Jesse Ventura Gets SEAL Help in Court

Jesse Ventura now has some fellow SEAL help to back up his story that he wasn’t in the bar the night that Chris Kyle claims he knocked him down for talking trash about another passed away SEAL. The case is going to district court, and Ventura will be featured on to discuss it in further detail.

Infowars claims that the book Kyle released (ironically right when he decided to go public about Ventura- five years after the “fight”) is actually owned by Fox News which both the publisher and Fox News are owned by News Corp. The pieces of the puzzle fit together so nicely if you open up your awareness to it.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Weird. An attempt to sour the taste of Ventura’s ideas for military folks? His show’s pretty terrible with truly awful researchers, but this is very bizarre. Who calls into a radio show anyway to say you got in a fight with a famous person in a bar, a bar that the guy knows the owner and there were lots of witnesses around? Is this accuser a hardcore born-again or fundamentalist Christian with any affiliation with the guy who runs Blackwater/Xe? Smells of an attempt to recruit people into a privatized military, to stop asking questions, and a movement towards sedition.

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  1. Jesse Ventura’s court drama continues | IlluminatiWatcher - [...] reported a couple of months ago (, Ventura is going to court with Kyle-the Navy SEAL who is claiming…

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