Johnny Depp: Vampire, Satanist, or Illuminati?…

Welcome back to your home for taking a second look at what the world is trying to present to you. I’d like to further pursue this critical thinking and see if one of the world’s favorite actors is actually a satanist, occultist, and/or a member of the supposed “Illuminati” secret society…

While many of you may think the loveable Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean couldn’t POSSIBLY be into such dark forms of evil worship, I beg you to take a look at ALL of the evidence below and come to your own conclusion.


Perhaps Johnny Depp is a great guy who would never do such things and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Or maybe he falls in line with the many other closeted Hollywood occultists that pursue their own beliefs behind the scenes while the public is presented an entirely different image…

Johnny Depp


Full e-book now available

When I started writing this article I quickly found that there were many layers of the onion peeling back. So many layers that it expanded into a 60+ page post which is a lot for one to consume.

I’ve opted to make it a mini-ebook that you can instantly download in its entirety on or the IlluminatiWatcher Gumroad store (HINT: It’s cheaper on Gumroad).

Here are the chapters you will get when you download it:

1. Introduction
2. Johnny Depp’s Associates: Pedos, Satanists, & Occultists
3. West Memphis 3: Defending Satanic Magick
4. Depp’s a vampire. So there’s that.
5. Depp’s Filmography: Pushing Occult Beliefs
6. Johnny’s Tattoos: Mark of the Beast
7. Random Stuff: Media Drives it Home
8. Final Thoughts: Where to go from here

Just to give you an idea of the direction this book goes; here are pieces of what you can learn more about in the book…

Johnny Depp’s Associates: Pedos, Satanists, & Occultists

They say you can judge someone by the company they keep, so judge I will…

Learn all about Depp’s associations with Nicolas Cage, Damien Echols, Hunter S. Thompson, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, NAMBLA, Timothy Leary, and more.

Here is a segment about Hunter Thompson that isn’t the same in the book (because I can’t embed YouTube videos into books…):

What’s odd about this friendship is Hunter S. Thompson himself. It’s not his odd mannerisms that make him a strange character, but rather his claims that he liked to kill others and even had knowledge of the inner-workings of the “Illuminati.”

One could never quite tell how serious he was when he talked about killing others, but there are various interviews in which those close to him seem to suggest he was somehow connected into a ring of people that were into such a thing.


West Memphis 3: Defending Satanic Magick

Out of all the satanic buddies Depp hangs with; there is none more notorious than convicted child killer Damien Echols. Granted, if you watch the HBO Paradise Lost documentaries you might argue with me that it is not true, but I beg you to read through the actual case files and make that determination FOR YOURSELF.


Paradise Lost Mark of the Beast X and O WM3

The documentaries want you to believe that the WM3 killers were wrongly imprisoned because they “wore black Metallica shirts” but the truth of the matter is that Echols had a mental health rap sheet and the killers had a literal interest in black magic, the occult, and satanism (as is evident if you follow Echols since his release from prison- like this ‘work of art’ in which he shows the pagan stag god, the satanic ‘red dragon’ tattoo and Aleister Crowley Thelemite Unicursal Hexagram tattoos on his elbows):

Damien Echols Horns Red Dragons Satan tattoo

HOWEVER- to play Devil’s advocate; just because someone is into satanism, magick, the occult, etc. that does NOT make them a killer. I don’t know that Echols and his two friends actually murdered the boys or if they are truly innocent. The fact of the matter is that only they know if it went down that way or not. I don’t lose sleep over this thing, but I DO find it interesting because ALL of these symbols and ideas seem to coalesce around this case as if the Hollywood “Illuminati” are supportive of somehow ‘proving’ that Crowley’s magick works by getting someone off the hook for murder…

To me it seems that there is plenty of suspicion worth taking another look at the case, or at least finding out who the actual killers were. The three dead eight year old boys certainly deserve justice no matter how that comes about.

William Ramsey has devoted a significant amount of time investigating this case and you can read all about it in his book that has actual case files and interview notes. We talk about the book on my podcast which you can check out right HERE.

William Ramsey has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to exploring various occult topics; appropriately called Occult Investigations in which you can see several Johnny Depp videos; including this one that talks about many of the same ideas that you’re reading about here in my article:


Depp’s a vampire. So there’s that.

Johnny Depp told US Weekly that he was ready to battle Robert Pattinson (who is blood relatives to Vlad the Impaler) for the throne of vampire royalty:

There’s room for two vampires on this block — as long as he remembers I am the Alpha Vampire.



Depp’s Filmography: Pushing Occult Beliefs

It appears that Depp takes on roles that could trace back to several conspiracy theories and true occult history. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

Like I mentioned before, he got his start as Greg in Nightmare on Elm Street; a film that has so much symbolism in it that I made an analysis that takes a look at everything.

Nightmare on Elm Street Johnny Depp Saturn Kabbalah 10


Continuing with that vampire theme; he played the failed director in Ed Wood (which also had Martin Landeau playing the role of Dracula Bela Lugosi):

Ed Wood Johnny Depp Bela Lugosi Vampire Dracula

Depp took on another vampire role in Dark Shadows, adding to my argument about Depp’s vampire obsession. When asked about playing the role of Barnabas in this film, he said the following:

It’s a strange thing because, as a child, I certainly had a fascination with monsters and vampires, as did Tim.  There’s this darkness, this mystery, this intrigue.  And then, as you get older, you recognize the erotic nature of the vampire and the idea of the undead. 

Johnny Depp Undead and Loving it cover


Take a look at one of the Dark Shadows movie posters- you’ll see later that the entertainment industry seeks to constantly tell us that Johnny Depp has demons; just like on the Dark Shadows movie poster.

Johnny Depp Demons Vanity Fair Nov 2011 cover


Johnny Depp Dark Shadows L Hand Demons


Besides mentioning demons, you’ll also notice the peculiar way Depp holds his hand to his chest. This symbol represents the Freemason Sign of Fidelity (or Heart Sign of Allegiance). What I find intriguing about this is that Depp holds the same symbol as Aleister Crowley; with the left hand towards the heart and an over-emphasis on the ‘L’ shape of the hand (meaning absolute and complete fidelity to the organization):

Aleister Crowley L Hand Oath Freemasonry



Johnny’s Tattoos

Depp has a considerable amount of tattoos worth examining. What I find interesting is the fact that he shares the same tattoos with the likes of Marilyn Manson and Damien Echols (which we’ve already explored above).

Here you can see the I Ching tattoo of ‘Wind Over Heaven’- possibly a reference to Lucifer as the “prince of the air”:

Damien Echols Johnny Depp air iching tattoo WO


Take note to this image of Damien Echols and his many tattoos. You’ll see the I Ching symbol, plus many more which we will talk about that he shares with Depp like the skeleton key, lightning bolt on the hand, the crow, and magick sigil:

Damien Echols tattoos I Ching Crow Skeleton Key

Here is Depp and you can see his skeleton key with the words ‘Silence Exile Cunning’ above it:

Johnny Depp tattoos key lightning bolt




In the book I go through several of Depp’s tattoos- so you’ll learn the occult meaning to these:

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols 2

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols


Johnny Depp Lightning Mark of the Beast tattoo






Johnny Depp tattoo Crow Crowley back to life




Johnny Depp tattoo rook black bird


Johnny Depp tattoo 3 hand


Johnny Depp three rectangles hearts tattoos


Johnny Depp tattoo black inverted triangle


Johnny Depp tattoo skull and crossbones


Johnny Depp tattoo Gonzo Fist leg Hunter Thompson



Johnny Depp tattoo No Reason wrist



Random Stuff

In 1997’s Vanity Fair Johnny addresses the idea that he’s got “demons” which is a theme that they repeatedly throw at us by way of Johnny’s films:

“How about the church, if you’re a true Bible Belter?” I ask. “You seem to have packed away a few demons in the baggage you’ve hauled around all these years.”

“When I was a kid back in Kentucky, we went to this church where my uncle preached. It was kind of a weird Baptist, full-on kind of place. People kept running up to the pulpit and grabbing his ankles and being saved. Lots of crying. Even then, at six or seven, I questioned how pure the emotion could be if it were on such display…. That’s where I found music, really—where I started playing guitar was in church, through that uncle. He had a little gospel group…. We’re all a mishmash of extremes. I know that I have demons,” Depp confesses, firing up one of his ever present cigarettes. “I don’t know if I want to get rid of them altogether, but I would like to experience them in a different way. Maybe go face-to-face with them. I’ve never really had the time to go to therapy. Well, here and there. But not enough to help.”

Johnny Depp Vanity Fair 1997 cover



“I know I have demons, I’m 30 different people sometimes.” -Johnny Depp


If you want some good ol’ fashioned Illuminati symbolism images there are plenty of those to consider. Here are a few that represent many ancient symbols like the All Seeing Eye and more:

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye 666 hand

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye glasses

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye Skull ring

Johnny Depp thumb All Seeing Eye 2

Johnny Depp Vanity Fair All Seeing Eye Monocle

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye 3


This demonstrates the Illuminati Vow of Silence:

Johnny Depp Illuminati Vow of Silence

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom johnny depp vow of silence

This is the Illuminati Mark of the Beast:

Johnny Depp Mark of the Beast X


Between Johnny Depp’s friendships with overt Satan worshippers, Aleister Crowley Thelema followers, occult tattoos, and obsession with vampires; it appears there is much more than meets the eye with Johnny Depp…

Pickup the ebook now- on Amazon Kindle:


Pickup the ebook now- instant download the PDF:

Johnny Depp Vampire Satanist Illuminati book cover

Thanks for your support in continuing the investigation into the manipulation occurring all around us. If you want to help expose the truth- please share.

-Isaac Weishaupt

P.S. I’ve created a short video called “Johnny Depp Finds Evil in Black Mass”- check it out:








Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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        • I am shocked. I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp . I never understood the tattoo meanings but assumed it was Indian related. I am so bummed if there is truth to him being evil in any way. The man is a genius. Damn!

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          • Yes, I just always assumed that too Michelle, I also used to like Johnny! What recently done it for me was in the interview where he is defending those older boys on killing those very young children! In reference to the children who died, Johnny stated, ‘what those kids went through is nothing compared to what these men have over the past several years!”…..yes, Johnny I’m afraid is evil…. Not sure whether they simply got to him or he always was I don’t know, but either way, very sad 🙁 I know he has a daughter too

          • He’s a twisted PO$. Who’s his hero? S Hunter Thompson – pedophile and fan of snuff films.

        • This is just some kind of theory, right?? He’s not some kind one of the Illuminati right?? Please answer my question.

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          • That’ll be up to you to decide my friend. He’s got a lot of dark activity so he’s knowledgable in the ways of the occult for sure. -Isaac

      • I thought it was a good movie, and Satan was a sexy woman! = Judy=

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  1. depp is now touring with manson and others for a show billed under “hollywood vampires” more blatant evidence

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    • It’s no surprise that he made his mass amount of fortune in collaboration with Disney.

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  2. Not sure if this is of any real significance, but about seven years ago, his daughter was in very bad shape health-wise. But now, his girl is a model. She’s not that much older than Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s “model” daughter…

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    • Who also just admitted that she’s not straight and is attracted to “everyone”. They make it to easy, eh Isaac?

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  3. Dumbass for 500, Alex.

    He worships the triad: father (pagan archetype- the bad one along with the chrome), son (jealous jinn taken in as son by father), and unholy ghost – the volcanic Pompeii, along with the man who prevents suiciders from passing the river styx to transcend to purgatory.

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    • Being Pagan myself and also a massive fan/supporter of Depp and M. Manson, all I have to say is DON’T BELIEVE ALL THE “HYPE.” “God”&”Satan” exist within every living being. What you should believe is “I AM” ALL OF YOU! “I AM”

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      • Yep… you want to believe that if you are a Pagan and in rebellion against God.

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  4. I’m glib, but he’s so half-assed. Used to know a couple guys who played Vampire role playing games and stuff, and the literature they read was so beyond Hunter S. Thompson and watching the Clockwork Orange and listening to Marilyn Manson.

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  5. at least with bad breathe, once the person leaves the room, it’s over.

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  6. I’ve always found his connection to River Phoenix’s death odd. Yes, some say it was circumstantial. Yes, Phoenix was battling a drug problem but I think a lot more was going on there, than explained. It is odd that the anagram of his name — River’s — could be re-arranged to make “Viper Heroin X”.

    Lots of people with laugh at that but in Hollywood, obsessed with astrology and occult lore, that would not have gone unnoticed by everyone. I think Depp was and is tied to some shady characters.

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    • On another forum, this was posted:

      “River’s death horoscopeApril 10 2009 at 8:10 PM
      Score 5.0 (1 person) Marcia (Login marcia8852)
      Everyone has a death sign, just like everyone has a birth sign- River died under Sun in Scorpio/Leo Rising/Moon in Taurus this zodiacal combination only occurs 4 hours a year- over two days for two hours on each day.

      Certain numbers are associated with certain signs: Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac,
      Leo the 5th,
      Taurus the 2nd

      in THAT order…

      The viper rooms address is “8852” sunset strip. Why the other 8? In numerology 8 is the number of death.

      Other things such as River dying on “all hallows eve” under a full moon outside a club named “the viper” is also strange, as is the “HEROIN VIPER X” anagram of his name.

      It is well known that River had a stange feeling, a bad feeling about turning 23 on the 23rd of August. And is said to have said “angels are coming to take me away”.

      23 on the 23rd….is it not stanger yet that 8 + 8 + 5 + 2 = 23?….. and with 23 film/tv credits to his name, the number is obviously very significant in his life- and death.

      coincidence? or just always ment to be?”

      It doesn’t matter whether you or me believe all of this; did someone in power in Hollywood believe it? Did River believe it? Did Depp?

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      • How do you figure that “8 is the number of death”? Which numerology? Most Western numerology views the number 8 as infinity. It represents regeneration and resurrection. The Chinese view 8 as a symbol of good luck or fortune. It represents being whole or perfection in many cultures. In English Gematria death = 228. So, please provide some more info about your understanding of the number 8 representing death.

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        • I have to agree. I have never heard of 8 representing death in any thought system. It represents luck and prosperity in Chinese, and also infinity. It is 4+4, 44 is the master number of the universe (like pi) and represents spirit in matter.

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      • THANKS FOR ALL THIS RIVER INFO. GLAD TO KNOW PEOPLE are still thinking of riv. yeah and when i heard abut both depps involvement in rivs death. (throwing him off stage “theres too many guitars throw river off” I always liked depp till i heard about that. Depps a fucking asshole to do that. And john frusciante ordered super strong heroin/coke eightball to be delivered specifically for “his friends”. this is the noxious stuff that ended up exploding rivs heart. it even made frusciante super sick but because he was such an addict did’nt actually kill him. my bf loves frusciantes music but honestly although riv did like frusciantes music i hear nothing compelling or special in it. supposedly frusciante is sober now a days.

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        • Just within days before he died River Phoenix had revealed he had been raped at the age of 3. He had been raised up in this cult which called itself, “The Family”. River had told of how this cult often had sex and encouraged their members to have sexual relations with children and some as young as 4, including River. He told a magazine that just days before he died. He had also said that most of his childhood memories and early years were blocked! Obviously he was starting to talk. And I suppose all of those connections can certainly lead one to wander about the truth of his death… I had not heard this about Johnny Depp. I wouldn’t trust a thing that Johnny Depp would say! What about Phoaquin Phoenix though? River’s younger brother? He was supposedly at the scene when River died?

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          • Wow, really, The Family?! I know some people whose parents were involved in it in Japan as well as saw them as a group out and about looking for more recruits. There was a lot of free sex from what I’ve heard and in particular this one girl told me she had a lot of siblings, some of which are from multiple mothers from her own.

            Never heard any of them speak of pedophile sex but wouldn’t shock me at all.

          • River was definitely raped as a child. The Children of God cult is notorious for promoting pedophilia. Look at what happened to ‘Davidito,’ one of the cult’s victims who grew up and murdered one of the women who raped him as a child then committed suicide.


      • I thought it was a good movie, and Satan was a sexy woman! = Judy=

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  7. Dude’s a whack job but hey, HollyWEIRD! It’s a demonic place. Wake up, people!!!

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  8. I believe the West Memphis 3 may well be innocent. I also think there may be a sleight-of-hand involved.

    Here’s how it could work: Satanists (or someone looking satanic) get busted for killing someone. They’re charged, then found innocent because they are. That way, next time there’s some kind murder going on possibly involving satanism, any Christians can be called out as crazy if they point fingers at satanists. It protects them in the long run. See what I’m getting at? The whole thing may just be a set-up to “prove” that the “satanic panic” is all in your head and Christians are just a bunch of paranoid nuts.

    I don’t know if that’s the case, but I think it’s a possible scenario.

    I’m also a Christian.

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    • They did it. You can listen to kelly Miscavage ( I think that was his name). He confessed on three separate occasions and gave very detailed accounts. For hours and hours of tape you never hear the cops prompt him or coax him. Their attorney later claimed that he had been coached and coaxed before the recording was turned on. But, to me I think they did it.

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    • People are often judged by their cover rather then reading the full contents. I agree with you and your comments. This reminds me of a case years ago, when a Col. In the military was being judged for being an admitted Satanist. The military tried to boot him out of the military and failed because of his right to Religious Freedom and his right under our Constitution to believe in what ever religion he chooses.

      Do I believe in Satanism no. I believe according to the Bible there are many beliefs and God gave us all free will. Religion is a personal choice. I choose God as a Roman Catholic and a Knights Templar. I have made the decision to choose Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior over Satanism.

      There will always be the powers of Darkness or Light. I chosen the Light and to follow my Lord Jesus Christ.
      As for Johnny Depp I love his work as an actor and even as a Hollywood Vampire because it’s just entertainment it’s just Hollywood. Johnny has had his own personal demons or heartbreaks. I pray one day he finds his own personal PEACE………

      Non nobis, Domine, Non nobis sed tuo da Gloriam………….
      Ruby Alexandra Beloz

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  9. Johnny Depp is a strange case, all right. One of his biggest mistakes was leaving his long time partner and mother to his children, Vanessa Paradis. From all reports, he remained reasonably sober and was a good father to the children and partner to her. It seems Depp had a mid-life crisis and took off, leaving the stability of that relationship.

    Once on his own, drugs and alcohol to excess were back in his life. Lower level spirit beings(demons if you will) appear to have got possession of him. We’ll see how this whole scene with Amber Heard turns out.

    Most peculiar here, though, is the singer and front man of his rock group, Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper. Joe Perry is with the band, but I don’t know much about him.

    As for Alice Cooper, I’d like to see the Illuminati Watcher do an article on him. He had an intense alcohol and drug problem early in his career, but overcame them and sobered up in the mid 1980’s. Cooper is also a publicly professed Christian. I’d like to know how he squares that with the Death and Satanic Rock he continues to perform. How does Illuminati Watcher evaluate that?

    Alice Cooper also has stated he’s counseled various Rock musicians who have had drug and alcohol problems. I wonder if he’s doing the same with Depp.

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  10. I really love Johnny. I hope that he isn’t really into all this dark stuff. I would feel really bad for him.

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  11. That note about Depp wanting to fight Pattinson because he’s blood royalty is pretty ridiculous. Depp’s promoting a movie where he plays a vampire.

    Post a Reply
  12. why do you have a picture of billy corgan and marilyn manson kissing on your book about johnny depp? do you think billy corgan and marilyn manson are satanists too?? i dont understand why you used a picture of those two kissing as the cover? please answer if you can i would appreciate you taking the time to answer because it has me very confused and intrigued

    Post a Reply
    • It’s not Billy Corgan it’s Johnny Depp. Look at his jawline. Billy Corgan’s face is more rounded at the jaw not sharp like Johnny’s.

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  13. the character jack sparrow that depp plays is an occult character for the modern day as the oz characters and alice in wonderland have been for many years.They are part of mental control and programming like the mk ultra project concerns. Look into the haloween party the obamas had at the white house where depp was dressed as sparrow. More programming of children to be servants-satanists for the illuminati to use. Your tax dollars at work. We are at a sad place in America when such can go on in the White house with children and be passed off as a haloween party for them.

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    • My mistake depp was the mad hatter ,another person was sparrow.

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  14. I lost ALL respect for Johnny Depp when I found out he got the same tattoo as Damien Echols, the CONVICTED child rapist and murderer. The West Memphis 3 are GUILTY AS SIN. They were NEVER ‘found innocent.’ In fact, their Alford Plea proves they are indeed guilty.

    Post a Reply
    • “Convicted” yes, guilty?? I think not.

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  15. Being Pagan and extremely loving of both Depp and M. Manson, these claims obviously cannot be completely ignored yet, they are highly doubtful. The love omitted by both men is extremely overwhelming. “God” and “Satan” are NOT “otherworldly” beings but exist within ALL living beings. YOU, yes, YOU are “God” and “Satan.” I AM. Again, I AM!!! And so are all of you. Pointing your fingers of judgement just further show your ignorance and, within this ignorance is why we cannot grow as a HUMAN RACE. We must accept all that is, LOVE all that is around us and come to the understanding that without love, there is no hate and without hate, there is no love. We all are constructed of equal parts of “good” and “evil” (or however you choose to perceive it.) The bottom line is that we cannot transcend until we can all accept this obvious truth.

    Post a Reply
  16. This article is pure entertainment. Everything can be interpreted how the person sees it. Tattoos and symbolsncan have more then one meaning to them. A good actor would research their role, and use that information in the portral of the character. Actors have their own style and preferences in what genre of films they put their name too-not everyone likes the same thing. I like vampire and fantasy movies…am i a vampire? I have a sense of humor. The whole “room for two vampirs” could have been taken out of context. I believe he would have kinda a quirky sense of humor. Just cause he actually doin what he likes, wearing what he feels uncomfortable in and surrounding himself with like minded folk- doesnt give any one the right to judge. We ALL do it in some form or another. It affects our choices in everything we do. This is in my opinion an attack on a man expressing his individuality they way he sees himself.

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  17. Very interesting but you are truly just touching the tip of the iceberg regarding Depp and Satan…….the guy is not a nice person and this goes way beyond his movies, his choice of friends is along the right line. I worked with him many years ago and to this day i am still disturbed by what i saw.

    Post a Reply
    • Do tell! I never got good vibes from him, and I’m talking about interviews on TV, in film as I’ve never met him and don’t have any desire.

      But I had a feeling the dude and his buddy Hunter S. Thompson is/was into some evil stuff. His efforts to free those $atanic “West Memphis Three” spoke volumes.

      Post a Reply


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