Jesse Ventura debunks Sandy Hook conspiracy theories

Ventura took to Facebook to proclaim that Sandy Hook was not a false flag; but the government taking advantage of a tragedy:

I dont see enough evidence to think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. This is more of a tragic event turned into political opportunity than it is a staged event. Was there investigative bungling and the sensationalist media reporting unverified stories? Yes. Was there confusion and were facts lost and gained in that confusion? Yes. Are there people, even witnesses, looking for their 30 seconds in the spotlight? Yes. Are there individuals and institutions using and shaping this event for their own political agendas? Yes, and we must keep a very watchful eye on those institutions to keep them from twisting the facts of this event. Sadly, everything I mentioned above can, when taken out of context, make one think manipulation is afoot. Most chaotic events can come across that way. In examining the event, I don’t see government hands at work mainly because they would have covered their tracks better. We can’t expect them to pull off …elaborately planned hoaxes while at the same time leaving behind so many easy "smoking guns" for us to find. It took years for independent investigators to uncover JFK. It took years for us to begin scratching out the truth about 9/11. Those of us who study real history, not state sanctioned history, can very easily become just as close minded and biased for conspiracy as those who stand in our way and refuse to accept the truth about our government and the people running it. It’s very easy to fall into that trap, especially when knowing how much of our history and world events are not what they appear to be. So please, do not immediately jump up and yell "Fire!" just because someone makes a YouTube video. Research, research, research. You only hurt our cause by promoting false conspiracies and crackpot agendas. Much like the Birther conspiracy, I am starting to think that a lot of the so called "evidence" of conspiracy coming out about Sandy Hook is designed and fabricated to make us "conspiracy theorists," us truth seekers, look foolish. Why? So that when good people argue against the destruction of our Second Amendment they can easily be painted with the "crackpot" brush."


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. No one wants to believe that this was staged event!!!! People dont just decide its a conspiracy, many theorists (as you call them) have spent enormous amounts of time going through things over and over, comparing the tiniest details and sifting through endless documents, archives, video footage and other tedious methods NOT because they get some sick buzz from the whole conspiracy idea, NOT because they are paranoid and NOT because they want to hurt people………something just doesnt feel right for them, its that deep gut feeling in pit of your stomach that makes you feel off balance when its being talked about or you see it on tv…………..I along with most of he world have no real idea what really went on that tragic day………..what i do know though is that i watched reports from it breaking and the media and law officers have changed original statements lie after lie has been told by them…….. and please dont get me started on the interviews with victims families!!! None of it seems real and with all my heart i feel there is something so so sinister about all this…… and thats nothing to do with conspiracy….. its the cold ice feeling of fear you get when all your instincts are screaming at you to wake up and open your eyes to whats really happening…… and it just wont go away because YOU know SOMETHING is very very wrong

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