Joan Rivers death conspiracy theories


Another celebrity passed away and there are a few ideas floating around that I thought I’d compile for the Watcher community out there. This idea came from a Facebook thread (thanks Priscilla).

First up, there are the number games involved with Joan Rivers birth and death. She was born on June 8th, 1933 and died September 4th, 2014 at the age of 81. Beyonce’s birthday was also today (Sept. 4th) and she was born in 1981. Bustle posted up an entire article addressing this growing conspiracy:


Soon after news of Rivers’ death broke, tweets began circulating about Rivers’ death obviously being linked to the Illuminati because she happened to die on Beyoncé’s birthday and her last joke tweet happened to be about the pop singer who some consider a demigod.

Joan River Tweet about Beyonce

The significance here (if you want to believe there is one) is that the number 33 is involved. This is a concept I covered in the Illuminati & Freemason symbolism of Transformers films post:

There are various rumors as to what it truly means to the Freemasons;  death if you tell the secrets, 666, or even magical spells. Either way, it’s here in the film littered all over the place. Here’s a shot of the troops in Qatar and they very obviously walk by a sign with the skull and bones and the number 33. The number 33 is important in Freemasonry because it corresponds to the highest degree one can attain while in the group. There are only 33 degrees and the biggest secrets are kept for those who make it to the top.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Transformers Illuminati Skull and Bones 33 Degree


There is also a joke she made before her death (obviously) about President Obama being gay and Michelle Obama being a transgender. Apparently this comment was made about two months ago. Rivers was known for being over-the-top so perhaps this isn’t all that shocking, but nonetheless people have been clamoring that she put herself in a compromising position by saying this:


I’d like to pile onto the ignorance and suggest that maybe she was slightly referencing the androgynous Egyptians that the Obama family is allegedly cloned from. I talk about this in my President Obama is the clone of Akhenaten theory post; which conveniently ties into Beyonce conspiracies as well:

He also posts a link to a gossip site that claims Beyonce is having an affair with President Obama, which might explain all of the goddess symbolism we’ve been seeing in her newer videos. However, Perez Hilton posted that Washington Post has already debunked the story. Here’s what the basis is:

A leading French newspaper, le Figaro, picked up the scoop of the Prez and Bey’s hush-hush hookups after paparazzo Pascal Rostain spilled the rumor in a radio interview!

Mr. Rostain happens to be friends with the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, and promised that this bombshell would blow up in Obama and Beyoncé’s faces!

He exclaimed:

“It’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post. I can assure you that the world will talk about it.”

Of course, we can claim that her goddess symbolism ties her into this clone theory, but also her latest Illuminati symbolism rich video Partition drops the questionable lyrics about messing around with a President:

“He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown”

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Partition Illuminati Mirror


Here’s an article from the NYDaily that talked about a cancellation of a taping she had because of her medical issues, and someone on the GLP forums pointed out that she’s wearing a necklace with an All Seeing Eye (kind of stupid but I’ll add it):


Joan RIvers All Seeing Eye


I go into further detail on the importance of the All Seeing Eye in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture post:



Whether you want to believe that these were literally angels, giants, reptilians, or the offspring of Seth & Cain; the point is that the concept of a big eye in the sky watching over us is a common thread, lying subtlety below the radar to the uninitiated. The ancient Egyptians had the Eye of Horus, which is also known as the Eye of Ra. This ‘wedjat’ is a symbol of life because in Egyptian mythology, the god Horus had his moon eye torn out by Set, only to have Thoth invoke magic spells of the falcon to restore it (I could segue into the falcon being symbolism of the American eagle or the phoenix, but I’ll save that for another time). The Eye of Horus would continue to be used as a symbol of a protective amulet, including its use on the tombs of Egyptians to assist in the afterlife. Here’s the Eye of Horus in the post about the Illuminati symbolism behind Katy Perry & Juicy J’s video for Dark Horse

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati Eye Horus



Another oddity is the fact that in 2006 she did a comedy special called Joan Rivers: Before Melissa Pulls the Plug. The irony is that her daughter’s name is Melissa and perhaps she was left with the difficult decision of doing so. Watching the standup bit shows that Joan Rivers wasn’t scared of death, nor afraid to make fun of it:



‘Watcher’ fleurdamour also points out that Joan Rivers was getting ready to embark on a tour called  Quick… Before They Close the Lid (Seriously, This One Could Be It!).

She’s also chimed in with her opinions on the Middle East battle between Israel and Palestine. Conspiracy theorists seem to almost always think there is a master Zionist agenda (not necessarily Jewish people; but rather some shadowy Illuminati group that doesn’t care about Jews- only territory and control). I’m far too ignorant to comment on an opinion but I’m just going to point out that she did make a statement that was anti-Palestine just a few weeks ago. Here’s TMZ’s video:




Alex Jones had a special report on this passing (and shockingly solemn; for Alex Jones, that is). He talks about the plastic surgery push she had, which I will be covering in my upcoming book about the hip hop industry and the Illuminati’s involvement. It’s all part of pushing the Aeon of Horus; the time of child god worship. Check out the Aleister Crowley and his Illuminati magick trance on the entertainment industry post for more details on the Aeon of Horus.



Watcher Carys commented and dropped this link of an episode of Family Guy from 2005 where the news team talks about Joan Rivers speaking to them from the grave. Very strange given that Family Guy covered the Boston marathon bombings, Paul Walker, and Robin Williams deaths via predictive programming as well:




Joan Rivers will be cremated; which is odd because traditionally the Jewish faith frowns upon it. However, she was a member of the Temple Emanu-El  of New York which is a Reform Jewish congregation, and apparently the Reform branch is more accepting of the practice.

More conspiracy theories to come I’m sure…

RIP Joan Rivers June 8th, 1933- September 4th, 2014


Joan Rivers




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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Good riddance, hope she really died. Sadly but no wonder there are still brainwashed idiots who looked up to her as talented or a role model. Role model for what more exactly? So what if she said what she did about Obongo and Moochelle? She was allowed to, she was Jewish, double standard. If a non-Jew/non-Zionist would have said that, imagine what could have happened…. Do u think Jon Stewart got reprimanded or punished for that? Take a look:

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    • I have a soft spot for her but am not blinded.

      That video on Palestinians rubbed me the wrong way.

      Was like she was saying if you don’t do what I want, you deserve to die.

      Frankly, I think this woman is Barbara Walters, among other elite women, and is of a very powerful bloodline. She can not fathom real meritocracy.

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    • Not sure if they still have her video on her website where she pretends to be drunk on wine and says the most disgusting sexual things about Jennifer Anniston…truly pornographic.

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    • Joan Rivers was about as funny as a heart-attack!

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    • @xyzc It’s 2020 & I’m totally co-signing on your comment. Joan seemed more tolerable back in the day, but in her latter years, she was a straight up asshole. A lot of ppl had to be glad when she died & her daughter should’ve known that.

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  2. Very good article.
    A sacrifice to gain power, fame and wealth. Sadly byonc knows she will taste the same pain by an upcoming illuminate created celeb.


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    • in this article this author states his coverup of her statement,,not a joke about obama being gay and michelle being a trans,,transexual,,she wasnt joking and it most certainlycould be or is true.she wasnt joking when she said,,we all know it,,meaning hollywood insiders.this author prooves a sellout,,that it was a refernce for his egyption roots to ahkanaton????? is a sellout,,im deleting the sub.

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  3. Just a pointer that sign with the soldiers does not say 33. Lol , Its arabic numerals for 044, I dont know exactly what those numbers mean but those “backwards 3’s ” are actually arabic numbers,plain and simple I dont think they mean 33. Nice try though.

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    • I agree. The “33” on the sign is really Arabic for 44. No doubt in my mind. It is easy to check it out for yourself. No conspiracy there.

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      • Well I am not supporter or investigator of this conspiracy theory with these 33 on the sign, however why would they use the arabic symbol for a number that happens to look especially like 33 backwards? Doesn’t make sense unless 44 has some importance

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    • 4 associated with death & 44 is a doubling down.

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  4. This old 2005 Family Guy episode was repeated on 24th August 2014, 11 days before Joan Rivers died. Here s/he speaks from “Beyond the Grave”:

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  5. i like how the author says he thought her eemark about obama,wife gay/tranny were misconstrued as egyption lineage????whaaat,no,no,no,,obama is gay and michelle is a tranny,that is obvious,if you look at the evidence and look at her,even the williams tennis players are men,that is so dam obvios,people are in denial because they failed to see and now they look like idiots and dont want to admit they have been duped like sheep.this autor is a sham along with tis site.

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  6. You do a great job of ripping off The Vigilant Citizen and Freeman.TV. I mean that as a complement. Even though you’re totally ripping them off your still getting the info out to the public. But you should give credit where credit is due.

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    • If you click on the link for the Akhenaten-Obama article you’ll see I’m very specifically citing Freeman as the originator of the theory. I’m merely elaborating on it. And VC gets cited anywhere I reference him/her. So go fuck yourself and ride VC’s dick some more since you apparently enjoy the VC website that makes one post a month (not to mention I’ve put out several articles before VC that were posted later on by VC). All theorists observe the same events, so you’re going to get overlap.

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