Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Season 3.1- ‘Reptilians’

The newest season of Conspiracy Theory premiered last night (VERY much under the radar; who knew this was going to be on???) and they started it out with a big one; Reptilians. Even David Icke was featured on this one. Looks like Ventura’s son and Oliver Stone’s son are on the crew this season, so that’s interesting.

Ventura looks into one of Time Magazine’s “Top 10” ranked conspiracies: that some world leaders and other influential people are really shape-shifting lizard beings from another planet who are manipulating the world in human form. Ventura interviews the man who popularized the conspiracy, David Icke.

The episode goes into a David Icke bash-fest (and provides some well placed footage to support it; although I’m sure they’ve made it look worse than it was, Icke is rarely short for words) and this is the incident in which Icke talked about on Jack Blood awhile back (see HERE).


Good lookin out Al-here’s the youtube video:


Here’s photos from the first episode with topics:

And here is a set of photos of what we can expect out of season three:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Would like to see this! David Icke reported a bad experience with Jesse Ventura 🙂

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    • Mr. Ventura appears to be a man in black,just like the movie,nothin’ ta see hear folks it’s all about icke trying to make money?Ventura’s made no money with his books and tv shows right, plus hiring his kid,classic kettle calling pot black.Mr. Icke,Mr.Jones,Mr. Ventura and Alan Watt are all on the take,they all tell us how there’s 99 ways to die from the controlers of the planet but offer few solutions.People have the ability to change the shape of their pupils just like others who have double jointed thumbs can change the shape of their hands,classic fearmongering.Let’s get some numbers to the forefront because #’s don’t lie! The Turkish/Syrian border 911km’s,6660ft the sum of the new towers being built in NYC,66.6 meters the dimension of the CN tower in Toronto,Canada,6660 inches the height of the Washington monument.Mecca is 666 nautical miles from Jeruselem.In France there’s a glass pyramid that has 666 rhombi.Who’s # is up?

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