Jay-Z seeking rights to “Roc Diamond” for Magical Powers

Jay-Z apparently believes he owns the rights to a hand symbol that has been in use for hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of years by practitioners of magick and the occult.

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TMZ reported that he filed legal motions to gain exclusive rights to the hand symbol.


To the profane, this symbol was a diamond that he used to flash back in the 1990s to represent his Rocafella brand and label. It in fact looks like a diamond; but in the years since its inception many have been calling it a triangle.

The truth of the matter (as I delve into in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic) is that Jay-Z may very well understand a more esoteric purpose for this symbol:

Besides Tupac’s Triad Claw, the other most infamous hand gesture Jay-Z’s Roc diamond (discussed previously in detail). I pointed out that this is what the politicians and elites use as the “power triangle” or “Merkel Diamond”, and you can see it on the cover of the Warren Buffett’s (one of the world’s richest men) book Management Secrets. I believe someone as successful as Warren Buffett showing us the power triangle while one of the most successful rappers of all-time showing us the same hand triangle means something. It isn’t clear to you or me, but it means something to them and the people they work for.

The same symbols can be seen depicted on Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella clothing line as well with All Seeing Eyes and Freemasonry symbols. Some theorists suggest that Jay-Z has insider knowledge to the Illuminati agenda; and I propose to add to that theory by pointing out that his song 99 Problems is the 9th song on The Black Album (black being a color known for the dark side of polarity; as seen with Black Magic). Take notice that the three aforementioned 9’s make an inverted 666; which supports the theory that inversion is a tactic of witchcraft and Satanism to pervert meanings. The 11th song on The Black Album is Lucifer, which talks about letting the demons rule yourself as a matter of necessity when living on the streets:

Lucifer, dawn of the morning! I’m gonna chase you out of Earth. Lucifer, Lucifer, dawn of the morning; I’m from the murder capital where we murder for capital.

Now, take these two aspects of The Black Album (the three-9’s and the 11th track being Lucifer) and consider that one of the largest human sacrifices/tragedies in history occurred on 9/11/2001. Jay-Z released his 6th album, The Blueprint on 9/11/2001 as well. On his song Empire State of Mind he says the following potentially-blasphemous lyrics:

Hail Mary to the city you’re a virgin, And Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends

He implicitly talks about the destruction of  New York and how life can only start when the church ends; implying Christianity is something to be destroyed; a Satanic concept. He might also be referencing the sacrifice of the Goddess (with NYC’s Statue of Liberty who emulates the Babylon Goddess Semiramis); an occult ritual seen with sacrifices of the moon Goddess, Diana (there are strong ties to Princess Diana’s death with this type of thing). Do all of these imply Jay-Z has knowledge of a satanic master agenda by the elites?

*excerpt taken from Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic, now available on Amazon, Audible (author narrated), iTunes, Gumroad, etc.– check out all the great reviews on Amazon for this one!!


So what is the “nefarious” purpose behind the exclusive rights to this symbol?…

If you ask any ceremonial magician they would tell you it represents the triangle of manifestation.

This is used to manifest entities or spirits from another dimension in order to commune with, learn from, or even trade powers with (depending on how much you want to believe in the occult).

Is it a power play for Jay-Z to lay claim to the rights of channeling entities?… Or perhaps absorbing energy and manifesting power from the fans that echo this symbol in Eliphas Levi’s “Magnetic Chain”?…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. What an out-of-this-world DOOFUS!

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    • I don’t see how Jay-Z thinks he can actually own an ancient Hebrew blessing sign – even the illuminati set that use the sign in a profane way (for power) would be laughing at his black ass for trying.

      Now he’s trying to ‘brand’ his ‘Jaybo’ black stereotype character from ‘Story of OJ’ – great idea Jay-Z, to have tons of black kids wearing a ‘coon toon’ on their hats, jackets, t-shirts -whatever. What a fabulously empowering message to put out there for the black community while ‘The Man’ just rubs his hands & laughs. I think the best thing that can come out of that sadly ironic ‘brand’ is for Jay-Z to ensure it is NEVER USED. Wow…

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  2. Oh wow… Thanks Isaac for the heads up (TMZ isn’t a site I pay a regular visit to, I find it rather disturbing… By the way, is the rumor true? Is TMZ somehow owned by the Jackson family? ‘Cause they sure know some things before even relatives or police do…).
    That Jay-Z wants the ownership of a symbol he encourages his fans to reproduce and flash at him when he’s performing, tells me everything I need to know: evil witchcraft, ego trip, mass manipulation.
    Has hip hop become the new music of the Devil (once again, the answer is in the question)?
    Other question about hand sign flashed at artists during shows? Does the “peace hand sign” (which is Luciferian) made with one hand, while the index of the other hand crosses the 2 raised fingers at the top, represents anything similar to a triangle?

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    • If you believe Professor Griff (of Public Enemy), 90% of hip hop these days is #ghey. Listen to some of the truth bombs he drops, not just about that but the artists who have sold out.

      It’s not just hip hop/rap, you must be missing it if you think pop, rock, and even C&W isn’t bending over for Satan…

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      • True, but some genres more than others

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      • Clemente21:
        Yeah I admit the wording of my question was quite unfortunate.
        I was saying that in reference to people back in the 60s, saying that rock’n’roll was the music of the Devil.
        But you’re absolutely right: any genre of music is targeted now. Even what people might consider as inoffensive, “pop music”… And don’t start me on K-pop…
        And yeah, I realized some time ago that country was also owned by those same people. For my defense, country is not a popular genre at all where I live (since I live in Western Europe), and I had never paid attention to it, but I saw some pictures of the last award ceremony for country music (can’t remember the name) and it was Captain Obvious blatant.
        Trying to explain what’s really going on in the entertainment industry to my relatives, I said I could no longer watch some music channels (but it’s been a long time now. Yet as a teen in the 90s, I was spoonfed with those brainwashing programs when watching MTV Europe or Viva) for it seemed to me I would be watching magic rituals all day long.

        I’ve been finally waking up in the past months, to the manipulation we’re subjected to, and in terms of entertainment, I can no longer watch TV shows/series, movies, or listen to music I used to love. I can go for a long time without listening to music, and then, when feeling nostalgic, have a listen to some songs again and I have to stop, because I get a headache and a funny feeling in my brain: probably the 440Hz effect…

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  3. Hahahaha.

    You can’t make this stuff up. Maybe he’s going a bit off-script? Hold on there JayZboy, take it easy.

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  4. Thutmose I exalted the worship of “the hidden one” [Lucifer, Satan] and his symbol of the sun in Egypt. Thutmose III wrote the Book of the Dead which is the Satanic Bible and the backbone of the occult and Lucifer/Satan worship including today’s Masonry, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and many others.   Dating Moses Hatshepsut reigned as co-pharaoh while her husbands son Thutmose III grew up in the temple of Amun, the secret god [Lucifer, Satan] whose manifestation was the sun god Ra; and when Thutmose III became a child pharaoh, Hatshepsut remained as co-ruler until her death c 1482 B.

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