists or he’s getting hip to the agenda. Should be interesting. MTV posted a bunch of crap about Cruel Winter, nothing too informative though.

For complete newbies, the New World Order is the agenda the Illuminati/secret societies/Freemasons/elites want pushed through to have complete control over the people. They started this process many years ago, possibly hundreds of years. The idea is to have a prison without bars, as David Icke suggests. Slavery is easier when you don’t tell them.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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