Jesse Ventura asks Howard Stern to be Vice President

Ventura was contemplating a run for the President in 2016, and now he went on Howard Stern and asked Stern to run as his VP.

With his perfect comedic talent, Stern replied calmly, “I usually don’t play second fiddle, but in this case, I might.”

Ventura, who is toying with the idea of running as an independent in 2016, didn’t hide his enthusiasm about having someone who carries the weight, and the cache of Stern, the world’s best known radio personality.

“With my new gig on America’s Got Talent, I’ve got mass appeal now. The people will vote for me,” said Stern.

“I don’t want to be President. You can be the rock star. I don’t need the aggravation,” replied Stern.

Playing on his popularity, Stern joked, “I’ve got the hair of George Washington. It’s retro, people love it.”





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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