Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theory-Manimal’ S3E4

Newest episode aired and it is a good one! It’s about genetic manipulation to make a hybrid with ape powers. Features Alex Jones.


Manimal: Science has made major breakthroughs in drug research and transplant technology by experimenting on “chimeras” – human/animal embryo hybrids. But these seemingly noble goals may be covering up a much more nefarious purpose – to create half human, half ape super soldiers, paving the way for a real life Planet of the Apes showdown. Jesse and his team storm the Yerkes Primate Research Center, hidden in the backwoods of Georgia, to find out the truth about “humanzees” – who may already be walking the earth!

This episode is a lot like the Ancient Aliens ‘Aliens and Monsters’ episode where they discuss the genetic manipulation behind the Ancient Astronaut Theory (S3E2):

The new episode should be on Wednesday night, (if the schedule is going back to normal??)… and that one will be about Brain Invanders:

Ventura interviews people who claim that they are being manipulated and tortured by mind-control signals after they have spoken out about the government


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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