Jesse Ventura Facing Resistance From News Media

Ventura is on the road promoting his new book ( and claims to be facing some push back from the news media. He said that he actually has been cancelled, and also reflects on some of his new material in the book regarding the media when he almost had a 3-year contract with MSNBC for his own talk show:

Right after I’d gotten hired, Sorenson told me he’d gotten phone calls from two very high-ranking men in Washington. They wanted to know why MSNBC was giving me a national forum, and they clearly weren’t pleased about this. I asked Sorenson to name names, but he said he couldn’t.

Ventura said that Imus and Fox won’t have him come on any of their shows.  He did manage to get onto Piers Morgan for an interview last night though ( You can read more on his media troubles here:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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