Kanye Drake Beef: Illuminati Sacrifice and the Music Industry

If you’ve followed my podcast or website you know I have a particular set of interests. I’m referring to the overlap of occultism, conspiracy theories, and the music industry (particularly rap music). I’ve been following Kanye and Drake since they’re rise to fame (I’ve got so many articles I can’t list them here but I’ll provide links throughout and at the end).

It seems Kanye revealed more about Drake then anyone expected on Twitter recently. Find out how this could play into the Illuminati blood sacrifice theories and maybe even the passing of XXXTentacion…


Beef Initiated

It all started on Thursday December 13th, 2018 when Kanye (now “ye”) released what appears to be a request from Drake to release a sample beat.

From what I suspect; Kanye wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the music industry by airing it out and letting people know other rappers are fake. Particularly, he is talking about Drake’s desire to work with him even though on Sicko Mode he was threatening Kanye’s family (we’ll get into that soon).


Family Secrets

Apparently Kanye thinks the beef started because someone said he told Pusha T about his secret offspring.

(*For those not into hip hop; this summer Drake and Pusha T went back and forth with some beef raps which revealed that Drake has a son name Adidon that was kept secret. Kanye did a lot of production on Pusha’s album so he was suspected to be involved.)

Take note to Kanye’s talk about playing industry games. We’ll come back to that also.



Who want the smoke

Kanye alleges that Drake would pay money to have “real” gangsters do a hit.

*Amidst the flurry of tweets Kanye talked about how Drake is all of a sudden trying to be hard.

The reason this is important is because a few hours later Kanye made some interesting comments about how Drake got someone to run up on Pusha T only to get hospitalized. He then compares this to Tekashi69 and XXXTentacion.

As you surely already know, I’ve laid out a theory about XXXTentacion being taken out by Drake on my podcast. This was conjecture with many caveats of “allegedly” to be place within; but the fact remains that X had a beef with Drake, went to IG to talk about how he may be sacrificed, and then was gunned down.



Righteous Entertainment

Kanye then makes some references to how the handlers in media and entertainment desire for these beefs (much like the tragic east vs west feud that ended in Tupac and BIG getting killed).


Take note to the religious undertones; this plays into the idea that there is an actual good vs evil battle being waged behind the scenes.


The MKULTRA Crazy Train

Kanye also made a curious statement about artists being “crazy.”


This is also a defense of his “breakdown” that I analyzed for its Illuminati symbolism on the podcast– trust me you’ll want to listen to this one because it supports this idea that Kanye is floating about music industry control and manipulation of its artists.

Listen- click here

6 Degrees

We find out that Kanye interprets the lyrics from Sicko Mode as a threat to his family (a hit song with Travis Scott- another Illuminati rapper I explored).

Also note the tweet about how they are in the program to f*ck with Kanye West and set him up…

UPDATE: Staying on the Square

After I wrote this article Kanye continued his Tweet storm and dropped this one:

This references the concept of handlers- which we hear about when reading MKULTRA theories. Kanye specifically calls out his handler here from his “TMZ Rant” (I broke that one down too on the podcast).

He also says “Keep squares out yo circle”; a possible reference to Freemasons who incorporate the square as a symbol (e.g. “staying on the square” was something Charlamagne warned Kanye to do back on the first “rant”).



In Conclusion: Symbolism of the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice

It’s clear that there is a battle being waged between Kanye and Drake. The question is if it’s reality or an attempt to sell records.

I believe it to be authentic and I actually listen to a lot of what Kanye West says (minus the MAGA stuff he was on awhile back…). But seriously; he SEEMS to be attempting to reveal an inner truth inside the music industry. We can’t deny the suspicious timing of his “breakdown” against the ominous threat of occult sacrifice of his wife (in the bathtub in Paris).

I talked about this in a previous article examining if Kanye is an alien (seriously- he said he was the “starseed”).

I believe she was the victim of a genuine threat.

Where did this threat come from?… The Illuminati.

Whenever you watch the high level criminals extorting others, you’ll see they know how to get the quickest results. It’s by threatening people’s families.

Kanye wasn’t being “on his square” so they scared him and his family by conducting the robbery and proving to them that they were above getting caught. It explains why there was no bodyguard, no footage, no real suspects, etc.

Furthermore, we can look at some of the symbolism behind the event and understand what the precise threat looked like. Initial reports were that Kim was bound with duct tape and placed into the bathtub. Anyone who’s read my article on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Water and the Occult Bathtub knows where I’m going with this.

Lucifer Rising Bathtub Triangle Mirror


Check that article out for more:

Learn about the Kim Kardashian bathtub threat


One of the most concerning elements here is if Drake is involved with a group that conducts ritual sacrifice to Moloch.

I know that’s a lot to take in- but consider his primary symbol of the owl:

The owl is also represented at the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony where kids are sacrificed (in effigy) to a giant owl god (*which is Minerva; but Moloch is the same concept of sacrifice to the bull god)

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva


I’ve been following Drake for some time, and he’s been giving us symbolism of the all seeing eye, 666 hand (worship of Satan and the “womb of the Illuminati”) as well as a potential sacrifice at 3AM (the witching hour)

*Note the all seeing eye 666 hand



One final consideration; is the one I’ve laid out a theory about XXXTentacion being taken out by Drake on my podcast. Do Kanye’s tweets give credence to the theory? He calls out XXXTentacion and Tekashi69 specifically when talking about Drake so I believe it adds more fuel to that fire (*although I am in NO WAY stating that Drake is involved with this stuff; I’m just pointing out that there are A LOT of weird things going on with the dude).


One thing is for sure- the beef wars are a money making machine for the entire industry and we can’t let the negativity win. Kanye is correct in his statements about trying to make the world a more positive place and focusing on God.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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