Justin Bieber mocks the Illuminati

I’m not sure why I watched this, but here’s a clip of Bieber and some other tool poking fun of Illuminati theories. I’m not so upset that he thinks the Illuminati isn’t real, I get it; it’s not the easiest (or logical) concept to grasp. I’ve tried to make sense out of it and break it down in previous posts. The Illuminati have a lot going against the population and the system is built with checks that keep the truth suppressed. But what angers me is that likelihood that he’s never really looked into it. Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid and cranking out pop garbage hits, there Bieb. We’ll standby waiting for your childhood fame to disappear and watch you act insane and get strung out on whatever drugs you emo kids are doing. Just keep perpetuating kids’ minds with the same bullshit that feeds the machine. Hell, they can pay me Bieber money and I’ll push out whatever turd they want too, I’m not hating on that.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hm… interesting this video has been removed. I came here from your newest post about JB’s arrest. Fishy fishy… Thanks for posting, man, I really love your site!

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  1. Justin Bieber: the next Illuminati MK ULTRA mind control victim - IlluminatiWatcher - […] We can watch the shit show as it unfolds and hope this guy can get help with his situation,…

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