Jay-Z & Solange Knowles elevator fight conspiracy theories


As much as I wanted to avoid talking about this stupid non-affair, it appears that I must since I cover news of the conspiracy realm. In case you need to catch up on the background of this, Beyonce, her sister Solange, and Jay-Z were all in an elevator (with a bodyguard) after the Met Gala. Immediately upon entering the elevator, Solange gets in Jay-Z’s face and then starts to attack him. Beyonce stands in the corner, still as a transhumanistic robot, while the bodyguard puts a stop to it. Solange looks pissed as hell and tries her best to break free from the bodyguard as she taunts Jay-Z.

Check out the full TMZ video (this is the extended version):



The Twitter-sphere and online social medias blew up with a fury about this video, including this good burn:

“The 1st hit she’s had in years,” @mixedbarbie

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what probably happened. It was probably a disagreement and argument between family members. It happens. However, Beyonce’s nonchalant stance is more than odd, so when we here from the off-beat Illuminati websites that this entire altercation happened because Solange was about to go through an Illuminati initiation, it’s not really too surprising. Of course, that initiation theory was quickly debunked because the site who made it is a satirical site. That’s a nice way for the Illuminati to quickly dispel the truth if you want to take the paranoia route. They do the same thing with UFOs and aliens; considering how many brilliant minds like Carl Sagan even believe aliens could/should be real. Yet people today laugh about it and consider it a trait of the insane.

As always, Mark Dice was on it right away:


He points out that the Standard Hotel (where the elevator scene took place) is known for having upside down signs which is symbolism for the inverted Satanic cults of the Illuminati:

The Standard Inverted Sign



Rightfully so, Dice man points out the inversion which is what we see from Illuminati groups because they believe the inversion and perversion of symbols such as the cross are done for black magic purposes. Freeman details how all of this goes down in his book series for Weird Stuff:

Black Magick is done “for the purpose of causing physical or non-physical harm to yourself or others, and is done either consciously or un-consciously.”

He goes on to describe why we see the inversions; it’s a symbol for distorted power. The black magic draws upon the same source of energy as the white magic and perverts it. This is why the Satanists use inverted pentagrams, because it inverts the star and represents the mind sinking below the elements of nature (the points represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water). The practitioner of black magic makes a pact with the demon spirits in exchange for successful completion of what is in their will and imagination. This is why we see Jay-Z wearing an Aleister Crowley hoody that says ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ because that is the tenet of Crowley’s occult religion that uses magic spells that combine what is in the artist’s will and imagination to achieve success:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Blurred Lines 4


Website fan KO sent me this image of Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Met Gala and you can see the eery All Seeing Eye symbolism right there in the pose:


Beyonce JayZ Met Gala All Seeing Eye



So let’s see what else the internet comes up with to explain why we see this elevator fight between arguably the two most Illuminati-affiliated artists of modern times, Jay-Z and Beyonce:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Grammys Illuminati JayZ Beyonce 666


UPDATE 03AUG2014: Beyonce dropped a remix to her song Flawless that features a couple of lines about the incident:

We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators, of course sometimes shit go down when there’s billion dollars on an elevator 


Besides the elitist comment about there being a billion dollars on the elevator there really isn’t much else said about it. Of course this is standard Illuminati behavior to flaunt wealth. Ironically the song uses a sample of an Outkast song, and that group had a song called Elevators. I’m not sure we can connect any dots besides that but I thought I’d throw that idea out there. The timing of it is also part of keeping the publicity going for their On the Run tour.

UPDATE 28AUG2014:  I hate to point out that I was right, but I was (see the very last sentence before this one). Looks like Beyonce’s father is claiming foul play on this stunt to garner interest in the tour. Here’s Idolator:

“There’s a tour going on,” the 63-year-old explained. “So you have to sometimes ignite that tour, it’s called a Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of time.” He wasn’t done there. “Everybody’s talking about it, ticket sales went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200 per cent.”

Check out the interview (around the six minute mark he goes into this stuff):




IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jay-Z and Beyonce 666 Moloch Horns On the Run









Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Those demons dont have a billion dollars. They cant spell a billion dollars. Since when did they give a yodeling stripper and ex drug dealer wack rapper that kind of dough.

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  1. I think that it MIGHT have been because of the illuminati. And think about, that’s probably the reason why there is no sound.

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  2. There’s sound on that tape but that person is holding out for money. That’s all. Think about all those detective shows you watch, if you do watch them. They get the video tape and yes, there is sound on those tapes.

    They’re still looking for the person who released that tape. If they find that person, they’re dead. If not, well, they’re lucky if they get away & tell the boss they just pressed the wrong button.

    Yeah, right . . .

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  3. There’s no explanation as to why they’ve both removed their wedding bands and lasered off their tattoos, “IV” from each of their hands.

    The marriage was in name only & no one believes anything about Blue Ivy.

    It’s all facade for the love of money & power.

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    • Blue Ivy was carried by a surrogate, FAKEyonce has never been preggers (remember that infamous Wendy Williams’ segment with an allegedly preggers Beyonce?). Kim Kardashian again has never been preggers and most likely little Nori is not even her daughter, zero chemistry between her and Kim, have u noticed? Chances are Nori is someone else’s child and plays the role of Kim’s daughter.

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  4. And btw, why most of the times, Blue Ivy is shown in the pics only from the back?

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  5. i know the real story about this, listen carefully, all this starts when jay z was hooking up with this girl aaliyah in the year 2000 later she choose to be with damon dash, In that time damon dash wants to be bigger and you need to make a blood sacrifice to get higher, he was going to sacrifice Aaliyah to get more money and power, in that time also beyonce was finishing with the Destiny’s Child and jay z was so angry that damon dash was with Aaliyah, damon also was going to make a clothing line without telling to the freemasons or Illuminati and Jay z noticed that so he gone with the boule that’s the black illuminati and he told them the plans of Damon, later in 2001 Beyonce wanted to get higher so she also knew about this blood sacrifice In conclusion Damon Dash sacrificed Aaliyah in 2001 that’s the reason she died in that airplane crash her pilots were high in cocaine so that’s the reason she died as damon dash blood sacrifice. JAY Z got those first 200 million for being a bitch, the only reason that he got those 200 million is because he told to the boule about the secret plans of Damon Dash, Also beyonce didn’t make a blood sacrifice back in that time so he get together with Jay Z in 2002 one later after Aaliyah died so why Beyonce stay with Jay Z, because both had the same hunger for money and fame, so Aaliyah it was destinated to be Like Beyonce or bigger, so beyonce took Aaliyah’s place, AND YOU ARE GOING TO ASK WHY ALL THIS HAS TO BE WITH THE ELEVATOR SITUATION? Well almost 12 years later Jay z always got hate for damon dash, And Damon got poor because the black illuminati took his clothing company and they give it to Jay z that’s how Jay Z got the 200 million and Def Jam Records and that’s how he got the other 300 million, So the situation in the elevator was after the MET GALA in may of this year and it happens because Beyonce got all that money and fame so she is trying to sacrifice her niece the son of her sister Solange, but they need the approval of Solange to sacrifice her niece that’s the way it works and Also JAY Z is so angry with Damon for the Aaliyah thing that he tried to get down with Rachael Roy the ex wife of Damon because jay z believes that’s his revenge so in the elevator BEYONCE was in hypnosis that night that’s the reason you see doesn’t move and doesn’t react is because she is in trance and Solange and Jay z start to fight because she doesn’t wanna sacrifice her child but she knows that if she doesn’t do it she is the one that is going to end dead, and that’s the reason beyonce needs to make a new blood sacrifice, solange doesn’t wanna do it and jay y wants to get revenge of Damon dash because of the Aaliyah Affair.

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    • Good stuff carolina! I’ve been researching/writing a hip-hop specific book and I’ve got a bunch on the Boule and I’m currently working the chapter on Sacrifices. All that stuff you said resonates. Keep digging… Check out PanacheReport and HollywoodStreetKing websites for similar stuff. Of course, they’re not as pretty as my site but, hey, everyone can’t be great.

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  6. ‘Yonce’s father is rev. Jesse Jackson who is gay.

    ‘Yonce and Z have many dopplegangers.

    Beyonce, dead.

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    • Thank you.I’m glad someone said it. I just found out that she died a couple years back.shocking to me.but I’m so glad someone else said it.now I know other people know.

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  7. This all is shocking it all makes sense

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  8. It begin with A and that world will end with z Aaliyah =Exalted one Jay-z (Sean) =god gifts and Beyonce (beyond others) all believed in Egyptian rituals

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  9. It’s obvious that Beyonce is a MK-Ultra victim.

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