Is Jhene Aiko in the Illuminati?… Yes.


Jhene Aiko is the one of the newer artists to hit the R&B/hip hop scene and I hadn’t really noticed her making an impact until the 2014 BET Awards Show. She started out her career in the early 2000s with the R&B boy band B2K, and subsequently released a mixtape called Sailing Soul(s) that garnered attention from the rest of the music industry, followed by an EP called Sail Out, and she now has an album called Souled Out that will be released on Def Jam in August 2014. (*And she was actually the voice on one of my favorite songs ever from Drake called From Time). You’ve probably heard her song The Worst because she performed it on the BET Awards and also on SNL. Even if you haven’t, that’s fine, you’ll surely be seeing more of her…

Of course I’ve got to start by throwing my standard disclaimer out there: I don’t think these artists are actually in the Illuminati; but rather involved with the alleged “Illuminati.” The definition of “Illuminati” varies greatly depending upon the context of the post, but just know that it refers to a secret group of elites who are attempting to control the world and move the masses in a direction that benefits themselves. I go into gory detail on this concept in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:




So what made me think she might be Illuminati? All of the symbolism. First, you’ll see that she has several images online of her doing the standard Illuminati poses. This includes the All Seeing Eye which I breakdown on the post for Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jhene Aiko Illuminati All Seeing Eye


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jhene Aiko All Seeing Eye


We also see her wearing the horns of Moloch in her video Burning Man (3:16PM):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jhene Aiko Moloch


This is important for reasons outlined in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls, and the Horns of Satan:

The oldest mention of a horned deity starts with Nimrod, El, and Moloch. These somewhat-interchangeable deities were thought to be depicted as either a single or double horned-god who was worshipped in the Bronze Ages of Mesopotamian culture. He was one of multiple gods in these ancient Pagan cultures that we see the Canaanites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Babylonians devoting much energy and bloodshed. They were worshipping this deity to the point of sacrificing their own children (although some argue there is no definitive evidence of this, while others claim a counter-conspiracy cover-up of the disturbing practice). These ancient cultures believed that sacrificing their infants would appease the deity and they would in return have financial blessings, more fertility, good fortunes, or any other type of prayer worthy gift (see This form of idolatry is what influenced much of the teachings of the Bible (about having false idols and such).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch


You’ll also put together the fact that the song is called Burning Man but apparently has no connection to the festival held annually in Nevada where they burn an effigy Wicker Man. This is a Pagan ritual that used to sacrifice children by placing them inside of the ‘burning man’ and then setting it on fire. Again, all ties together. I explain this part much more in Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions:

The human sacrifices would be gathered up, and then lined up as the Druids would throw apples into the cauldrons and give the humans a chance to pull the apples out with their teeth (the cauldrons were boiling hot) for a chance for freedom. Some went for the chance and could be burned with permanent damage to their eyes, ears, throat, etc.; while others did not. Those who did not get the apple on the first try were beheaded immediately, while those who avoided the challenge would be sacrificed in a fiery death. They were taken to a “wicker man” with various wicker cages inside of it and placed inside of it (just like the film with Nicolas Cage). The wicker man would be lit on fire as a sacrifice to the gods, drawing us back yet again to the Nimrod and Semiramis connection. It should also be noted that the annual Burning Man celebration is a reenactment of this ceremony. 


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Wicker Man


In the song for 3:16 AM (the yin to the other song’s yang; a play on the Hermetic axiom “As Above So Below”), her lyrics are probably talking about a love that’s fallen apart, BUT it could also be referencing the music industry and their ability for taking souls in trade for fame:

I am so frustrated
Like my soul’s been taken away
Broken promise of everything
That I thought you were
Thought you said this would never hurt
That’s what it did
That is all

I do not feel the fear of falling
Thought I could fly
It didn’t go well, but oh well
What do you know?
I’m right back where I was before

In the video she gets arrested after she kills her man, but not before traipsing around her house in barely anything (oh my…) and acting erratically, so take that for what it’s worth.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jhene Aiko The Worst


Plus, take a look at the titles of her albums; it went from Sailing Soul(s) to Sail Out, to Souled Out. They’re all saying the same thing. Selling one’s soul. This is recurring theme in the music industry when these artist make the Faustian deal with the devil. Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Eminem, etc.

Another common theme is to be possessed by multiple spirits, a concept of alter egos. Many rappers and musicians do this (see Eminem, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, etc.), most notably Nicki Minaj, with alter ego Roman Zolanski; one of many. Here she is being interviewed by Rap-Up (go to 2:40 if you want to skip the rest):

Her rap alter ego J. Hennessy also appears on the EP. “I literally feel throughout the day I go through 12 different personalities in my head,” said Jhené, who is a Pisces. “She’s an aspiring rapper. She still sings, but she’s more aggressive. She likes to really talk a lot of shit and talk about things that a lot of R&B singers don’t talk about.”



That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for more.








Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. In which moment of life you think is good to go around and say you know I have multiple personality disorder but that’s cool because now i’m celebrity and no i haven’t heard of her but such a shame that she wants to end like this.

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    • Carolina she said in one of her interviews that she is sailing her soul rather than selling it she also said that she did not want to do this but she needs to support her daughter, listen to her songs maybe that will explain but hey everybody has there own opinion.

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      • Oh believe me, would be better if her mother(Jhene Aiko) doesn’t enter to the music industry.
        The music industry is the worst industry, because they not only have to make blood sacrifice to enter the 20 million club, they also have sex with the executives and with the time, they can’t choose anything related to their careers, they become powerless.
        Did you see her new video of Wading, where she appears like an asian hooker, this is just the beginning.
        That song is good, but she doesn’t need to act slutty. But you can see that this is the pressure of the label. And also she is part of Def Jam Records, that’s one of the worst music label next to Interscope.
        Nobody can get airtime, if you are not a sold out.
        I just hope she doesn’t end that bad.
        But i know what you are saying.

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  2. The whole 3:16am thing is clearly an allusion to probably the most famous verse of the new testament:

    John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    By putting it in the witching hour (3 am) they show the intention of inversion. You can see at 1:34 in the video you posted when she starts talking about ‘drugs and sex’ that she doesn’t feel comfortable with the whole direction she’s heading. Sad to see.

    The inversion of John 3:16 was also the moment in which wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin shot to superstardom in WWF: , no doubt Jhenke Aiko’s management are looking to repeat the trick.

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    • Jhene’ isn’t illuminati … Sailing not selling ….. Souled out not Sold out.

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  3. Throughout human history there have been two types of cultures: those that have revered humans and sacrificed bulls, and those that have revered bulls and sacrificed humans. The horns are the horns of the Minoan bull that lies in the center of the metaphorical labyrinth– that same labyrinth that can only be escaped with wings (see those much anywhere?) The CIA’s error (and now the NSA’s error) has been that the benefits of human sacrifice could be realized without dirtying one’s own hands. Now we are faced with a rapidly growing group that communicates in the language used before Babel. What will they do when they decide that a critical mass has been reached?

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  4. She did an interview as she said she named those albums so people can assume she ” sold ” out or it has to do something with the devil when it really means the opposite and plus she’s a big tupac fan

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    • Oh believe me, would be better if her mother doesn’t enter to the music industry.
      The music industry is the worst industry, because they not only have to make blood sacrifice to enter the 20 million club, they also have sex with the executives and with the time, they can’t choose anything related to their careers, they become powerless.
      Did you see her new video of Wading, where she appears like an asian hooker, this is just the beginning.
      That song is good, but she doesn’t need to act slutty. But you can see that this is the pressure of the label. And also she is part of Def Jam Records, that’s one of the worst music label next to Interscope.
      Nobody can get airtime, if you are not a sold out.
      I just hope she doesn’t end that bad.

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  5. Wow.. Anything to try to call out someone on being in the ‘Illuminati’..

    First of all, Jhene always throws up peace signs in her pictures because shes a strong believer in peace and love. Just because I cover my eye in a picture doesnt mean im affiliated with it.

    Secondly, that is a costume, do you really think that someone would try to expose themselves as part of the Illuminati, I doubt shed pick that helmet as a type of symbol. Its a costume for the festival, she said she wanted to feel like she was there, Wiki the original song, please.

    Third, she also states in multiple interviews, that 3:16 is her birthdate as well as an important verse in the bible that she also believes in. The song was written when she was in a deep state of loneliness and depression. It was about a break up but she wrote it so that everyone could relate to it. And in case you want to make a comment about the actual video, she said she was inspired by Japanese films and that it is a dark and deep song, however many of us have a dark side to our emotions at some point.

    Next, the video is just that, a music video. Her killing someone has NOTHING to do with the Illuminati. She was making a video for our entertainment, its not factual. Its art. Again, she mentions these things because so many people like you criticize her for it.

    Sailing has nothing to do with selling, stop trying so hard to make this connection! Please!
    Jhene has always been deeply connected to water / the ocean,
    Sail Out : She didnt want to sell out, so she is sailing out.
    Souled Out : She stated that she wanted to let everyone see her, see what she could do with her voice. Also, her brother passed away.. after healing a little, she said shes working on letting her soul become happy and free. (W.A.Y.S. ; Eternal Sunshine — Souled Out, 2014)

    Having alter egos has nothing to do with the Illuminati nor being ‘possessed’. Nicki Minaj, does act possessed sometimes, but I have nothing to say to that because I dont care. I have an alter ego and its is in no way paranormal or evil, this is just a different side of my personality.
    Jhene states that she feels like there are so many different parts to her personality and thats why she has these alter egos. Stop. Trying. So. Hard.

    Now, I do agree with the comment above that the ‘Wading’ video definitely was not the authentic Jhene, I do feel that this video was pushed by her label. This is not her style and has nothing to do with the song. By the way, theres no mention of sex or drugs in the song. The song is about Waiting, or “Wading” (Again, Jhenes connection to water comes into play.) for someone to save her from her sadness and loneliness and love her. Not being a sex slave who wants to be saved from either the man or herself. The plot of the video makes sense, but it doesnt connect with the actual vibe of the song and its not Jhene herself.

    Please do your research, stop assuming things. Youre turning people who just want to make music and live life into stereotypes. I doubt Jhenes in the “Illuminati.”

    Thank you very much.

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    • Here we go, another celeb-fanboy. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell the Jared Leto dick-riders; I’m just pointing out themes of symbolism. Jhene Aiko talks about being possessed by alter egos and crap. Does that sound normal to you? I’m sure she’s a nice lady or whatever, but there is a recurring theme of sickness in the music industry and she is no exception. I hope she can get out without going nuts or getting gat like Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Whitney Houston, Tupac, etc etc.

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      • Does doing all this research about which celebrity is in the illuminati drive you nuts….because there is just sooo much on the website about that it’s just impossible to get the full understanding about it

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    • I read my comment again- I didn’t mean to sound so crass. No offense intended. Just defending my research 🙂

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    • Yikes, someone is buying into the brainwashing of the masses. They really got a hold of you, didn’t they? You need to stop believing what these “artists” spew out. They don’t have control of anything in their lives, much less their outfits or ANYTHING that is put into their videos. Hell, they don’t even wrote their own songs. Seems like you are extremely ignorant and take whatever you are spoonfed by the mass media as truth. That’s your first mistake. You need to realize the mainstream media is owned and run by the government, which is going to tell people whatever they want them to believe. One of your other mistakes is refencing “Wikipedia”, it’s the same thing as the mainstream media! It’s owned and moderated by the powers that be. Maybe you should start spending your time seeking the truth instead of idolizing these destroyed, ridiculous people that have sold their souls for their money. Take off your blinders, all of these things are hidden in plain site, right I’m front of your face yet you still believe the BS explanations these liars and manipulators give you. Go its common knowledge that inverting anything related to the bible is a representation of evil. Come on! Open your eyes, wake up!!!

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    • Awesome comment these small minded people search for the dumbest stuff and feel it’s true because they’ve been brainwashed themselves. I’m not affiliated what any of that yet I too am a Pisces and I use 3:13 in everything I do, I even have it tattooed on me and for those who “research” they should clearly be aware that paganism was around long before the religious beliefs forced on our ancestors as they were being raped, mutilated and murdered.

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  6. I’ve followed jhene’s career since she was twelve and up until recently researching the occult and finding shocking evidence i’ve realized she’s probably more than likely apart of the occult at this point. she’s actually one of the most obvious artist when i really reflect on it. I actually saw a quote as well ( this wasn’t mentioned in your research) i believe it was for vibe or something. some magazine. she actually said she’d never read the bible and the girl believes in budda and numbers (very similar to lefteye) these people really rely heavy on numbers and that’s just a huge sign.

    and to the whole tupac thing. anyone who believes tupac wasn’t an illuminati slave really needs to do their research (i have) i mean from strictly 4 my niggaz up until all eyes on me.

    people seriously listen to these people and they’re ‘idea’s’ most of the time they tell on themselves.

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    • Thank you about time some one tells the truth……

      Lastly if she tries or is involved believe me she would probably be sorry due to strict religion or cultures besides Jin for example is out of music industry.

      So far I don’t recall any asians involved with illuminati though?

      Illuminati and asians don’t mix because it’s like saying triads and illuminati is together!

      LoL…. good luck.

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