John Carter Symbolism and David Icke

I watched the trailer to the new Disney film, John Carter and noticed that it takes place on an alien planet, features reptilian looking aliens, and the aliens have blue blood. This piqued my interest so I looked up the film’s plot line and saw that it was based on a series of books written in the early 1900’s called the Barsoom novels.

The plot is fairly extensive, but what I want to point out is that there are various alien/reptilian races and the planet they inhabit is in a state of war. This planet is Mars and the inspiration the author (Edgar Rice Burroughs) had was from a belief of life on Mars due to water canals they thought they could see back then. The hero of the film, John Carter, uses astral projection to get to Mars in order to fight the aliens and rescue a martian female of some sort.


Since I’m fairly ignorant to the story beyond what I can read online, I’ll just go into the comparisons that I can see to Icke’s beliefs and we’ll see if we can pick them apart or if others can elaborate:

The story has aspects of religious deception used to control the subjugates and manipulate them. This is one of Icke’s main tenets. He even believes that New Age is an established religion used to grab the few that escape the big three- Christiantiy, Islam, Judaism.

Icke says that reptilian/alien blood is blue due to the high levels of copper and its oxidation when exposed to air.

Icke also believes that there are several types of reptilians-good, bad, etc., depending upon which star system they come from. He believes the Draco star systems has the most evil of aliens. These aliens are referred to as Nommo in Zulu legend. This idea of multiple bloodlines of reptilian aliens could be represented in this movie with the different colors of Martians and their different traits.

The storyline features many technological acheivements, some even unheard of at the time of the books’ writings. This includes GPS type directional compass, aircraft battles,fax machines, televisions, and the ability to genetically manipulate. Ancient alien theorists believe that aliens gave human beings various technologies in order to ‘nudge’ us along.


Icke and ancient alien theorists believe that our human body has been manipulated genetically for one reason or another. Icke thinks it was done nefariously in order to filter out other frequencies that prevent us from accessing our full potential. The aliens want to lock us into the 5-state reality, all that we can feel through our senses, so that we can be manipulated into states of fear and stress.

I’ve read that Edgar Rice Burroughs held an interest in Planet X; the planet that ancient aliens theorists and Icke believe the Annunaki alien race came from. This Planet X a.k.a. Nibiru is supposed to be en route to be at its closest orbit to us at the exact moment of December 21st, 2012, the date the Mayan calendar clicks over its largest cycle.

Of course, science has refuted ideas by stating that Planet X doesn’t exist, and that Mars doesn’t have these water canals as once was believed. But then again, science used to believe that the Sun revolved around the Earth and that you could cure people of disease by bleeding them out. But the point is, perhaps Icke and Burroughs have both tapped into some esoteric knowledge and there could be some truth behind the Mars theory. They’ve got plenty of ancient cultures behind them. Mars was a war god in various cultures; the Greek god Ares, Roman god of war, Babylonian war god Nergal, etc.

One more point to try and emphasize some sort of symbolical importance to all of this; the Roman calendar had March as their first month of the year, but they used the word Martius, which is Latin for Mars. They celebrated the month of Mars with festivals held in honor the war god. Many Roman festivals have been held true to this day, simply transformed in ways to relate to Christianity. There must be some importance to these events in order for the traditions to stay alive. And what month is this film being released? March. Perhaps it’s coincidental, perhaps not. Disney has had a history of conspiracy theory behind them so maybe this one is slightly more elaborate.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I just saw “John Carter”. There are ZERO (and I mean ZERO) aliens that resemble reptiles in any way. But the films IS full of occult symbols and themes. I highly recommend it!

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  2. I saw the movie yesterday and SPOILERS! for those that are interested.

    I saw the themes as I was watching it these include:

    Shadow organization the white faced guy with the blue eyes up above and several of his cohorts both on bossoom (Mars) and Jassoom (Earth) which
    1 supported a favourite ruler militarily with advanced tech
    2 controlled him from the shadows
    3 shape shifted
    4 stated that they had controlled things since before the formation of mars and will do so after the death of Earth, they manipulated nations and races into a state of ultimate destruction by dividing them with fear and that it always went the same NO MATTER WHAT PLANET THEY CONTROLLED.
    5 Only allowed advanced tech to a select few and destroyed others that knew more than they allowed or tried to control them (like Icke and other researchers suggest has been done with people who have found out about free energy) in the movie the tech is referred to as the “Ninth Ray” a source of unlimited power made up of little machines (possibly an advanced form of nanotech?) which the shadow organization gift to a king to just use as a weapon for war without instructing him in how it could be used to give life to the dying Bossoom.

    Other general themes include a blue blooded martian race similar to humans with advanced tech as stated by Illuminatiwatcher. Which fits in with Icke’s theories on an advanced alien race on mars which looked similar to humans.

    The shadow organization (Thurks I think they’re called) also state that they don’t actually exist which suggests that they are themselves energy projections which fits in with Icke’s theories that the reptilians are a projection from a different dimension.

    The Christ figure is there too (John Carter even has long hair! and is reluctant also to receive praise) and is a reluctant hero I dunno if that fits the Christ story fully 😛

    I would say the aliens clearly do look reptilian. The four armed whatchanames hatch out of eggs, have green skin, and bone protrusions coming out of their faces like horns on a dinosaur How they are not reptilian are a mystery to me??

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    • Great contribution, thanks a ton! I’ll have to take a look for these things when I eventually watch this movie.

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    • Ash: about the “Christ figure” – monograms of John Carter=Jesus Christ…:-)

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  3. Thank you Ash.
    To add something more,
    The ancient Goddess name Isus is close enough to the egyptian Isis (free masonry connection).
    They show the concept of star gate, meaning that in order to move huge distances in space we don’t need a ship, but other form of advanced technology, the ones the advanced specie has.
    They also made very clear that they are present in each planet, including planet earth, monitoring and keeping surveillance the people whom they consider as important or as threats, since they want no one to have superior technological knowledge to theirs.
    Also the beings on mars are not aware that actually there is a demonic specie of aliens, which is controlling their planet from the shadows, stirring up fights between the governments upon their planets, while almost all of their inhabitants are completely unaware of their existence, neither of the possibilities of advanced technology.
    It’s clear that these Thurks are not magicians, but just a civilization with access to very advanced technology, and they use this technology in an evil way, by preventing any other civilization on any other planet to actually obtain such knowledge of advanced technology.
    They also describe how the ancient mythologies actually explain the history of the Thurks, and that actually the Thurks dictated these mythologies. Here we can find some resemblances to Zecharia Sitchin.
    They don’t mention subjects that for example David Willcock is referring to, for example that there are beneficial civilizations of extra-terrestrials (the galactic federation of light, vrillon – ashtar galactic command etc)., which also have access to very advanced technology, but they are using this technology to protect other beings.

    With love and light!

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  4. At the end of the movie, in the credits, I read with sourprise the name of Colin Wilson… and then, another person with Crowley as last name. This 2 coincidence lead me to remember about freemasons and the connection with H.P. Lovecraft

    I believed that this things and symbolism in the movie are very close connected, like pieces of the same puzzle.


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  5. Thanks for this its extremely great, have you got any other information ?

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  6. The movie jhone all about illuminati. There er many symbols of illuminati such as reptalian symbols er many there.and the alien creatures. To me am sure nothing like those creatures in any planet.also the men aliens who sended from their goddes that is trully false. we no dat there is no any alien in this world.eath is thee only planet that Allah create for human being to leave inside. So we dont no any alien dat Allah create from any other another planet.
    So this is little illuminati game of consipiracy?

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    I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

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