Joe Rogan Experience talks new VICE show with Jim Norton


Anyone who follows this website knows I veer off conspiracy once in awhile to talk comedy or hip hop and this is one of those posts. I’m doing this because these are all people I follow pretty hardcore and like to support (Joe Rogan, Jim Norton and VICE).


Jim Norton was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (#523) and talked about the current status of the decision from Sirius-XM to dump Anthony Cumia from Opie & Anthony (who actually did gun owners a great service by not brandishing his concealed weapon, even though he was threatened and being physically attacked; but the media failed to bring that aspect up…), the lawsuit against Adam Carolla and the lawsuit against him (and effectively all podcasts since it is taking claim to a patent for numbering episodes; you can support him via this link), but most importantly they talk about Jim Norton’s new talk show on VICE that airs Wednesday, July 23rd on (with guests Mike Tyson and Dana White):




Oh, and they talk about a lady from Germany that consumes “Nazi logs” as Jim so eloquently puts it.

You can listen to the podcast on Joe Rogan’s download site, or on Youtube (warning: explicit lyrics, dummy):



You can follow Jim Norton and Joe Rogan on Twitter.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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