Kanye West “rants” about Illuminati with Sway and Charlamagne


Kanye gets shut down for getting too close to the truth

If you haven’t heard the infamous Kanye West interviews from Novemeber 26th, 2013; you’re in for a treat. I’m not going to post the 3-minute snippet segment because I believe it takes it way too far out of context. The media, hip hop, and pop culture sites have been making a big deal about these interviews, claiming that Kanye was on a “rant” when in reality I think he is starting to hit on the truth. In fact, he kind of predicted this would happen and said it’s not a rant, but a “Visionary stream of consciousness.”

In the past, Kanye has been vacillating between good and evil like Eminem, with his hit songs ranging in values from the ‘good’ Jesus Walks to the more ‘evil’ Monster. To me it seems that he was exposed to the Illuminati power system and went along with it for a time and became a superstar, but now is right up at the doorstep to the billionaire boys club and they’re not letting him in and he won’t stand for it. So here’s an analysis/breakdown/review of what he talked about. Although I highly recommend you listen to both interviews for full context, I’ll just type up the noteworthy highlights.


As an overall guide, he had an overarching message that the elite billionaires run this world, and have manipulated our reality to make the masses enslaved to symbols and false desires of what is important.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kanye West Bound 2 shhh finger


The 1st interview with The Breakfast Club

The first interview he sat down for was on The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God. Kanye said that we are slaves to the Benz symbol (slaves to a symbol, hmm… why does that sound familiar??…). He talks about how we are born as free, creative artists but then held down through social programming and the societal embarrassments that we try to prevent. This is literally the entire David Icke message where he says that the only way you can control the number of people in the world is to program us to police ourselves. The Illuminati can’t possibly throw enough oppression and police force at us to force the change; they instead found a way to make us police our own selves and place us in the prison without bars. He says it best:

We’re controlled by a Nike sign; we’re controlled by peer pressure.”

He talked about the way we’re born as free, creative artists, which echoes my theory that links the Adaptive-Innovation social theory to the Archon demons of the Gnostic religions. The basic claim is that the demons (aka reptilian shape shifters, aka Illuminati) are the Archons referenced in the Gnostic texts and these demons aren’t capable of right-brain creative thinking. They emphasize left-brain thinking which is more about memorizations, material possessions, and violence. Here’s a snippet from my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

The Archons also have a trait for obsessions and rituals, which tie into the Adapters because the far extreme Adapters are uncomfortable with breaking from their routines and what their defined view of the world is. They are fine with repeating, so long as it’s done within their paradigm, just like the ritual would require. The reptilians/Archons are believed to lack creative abilities and must take things that are already in existence, and twist them (this is the refining of a paradigm the Adapters like). The Innovators like to do things differently and shake things up, which would absolutely go against the grain for any Illuminati or elitist types. After all, when you’ve got all the power and wealth in the world, why would you ever want to mess with the formula?



Kanye also said he can affect the culture and society and the people who run the corporations don’t want that to happen. He thinks he can be like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, and that anyone who backs him can be the next Medici Family who backed Michelangelo. The Medici Family was an Illuminati-esque bloodline that ran banks in Europe and sponsored art and architecture (such as Michelangelo). Supposedly the Medici family is still a member of the elite 13 Illuminati families (alongside the more common names like Rothschilds, or Windsors). So perhaps he’s trying to establish a new Illuminati family of his own; disrupting the current system drastically. Theorists that believe in this Illuminati/13 Family stuff also believe that the 13 families fight amongst themselves for power over who controls the Earth, so violence and overthrows aren’t a a new idea. Having a new bloodline that doesn’t have the required reptilian DNA, however, is another story.

At one point Kanye slid a quick one in saying that the rap community “doesn’t have money like the Jewish do.” Yikes, he’s really pushing his luck. Shortly thereafter, Charlamagne says that Kanye isn’t on “his square” which might be him trying to check him and what he’s saying. The ‘square’ is a Freemasonry symbol seen in the compass and carpenter square and has meaning that is used in common language with sayings like ‘fair and square’ which means something is done honest and straightforward. Being square is having all of your angles right, and presumably having your mind right, and the Freemasons also believe it is a sign of Earthly mortality. So when Charlamagne says he isn’t on his square, is he giving a subtle threat?

mason square compass

Kanye likens the music industry to the industrial prison complex

Kanye goes on to say that the music industry is no different than other industries such as coal, newspapers, clothing, electricity, etc. and this is just the “new form of cotton that we’re all picking.” The billionaires run the industries all the same, and the rappers are not invited in. The billionaires “run the world.” Interestingly enough he goes into the comparison of the mental slavery versus the physical slavery (which is part of his New Slaves song theme), and says that the same company who allow the songs that promote guns on the radio, are also the same companies that own the prison industry. I’m assuming that Kanye is referring to the private prison industry known as the Corrections Corporations of America (CCA). These ‘for-profit’ prison industries need minimum occupancy rates and this is supposedly why we still have a war on drugs when it is shown as ineffective.  The sketchy part comes into play online where you can read that the people who own large shares of the CCA were also owners of media and music companies. The name of the music company is omitted (I told you it was sketchy; but to be fair I’ve read that Vanguard Group is a stakeholder of both industries so maybe it’s legit), but there is a whole story of how they were told they’d play along to promote guns, drugs, violence, etc. in order to keep the prisons populated.

Here’s a quote from this unconfirmed letter from WaxPoetics.com:

It was also made clear to us that since these prisons are privately owned, as they become publicly traded, we’d be able to buy shares. Most of us were taken back by this. Again, a couple of people asked what this had to do with us. At this point, my industry colleague who had first opened the meeting took the floor again and answered our questions. He told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons.

Get ready for the anti-Semitism’ish jab #2:

Black people don’t have the same connections as Jewish people

In his defense, all he is trying to say is that poor people don’t have the connections to get hooked up in the game like rich people do. He didn’t say it the right way, cuz there are poor Jewish people too. He’s just trying to subtlety say that the Illuminati families won’t let him get down.

Here’s the Breakfast Club interview:






The 2nd interview; this time with Sway…

So if we switch over to the Sway interview (which is very similar because he almost repeats the same messages word for word; just like Fox News-keep repeating it all day) we can pick up some more interesting tid-bits.

He goes off on how the industry is all messed up and how we’re all slaves to big corporations and whatnot. I guess he went through some struggles trying to get his DONDA brand off the ground. Apparently he didn’t get the Illuminati-pass because they are “classists and controllists.” He says he’s a Christian trying to do good and the fashion industry snubbed him, so that leads me to wonder if he’s on the verge of breaking free. Of course we all know it’s more likely that he’ll try to break free and get smacked down and portrayed as a lunatic or crazy person (which is exactly what happened thus far).

He says we are all combinations of what happened in the past (to be specific he says he’s a combination of Martin and Malcolm), and that we’re also combinations of Disney’s work. “People will be absorbing all of us.” Kanye understands the importance of symbolism and embedding messages through the multifaceted media and entertainment industry. He would know because he’s been there and done that.

While talking about the comparisons with the big Illuminati names (e.g. Disney, Zuckerberg, Google, etc.) he says the NFL “brings Tom Brady up on a cube.” Granted, I don’t watch football and have no idea if he meant this literally or figuratively, but what is odd here is that he is talking about creative/symbolism directions and the people that initiate those directions. The symbolism of the cube is on purpose, as I point out in the Saturn Worship Beginner’s Guide post which has cubes-galore.




He calls out Mark Parker from Nike claiming that they gave him a runaround, right before he claims that Google, Nike, etc. are trying to marginalize him out of the picture. At that point is when it goes off the rails (go to about 17 minutes in if you want to get right to that point). He starts calling out the few names that run entire lines of fashion, and asks who is gonna be the next Medici family (again, some Illuminati stuff).

At this point I don’t know if I’m losing my mind from listening to Kanye’s message for two straight hours, but dude is starting to make sense to me.

Here’s the video for the Sway interview- also notice that they have the Dr. Dre Beast ‘666’ headphones on, maybe that’s why they are so angry  🙂




Sway interviews theorist Mark Dice

To add one more level of complexity to this, Sway interviewed Mark Dice (conspiracy theorist) only a few weeks later after listening to Kanye’s Illuminati talk. Here’s what the Dice man had to say…

Sway tries to make that same old argument about how ‘insignificant’ musicians are and how they would never be behind such a large Illuminati-type movement. Dice makes a good point that rappers and entertainers can make a difference because that is why they are behind so many campaigns (e.g. Rock the Vote, Jay-Z’s clean water deals, etc.). The artists shape and mold the culture; whether for good or bad.

Sway asks for hard proof that these musicians are tied in with the Illuminati and Dice replies with the theory that the musicians are just pawns for the Illuminati (the theory I subscribe to). They show the symbols and such, and the symbols represent power. They all represent the satanic order of the Illuminati.

One caller asks about the symbolism in videos, such as the Roc diamond/triangle sign. Sway tries to say that the artists might just like the diamonds and consider it a sign of success, but Dice corrects him by telling him that it is occult and Freemasonry signs of power. People want the power and wealth and now the artists are acting like they’re in the Illuminati to show ownership of power.

Overall, a pretty good interview, I like that Sway actually gave Dice the opportunity to speak his mind:




UPDATE: Kanye is STILL trying to get the message out

 UPDATE 25SEP2014: Kanye West served off some of his community service hours for getting into a scuffle with paparazzi by providing lectures at the LA Trade Technical College. In said lectures, he apparently kept going in on Illuminati conspiracy theories, as MTV.UK reveals:

He’s obsessed with the Illuminati, so much so that it took over the Q&A he decided to host for the students. “Every time he’d get a question to ask he’d just talk about the Illuminati.”
Kanye Great Seal Illuminati

Since the original post of Kanye’s rant (January 2014) I’ve completed a book about hip hop conspiracy theories where I address Kanye, the industrial prison complex, and how these rappers are subjected to Illuminati ideals in order to get a contract. Click this link to get more details SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You’re giving Kanye WAY to much credit. I think you WANT him to be “breaking free”, because maybe you like his music, but I think he’s just another puppet scumbag.

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    • You idiot, they don’t want us ‘scum’ and even if they asked you to join, you would be used and probably killed off or at least made out to be full of shit. Don’t say such comments, you have no idea of the implications of what you’re saying. Would you kill friends and family just to prove you’re one of them? if not then don’t ask for things like that!

      Post a Reply
  2. At a concert he said “I snucked past the system in a m——–ng pink polo. It’s too late they can’t stop me now.” He also said they pray for the day we don’t like him.

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  3. That’s the beauty of demons; they don’t die so easily, they just keep on coming back, again and again, eons after eons. Humans however, can never compete with IT, and should never try to.

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  4. I’m actually going to pray for Kanye. I think he wavers back and forth on this. I think he got caught up because he’s emotional but then he remembered himself and tried to come back. The temptation will always be there.

    This gives me hope, though. I’ll keep praying for him because he’s one of the last big entertainers calling himself a Christian and talking Jesus.

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  5. Don’t assume because he is black that he is not in the bloodline. The bloodline has many branches outside the 13 families. The difference is the ruling families have a greater percentage of royal blood. But they still look to other bloodline descendants as a preferred talent pool, because it reinforces the idea that royal blood connotes superior abilities and metaphysical power.

    I am pretty sure both Kanye and Jay-Z were chosen and elevated to influence the African-American community because they were in the bloodline, but they are still outside the ruling family elite power structure. How aware they are of what is going on is an open question.

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    • I highly doubt that commoners such as Kanye and Jay-Z have Royal bloodlines – and even if there was a scant droplet somehow (which I strongly doubt) the British and European house do not recognize African houses, with exception to maybe ancient Egyptian and Macedonian, neither area from which these two idiots hale from. Money does not equal Royalty, and New Money is not the same as Old Money.

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  6. While of course I advocate for eating healthily and also being energetic, lots of that waist train have no interest in (or require for)
    losing weight.

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  7. I am a woman over 50 so all this illuminati stuff is new to me. I was reading random stories on Youtube and there was a list of all illuminati slaves from the music business which is also supposed to be ties to satanic rituals,(like the artist signs a contract and if they don’t stick to it they or their children are sacrificed. Well I my head was spinning. I noticed that one of the names on the list was David Bowie. who had just passed away. Then I remembered when a reporter asked Kanye about it, he said Bowie was a big influence on him. Since Kanye was on the list I had read earlier I started going through old Bowie album covers, especially Ziggy Stardust which was release June 16, 1972. The reason I picked this album was because I had read that Bowie was really into the occult and satanic, rituals at the time he was making it. When he talked to people they I guess he sounded a lot like Kanye does to us know. Well what do you know, on the back of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album, Bowies’ standing under a sign that has written on it K. West. The sign isn’t there anymore, just disappeared. Bowie , under the sign, was stand across from a club that all the sixties rockers used to hang but it was originally the very first dance/jazz club ever built in England in 1921. The name, “The Golden Calf”! LOL Talk about worshiping false Idols. Kanye West wasn’t born until June 8, 1977.

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    • Good catch my friend! I’m going to look more into this since I’m a Bowie fan (I even listen to some of Kanye’s music).

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  8. Sounds like the Mandela effect was around long before we realized it. WOW!!!!! Thank God for His Protection!

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  9. In that interview with Sway and Mark Dice, you need to understand that Mark Dice is an insider “Posing like not an insider”. People like him, AJ, Icke are all serving the very purpose of the elite or the Illuminati because they bring the existence of these secret societies into the physical consciousness of this world and by doing that they only make the existence and the power of Illuminati over the rest of the world population more “Believable and Legit”. Mark Dice is a big time hoax himself. Look at his yes and features you’d know. Look harder and deeper.

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  10. The wise people have said, “A person’s face is the index of his / her inner mind and the eyes are the gateways for their energy to get into the outside world, which they can’t control once released.” The mouth on the other hand, is just the opposite of that. So, beware of what comes out of your mouth and goes into, as well as what you SEE from the outside world and what the WORLD can see in your eyes!

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