Johnny Depp and the Grammys Sacrifice Ritual for Lemmy from Motorhead

Hi everyone! Originally I posted this video on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel and left it at that; but then it occurred to me that some of the people in the community haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet so I thought I’d share it here.

I had to upload this thing a few times because it kept getting blocked, but the final product still conveys the message appropriately; and that message is the Illuminati blood sacrifice…


We’ll see more occult language from our dear old friend Johnny Depp as he is joined by the rock supergroup known as Hollywood Vampires (clever name, huh?…). We’ll hear the song Bad As I Am which has some interesting lyrics:

Embrace the pain don’t live with why given just die
You played the game you lost your fame you thought the rules were made for you
You lived a lie
Don’t dare cry now


In this video I present the 2016 Grammys and the coordinated ritual sequence that blatantly shows us how Lemmy from Motorhead signed up for the Faustian bargain similar to other celebrities that I’ve detailed in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Okay, thanks for the video. I’m not an awards show watcher, so this was very informative, as was your article on the Superbowl performances. I didn’t start getting into Motorhead until shortly before Lemmy’s death, but I really like their music. It doesn’t seem to me that Motorhead really looked for much attention, but gained it by hard work and persistence. But looking at it from your “angle”, perhaps you are right. However, I don’t think Lemmy’s death was any sort of blood ritual or sacrifice; he was in failing health, and I think he was nearly 70 years old. Maybe Depp (et al) needed the attention, not Lemmy. I think that there are indeed ritual sacrifice occurrences, but did these guys just make this up because they had to do something to get a little attention? Hmmm…

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  2. I’ve often wondered how serious Johnny Depp is with his involvement with the darker sides of “occultism,” but it keeps appearing that he is. His production company and book publishing company are named “Infinitun Nihil,” so he is into the nihilistic aspects of it. (I’ve known occultists who were into the good aspects of it and used it only for positive outcomes for themselves and others)

    The strange bird here is Alice Cooper. He quit his alcohol and drug habits in the mid-80’s and has been sober since. He’s been a golfing enthusiast since then Plus, he converted to Christianity back then and attributes God with helping him get and and stay sober. Yet, he continues to perform in Heavy Metal and Satanic Rock shows and is now with Depp’s “Hollywood Vampires.” He’s never publicly said what branch and form of Christianity he’s into, but, whichever, it does seem incongruous with his involvement with this type of Rock music. He’d be a good one, Issac, for you to look deeper into.

    The third member of the “Hollywood Vampires” is Joe Perry and I’m not familiar enough with him to comment on him.

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    • I am pretty sure Alice has described his basic belief system in an interview which is available online. I don’t know if you were aware of it, but his father was a preacher, interestingly enough.

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  3. How about the weird coincidence that River Reeves of “Viola Beach” dies with his band members, after their car somehow sailed over a bridge (despite the driver not being compromised by substances and barrier after barrier in their car’s way?) This, just a little more than a day before The Grammy’s.

    Another Johnny Depp debut, another River dead. Very odd coincidence. How many people do you know named River?

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    • I googled River Reeves and old photos of River Phoenix and Keanau Reeves came up. Odd coincidence.

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  4. Listening to the full song lyrics of this band at the Grammys was so disturbing. Purposefully produced toxic lyrics designed to program filth in your subconsious. Depp looked so silly in the band and he has messed with his face so much…

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