Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory ‘Death Ray’ Ep 3.2


Jesse’s second episode aired on TruTV last night.

Ventura looks into rumors that the government is using directed-energy weapon technology, not only for strategic missile defense, but as a tool for assassination and possible false flag operations. Ventura feels he’s on to something when he learns numerous people involved in the project have died under mysterious circumstances, (including whistle-blower Fred Bell, who died two days after an interview), and a theory that a ray may have been used to disintegrate and collapse the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

You can watch S3E1 on Reptilians at my other post HERE, or if you have a provider of cable or satellite.!/62601/967134

I haven’t actually seen the episode yet (I don’t get TruTV), but I’m curious to see how it goes because I’ve done some symposium work on directed energy weapon technology so I know a couple of things about this already. The first episode on reptilians disappointed me, you could tell Jesse didn’t want his name associated with that stuff. It was more of a disinformation and Icke hack job than anything. It’s all good though, still love Jesse.

UPDATE: Here’s the video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. One Thing is for sure.We will get to Know Soon.
    I would also like Jesse Ventura to Look up “Security of a Person” ~ Robert Menard.
    You as well can look him up It Kinda ties Zecharia Sitchin & Jordon Maxwell’s Work.

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